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  1. Wordle 235 2/6* Boom! My first 2 today But it did take me a couple of hours from after the first word to try and think of a something that’d fit with those letters I now had.
  2. Have had a go in A and S1 both very fun and fast, satisfying when you get a nice flow going, though I imagine when the times start dropping things will get pretty tense. I've had a run in S2 also...
  3. Next time someone new wants to join in can we check their credentials first before allowing it. @TommyG is another very rapid rival, I don't like it!
  4. Wordle 231 5/6 Bah! Thought I'd done good and nailed it on my second try there when the first three turned green
  5. I share Tom's good looks and car tuning ability...
  6. Back in from a work shift with a late defence response against the Transit. Nicked under you by 0.3 Kudos for getting that Transit round so quick! I will have to give it a try. EDIT: And post midnight deadline by an hour, but I like ripping it round there in the Lotus so much I just popped back on for another few laps and dropped another 0.36 off that time
  7. Cheers! Yeah there’s a few bits with crap in the way of a pretty optimum line. About half way through the lap going round the town square double right hander before the hairpin left, you can go out wide on the left, but a couple of lamp post will hurt you. Also the final left hander to lead you onto the downhill start/finish stretch you can go out on a wide line onto the pavement carrying more speed down the hill, but a telephone pole and lamp post to dodge make it a risky route. I thought I was maybe misremembering about downloading tuning setups players had used right from the rivals leaderboards in previous Horizon games. But after looking around it a seems that was back in the Forza Motorsport game/s. Not sure it still is? Wish they brought that across.
  8. Switched cars in S1 and managed to trim some time off and mix it with the postman pat transit supervan. I’ll try and have a go at improving some others tomorrow if I get chance.
  9. When you’ve bought at ~100 then 3-400 is decent and still will make a healthy profit, 5-600 is mega. For going on the exchange and hosting obviously you’ll get more interest the higher your price. But there’s one on there now with just 270 odd and looks like they’ve still got people visiting. Again I’ll be trying to remember keeping an eye on my prices this week.
  10. If you do get a good high price you can open and host for visitors on that turnip exchange site and make a decent amount from tips off visitors coming to sell. Some will charge a fixed fee of bells or Nook miles tickets, others just ask for a voluntary tips donation. I’ve done it a few times and just asked for tips. Made a decent amount of it.
  11. Yeah, I purposefully went looking for something more of that criteria
  12. I popped over and dropped you a few bells in there, plus a couple of items. Would've given more but TBH at 1000b's per time I got bored after a couple sorry
  13. Alrighty, Hopefully the boss man Mr @Boozy The Clown doesn't mind me assuming temporary management authorithy for a week and picking a track for a next time trials challenge for us. For a next one up I'll pick the Plaza Circuit track.... Finish time midnight next Sun 30th. Have at it!
  14. No big spike so far unfortunately. Stayed at 126 in the PM then up again a bit more and currently at 181 this PM.
  15. I rinsed through most of the stuff earlier. Enough to get the points for winning both cars anyway. There's one championnship that needs an S2 car with 'Super Sport' in the name. The only one you can buy is a 2.2mil Bugatti, so I thought that was a bit of a repeat from last week and was going to reluctantly buy it, but then saw there's a bunch of Chevrolets in lower class with that in their name what you can tune up and use instead, so I went for one of those. Side note...I think it was this championship I noticed they couldn't bother to fit the description text in the pop-up box on the map screen S1 Classic Racer for the trial might be expensive, but I used the Lola Penske suggested in that link what I already had. Success on our first attempt too. Race one was a loss and 2 or 3 players dropped out which as noted before can be a good thing and I got lucky that the remaining few who stayed were good, with one super team player running a blocking technique up at the front to slow the AI drivatars down, helping the rest of us get though easier
  16. Now I want colour changing flowers! You can get the hybrid flowers though, like plant a red and white next to each other and water them. Maybe next day a hybrid pink will sprout up in adjoining bit of ground. After a steady decline for the week so far my turnip price is climbed up to 126 this AM which isn't unusual for a pattern with a little jump before hopefully a high spike in the next following price. I'll see what they're offering this afternoon
  17. Do you not have the museum yet? I have the character Redd visiting my island today, the highly reputable dealer of fine art paintings and statues what you can buy when he visits and to give to Blathers for donating to your museum's art collection, or just keep and display yourself.
  18. If it's going spare I'll take it please.
  19. I have Redd today with real Dynamic and Flowery paintings if @Sng or anyone needs them. Also fake Famous and Wild right half.
  20. I’d maybe give it a week or two before using the turnips exchange. You’ll be missing out on the risk reward excitement feeling of waiting hoping to see if you’ll get a high profits price off your Nooks. Or someone here. After this shit show last week hopefully I’ll have something decent this week…
  21. Didin't manage to get too much time on these this week, so just having a last effort to improve this eve. Buckled and gave the GT1 Porsche S2 a try, round here is not what I'd call fun in S2. Took me bloody ages just to get a clean lap Eventually managed it with a improved time, but not quite sub 1 min. Thought I remembered the Puma feeling like it had more in it in S1 when I did that time earlier in the week. It did
  22. Ain’t gonna be anyone at the KK Slider gig this evening. They all will be grooving at the snowmen party! IMG_2808.MP4
  23. I'm not on playing, but I'll open up again now for a bit @Sng if you're around and want to pop back for the apples and actually have a nosey round the place. The apples are just outside the airport and there's some few spare DIY cards up on the top NW beach. Everything in the shop is fine to be bought and if you spot anything else about the place you'd like then let us know. EDIT: Celeste is here too if anyone needs to see her and I've got shooty stars light bursts due at 19:29 19:36 20:02 20:27
  24. Ah yeah it went to the airport loading screen for me and you'd gone. Apples are still left here, so you should have the other ones kept.
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