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  1. Wordle 281 3/6* Really quite struggled with this one….
  2. Meatball

    Moto GP

    Ha, no. That's just a piss take someone has made using I'm guessing like what you say some text to speak program thing. How did you like what you've watched so far then @wev? Though if you've been OK with that dubbing I'm not sure how much your opinion should be trusted
  3. Meatball

    Moto GP

    Be warned though if you’ve not seen on any social media today, they’ve released it here with some shitty forced English dubbing with no option for just having subtitles over the original audio of them talking in their native language. It was apparently a “technical glitch” and is being corrected, so I advise you check first if it’s done yet before watching. I watched five mins and had to turn off it was so bad, even Jack Miller got dubbed over for a bit I watched. This is pretty accurate…
  4. I’m still been checking the prices just in case. Even been going so far as like I will when I get home from work now shortly, changing the Switch system clock to AM time and loading up the game to check that price, before quitting and saving to load up with the correct PM time to see what that is Still had nothing special in weeeeeks.
  5. I will try and get some laps in. If that's the track I think it is from looking at the pic there it's a nice lap round there.
  6. And a Familiar statue on it's way from here.
  7. Before I dispose of them does anyone want DIY's for... Ruined arch Dharma Golden samurai suit Foxtail Street piano Giant vine Pear smoothie Fruit scones x2 Coconut cookies Cherry jelly Orange jelly Also, was it somebody posted here recently asking for spare Gullivarrr or Gulliver items? Looking through my storage tidying up I see I have a few duplicate bits.
  8. Wordle 250 2/6* Certainly a pretty random lucky guess from the letters off the first word and remaining, but I’ll take it.
  9. It's been so long I'd forgotten, but it looks like you get the best friends app by talking to Orville at the airport desk. Tell him you want to fly, visit someone online and then search for friends. First time doing it he pops the app on your phone. Perhaps you can't add them as best friends cause both players need to have the app and they've not done that above yet to trigger getting the app.
  10. That rocket is a DIY from… Keeping an eye on my turnips prices, but still naff all good.
  11. The Pulsar is 290 1.7 RALLY V1 by SlowBakedPanda but I see he’s got a V2 now with share code 104 357 209. I had forgotten, but just looked and the Puma would appear have no applied tune, so is a pure Meatball special. And as I said I can’t tune for shit, so I’ll have just thrown some upgrade parts at it and hoped for the best. It seemingly turned out pretty good for getting me to current 83rd in world I could save it as a tune and upload share it if you want? But now I’m wondering if I could’ve done quicker still in a setup by someone who knows what they’re doing.
  12. Forgot to post it the other day, this was that best run of mine in S1… https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/meatball46/video/152109008 I’ll still dabble with doing the odd bit in the rivals leaderboards as I’m playing the game, but I think I’m done with these weekly ones for now. Perhaps when the DLC comes out I’ll be up for some more organised ones. Much as I enjoy it and love the fierce competition it’s been with you guys, I could do with making attempts for playing more other stuff off my pile of shame.
  13. I dare not touch him, but I have seen a couple of the residents stop and give him a wobble as they pass by. I’m terrified it’ll summon him
  14. It wasn't a perfect run, the line through the tarmac fast right hander leading into the hairpin left what takes you off-road about 10-15 seconds in was a bit squint. I was cutting the grass keeping tight to the right side and I hit through the fencing losing a bit of speed, but after that I'm pretty happy with it. Was a little cautious at the last corner too and could probably have gone quicker through there, but didn't want to risk binning it after the rest of the run being good. Still room for improvement if I could string together all my best bits into one run, but I think I'm probably done with S1 now after that one. If you can beat it then
  15. Do you actually want the physical plastic figure thing @marcus or was it just to use for getting the character to move in on her island? If it's the latter there are ways to do that without the figures/cards Unofficial and no Amiibo function for the game, but depending what she's wanting there's these from Aliexpress
  16. Yeah, I've now switched to the Puma what I used in one of the other off-road ones the other week. It's a bit of an animal I thought I done alright with my previous Fiesta S1 time. In the top few hundred of the world. Pretty decent going yeah. Oooh a rivals notification, my time's been beaten by Eric...fair enough it wasn't a perfect run, let's have a look... 6.5 seconds! Damn, what did you have on your Weetabix
  17. Shitty price again for me today. I surely MUST be due a mega price soon. Just had a thought before @Sng Are you trying to stock up your museum? Do you want any fossils if so? Cause I'm sure everyone here playing from launch has a full museum by now and could fire some your way. And staying on fossils, any your museum doesn't need make good value presents to give to your residents for increasing their friendship to get their photo pic etc. Preferably gift wrapped fossils. Also a tip you maybe not aware of for making a little bit more money. Any craftable items sell for more built as an item than their basic raw materials price, so like if you have a pile of rocks it's better craft them into a bunch of stone tables or whatever to sell.
  18. I've been keeping an eye on my prices, but nothing going on here so far
  19. Wordle 235 2/6* Boom! My first 2 today But it did take me a couple of hours from after the first word to try and think of a something that’d fit with those letters I now had.
  20. Have had a go in A and S1 both very fun and fast, satisfying when you get a nice flow going, though I imagine when the times start dropping things will get pretty tense. I've had a run in S2 also...
  21. Next time someone new wants to join in can we check their credentials first before allowing it. @TommyG is another very rapid rival, I don't like it!
  22. Wordle 231 5/6 Bah! Thought I'd done good and nailed it on my second try there when the first three turned green
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