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  1. Not yet, I've been lazy and unmotivated I have the hard drive and Y cable ordered now and a few days off next week, so I'll get on it then. Definitely.
  2. I think I'd like to give this a try on my WiiU if it's not too hard. It'd be nice to have a single system for GC, Wii, WiiU and maybe some other systems if they're easy enough to add too. Is this guide https://cheapergamer.co.uk/wii-u-hacking-guide/ linked previous still a good one to follow? Looks like I'll need a portable hard drive and USB Y cable for connecting it to the console and a SD card for transferring files during the process (is this required permanently, or can I just borrow one from my camera) and I'm good to go?
  3. It's an Eventlab user created race. You can go to any of the race locations around the map and create your own circuit or point-to-point race. Drive around your chosen route placing checkpoints as you go and also use props like walls, barriers, etc to close it in for a regular type race. Or use ramps and platforms type shit to go up in the air like this one. Each week there's the festival events with a bunch of races and speed/drift zone challenges to complete for points to unlock the special prize cars and one of each week's challenges is one of these Eventlab races some random has built. There's some genuinely good routes/circuits people have made including epic stuff like... ...but for these ones they put in the weekly festival event they seem to like picking weird shit ones EDIT: Even the chap who built the track says it's a bad choice...
  4. And we're back to a shite one again. A floating half-pipe in the sky type thing with a almost vertical loopy bit you can just about get round and the AI can't even manage at all An easy one to win at least anyways.
  5. I seem to recall going in wanting to dislike it on FH3, but ended up really enjoying it. Shame it's not something completely fresh, but hopefully it'll be good fun still and with some cool new tricks. https://xboxclips.co/meatball46/7d55530f-cac1-4309-a411-0a0c3e55eb2d
  6. Ah, yes that would be logical, but still a couple of the ones I tried should’ve played nice. Finally did try and get success with the pictured Merc.
  7. That was proper bloody fussy. BMW M8 Competition Coupe...nope, McLaren 720S Coupe...nope, Corvette Stingray Coupe...nope , Merc C63 AMG Coupe Black Series...nope
  8. Meatball

    Moto GP

    He said his team's spot on the pit wall was too close out of the final corner for him to be able to read all the info on his pit board and so he was just checking for the gap to Martin behind off that and then using the circuit's big timing tower to keep track of the laps left. But he forgot Catalunya puts up 0 for the last lap, unlike most other places where it's 1, so when he saw 1 he thought it was all done. Mega ride from Fabio to win so dominant, it'd looked all weekend that Espargaro would be favourite. Bloody scary seeing that clip zoomed in how violently Nakagami's helmet gets pulled up by Pecco's tyre
  9. After a couple of shitty Event Lab challenge races the last weeks this one was pretty good.
  10. Managed to finish it from there ok. Ta!
  11. Been struggling trying to see my next move here
  12. Some duplicate info, but I'd started writing before StumpyJohn replied and got distracted away, so I'll finish. You should be getting money credits from races. When you load back into the open world it pops up on screen your event XP then event CR. In the settings difficulty options you can turn off traction/stability control, ABS, etc and increase the AI level higher to get bonus credits. Use the car mastery points to get bonus XP, wheelspins, etc. Do some rivals mode time trialling and get some CR each time you beat someone. Or even if not, I just done a dozen or so laps of Bahia De Plano circuit in S1 and didn't beat the rival (my car was down on PI ) and got almost 100K credits. Plus 15K more from a wheelspin for levelling up with the XP what I earned while lapping. EDIT: I am VIP so do get double credits I think. So buy the VIP add-on maybe? Not sure how much it is now, if it's gone on sale yet. There's the option to do the below, known as 'AFK' races. As mentioned there I only ever did it once and I think I might've read they tweaked the game so it's not as lucrative now to do one big long race as the XP maxes out lower than it used to, so better to do multiple shorter races. Check youtube/reddit to confirm if you fancy doing it. If you go into the blueprint events on a race location you can see the AFK races people have made just for this.
  13. Meatball

    Moto GP

    I hope Franky Morbidelli finds his mojo again soon. He had some fine rides on the year or two old Petronas bike, I was looking forwards to seeing great things from him with the move up to factory team. The shoulder cam is pretty cool like what Aleix Espargaro had last weekend, but I really hope they are working on a helmet cam and it comes some time soon... And a race there at Spa would be cool. I don't remember seeing the spinning 360 degree camera in quite a while what was on the back of the tail unit of a couple of bikes occasionally
  14. Yeah, I didn’t watch that vid or read anything before. Got my CLK GTR FE out and I did it easy enough on my second attempt Trial was piss easy again with the AI drivatars down on max PI
  15. Finally! Now to redeem them for the special item what unlocks when you collected 3k points
  16. Yeah, cheers. I've also been through and done a few laps to set some times.
  17. Cheers. Yeah I thought watching it back maybe it appeared a bit slow, but hoped that was just deceptive with it actually me being so smooth I'm not got the the most delicate of touches for fine control really, but I try. It may also help if you go into the game's difficulty settings, advanced controller options or something it is in there and tweak the steering analogue stick and trigger deadzones smaller. By default they're at 10-15% or something inside and the same outside, so you're only actually getting effective use of maybe 70-80% of the stick/trigger's travel in game. Drop them right down then you can more accurately gently feed in the power/brakes using the full 100% travel of the trigger. I also like to crank the vibration rumble up in there. Just done a lap in rivals in the same car/track and you can see my accelerator/brake inputs there https://xboxclips.co/meatball46/dffe5db3-4986-4b41-9fd9-746588036d50
  18. Wordle 299 3/6* Unintentionally turned out like a supermarket advert…
  19. They do seem to vary a bit in difficulty depending on the circuit/type so I fluctuate between Expert/Pro. I had a play earlier here and could spank them pretty easy on Expert, but Pro as in the vid took some more care and effort...
  20. Bit cheaty and rather wasteful for using electricity, but easiest way might be just letting the game play itself If you go the big whopper Goliath road circuit track and set up a blueprint race event for 50 laps. Pre race go into the difficulty settings where you can switch them to have auto steering, assisted braking and auto transmission, traction/stability control on. Then start the race and pop an elastic band round your controller so it holds the accellerator trigger down. I think you also need to plug your controller in to the console with usb cable so it doesn't go to sleep from inactivity and pause the game. Knock off controller rumble so it's not sat there vibrating away. Come back in about 9 hours. I did it once for a 3 lap run a couple months back when there was a weekly festival challenge to drive some shitty old 1930's Bentley for 100 miles and I couldn't be arsed with that. So I set the 3 lap race up and let it go at it by itself. Mine did fuck up and end falling off the road and stuck under a bridge of another road below though and I had to steer it back on track. It was tuned to S1 though and handled like shit and I don't remember if I put traction/stabillity on. Should go better with a nice safer decent handling car. I don't remember how much I got in credits either. Maybe give it a trial run with a 5-10 lap race to see if it works ok first. Like this pretty much...
  21. Managed to do the trial on I think my 3rd try earlier. In my '65 Mini which was pretty pants for top speed and I was getting easily overtaken down the straighter sections, but when it got to the corners I'd fly back past again A couple of nice McLaren added to the fleet now today with a 620R off the car pass and 765LT from the festival playlist prize.
  22. Meatball

    Moto GP

    Just catching a bit of the Rossi’s debut GTWCE race on YouTube where it being streamed and he’s about to head out for a stint. Some things never change….
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