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  1. I want a cat in my town Mr Do,I think you need to go medieval on Punchy as he's been bad mouthing your town. I got a letter from him today "To Rossi, Thanks for the other day! it was really fun! You should visit again! It's Dullsville without you! Punchy,Dorvan" Spade him!!!
  2. Meatball

    Moto GP

    Good close racing in WSB at Silverstone today,very entertaining with Bayliss winning the double,Haga two 2nd's and Toseland charging to two 3rd's.Quality battling by the rest of the riders too.Those guys are seriously brave.Nearly went to watch it live but didn't as i heard the weather wasn't gonna be too good.Wish i had now
  3. Thanks for letting me visit Carly.Sorry didn't get to say bye,had to go.See you again soon & enjoy the farting chair
  4. Cheers for checking anyway.Made a nice profit on thurs thanks to Mr Do so i'll just accept a loss on these last few
  5. Anybody got a reasonable price today? Just a few turnips left to get rid of before tomorrow and only buying for 57b in Urbino.
  6. No probs Mr Do,good to see you again.Like your house,very cosy!
  7. Oh well,at work without wi-fi now so couldn't visit Biscuit if i wanted to.Mr Do's 456b was plenty enough for me anyhow. Thanks again for letting me visit earlier,last mortgage now paid so Nook's off my back .Just sorry i couldn't stay around longer and spend a bit more time in Dorvan.Hope to be online tomorrow so visitors welcome
  8. Sounds good to me Mr Do.I'll come over now if i can.Anything you'd like me to bring with?
  9. Meatball

    Moto GP

    Yeah BSB was rained off.Switched over to ITV to watch it after the Moto GP and it was some crappy old-school film.Wondered what was going on but eventually the World touring cars came on and they said about the BSB
  10. Arrivederci Franheim.Cheers for the items and bells Ryodi,payed off another mortgage thanks to your generosity.
  11. Sorry to hear that mate,i think that time's quite a while away for me yet.As the first person i had the pleasure of visiting on AC i'll be sad to see you go so would definately like to drop by to wish you farewell and have one last stroll round Franheim. Am at work in the day and won't be home until 7ish so hope you'll still be around then. Still got the "ship in a bottle" gift you gave me on the coffee table in my house.Thanks again,see you tomorrow
  12. Wasn't able to take advantage of this weeks excellent prices so still got my turnips to sell.Buying @ 114 in Urbino so i'll at least be able to get my bells back and re-invest tomorrow.However if anybody has got a much better price than mine this evening i'd appreciate you letting me visit.Thanks much
  13. Meatball

    Moto GP

    Class race. Well ridden by Pedrosa for his 1st MotoGP win. Shame about Rossi's tyre falling apart, was making good time 'til then too. Really hope they sort out the chatter problems soon, could make for some awesome racing by him on a come-back and a close finish to the championship
  14. Had quick read through last few pages but didn't see if anyone had suggested this,sorry if i'm repeating. As i remember Michael said he didn't see any children at the camp,just the scruffy people on the beach with a hatch being guarded by 2 armed people. Could they not just be another group of survivors who've found their own hatch and are guarding it from "the others" ?
  15. Buying for 623 in Urbino thismorning.I'm off out at about 9ish but can add anyone now and leave gates open.Hopefully no crashes
  16. Meatball

    Moto GP

    Some excellent racing in Turkey today with a nice deserved win by Marco Melandri in the GP.A good ride to 4th for Vale from 11th on the grid,getting quicker lap by lap.The nearly huge accident on the last lap of the 250cc race How the crap did DeAngelis manage to save that,i bet his y fronts need a damn good wash after that. Shame about young Bradley Smith falling in the 125cc race
  17. Need to get rid of my turnips tonight and missed all the good prices .Anybody getting a much better price than 118b thiseve please add me and let me come visit.Thanks
  18. Hi,new round here please be gentle. Got M'Kart DS & just got AC:WW,fed up of people dropping out on me in MK & need some friends on AC . Codes in sig. PM if adding please.Thanks
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