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  1. I knew that would be coming when I posted. I actually think I did previously catch more than the two I have but wasn’t thinking of wanting the model back then so sold them on and now they don’t seem to be about much/at all.
  2. I've put one in the museum and have a couple more saved, I just need the third for a model. But I've got a few other fishy species saved waiting to be models too, so I can get them done first no probs. I'm forecast heavy snows tomorrow so I'll see if I can snag one then.
  3. Anyone caught a Coelacanth recently? I not had one of them in a good while
  4. Would there be any interest for all/any of these in here? I doubt I’ll probably read them again, but I’ve managed to keep hold of them all these years, so it seems a shame to just chuck them in the recycling. I’ve got an ancient printer/scanner combo thing here, if I can figure out how to connect that up and maybe if there’s software I’d need on my laptop I could possibly have a go at going through them myself. Or are iPhone snaps acceptable?
  5. I just switched it off. I shall get back on.
  6. Hectic scenes here! Redd, then Celeste and now Wisp. It never been so busy
  7. Just found Celeste is here if anyone is wanting a DIY or whatever off her. Don't buy @Number 28's Motherly statue though!
  8. Is that what you say to all the girls? It still available. I didn’t open up before, was waiting for your replying. I’m just out now, heading back home now and should be there in about half hour or so.
  9. Redd also here today. Available is fake Wistful painting and real Academic painting or Motherly statue. I did sneak in first a week or two back to grab that statue before @Number 28 from SteveH's, so I should give you first dibs on it.
  10. As it happens I currently go by the super cool trendy awesome name of...
  11. Nice! I’m just impressed I managed to beat you to be first getting something I also too have that Nook reward for the catching of 5000 fish. I think maybe about 500 of them were string fish. I should hire out fishing spots along my top river, it gets like string fish soup up in there. To my shame I’ve not been and had a look round the museums much recently but I have seen the animals in there before. I just popped in now actually and found Marina in the fish wing admiring the little Betta watching it swim around When I spoke to her sh
  12. Oh FFS! Not another one! I wanted a rare Bass damnit Sorry @StumpyJohn
  13. Celeste here if anyone wants her. Gates open, but I might be watching telly and not be around playing. She's trapped up in my front garden. Shit load of DIY's on the beach just West of airport docks, help yourself to them and whatever's in Nook's. Ta!
  14. I think today is the last day of the lights and bauble ornaments on the cedar trees by the way, in case anyone wants to make sure you've got some in storage for making stuff.
  15. Found an old memories card while tidying today what I must’ve had in whatever phone I was on back then. Some pics among the stuff on there of my old Wild World town...
  16. Well, after I caught those three on consecutive days the two or three weeks back I did have CJ the very next day so got him to do me the model of it. And I mean, I don’t like to brag...but when John Motson was over commentating on the soccer match a couple of weeks back he did visit a Nook mile island then too after the game and he caught one there. Then the next day I was just jogging back home and spotted a shadow in the water near out the front of my house and well I’ve caught another since then too so have another three saved in storage now, but they’re s
  17. Don't know what you mean? I've not really put any thought or efforts into flowers breeding or layout Ooh, yeah please. Thanks! It squirts up higher on the hour.
  18. And again. It's not liking me visiting this eve
  19. Fingers crossed! The offer of a super mega turbo red rose or two is still there if you change your mind. Not that anyone can do shit anyways, but my shifts and rest days fell pretty decent this year or I might've also been stuck in work this eve. You have my sympathies
  20. I bet that one was going to breed and spawn a blue tomorrow too. Poor @Daley
  21. Yeah, I've got bells I wanted to deposit some of, so I'm not fussed for not having enough cash (Though the nice electric guitar in your Nook's just cleared me out a bit). But I wanted to get in there to make sure I kept my run of consecutive days accessing the machine thingy. Hopefully with it being the building closed rather than just me missing a day then it'll still carry on for tomorrow. If not I will be inconsolable
  22. What kind of mischevious character would do such things! I'm shooting down Ornament wreath DIY's for fun it seems. I got two in a row yesterday so with the one I just got now I have 4 of those available, as well as... Festive rug x2 Snowflake wall Falling-snow wall Iceberg flooring
  23. Yeah, watch some 5* island tours on YouTube and do a few random daydream island visits for some inspiration ideas maybe and change/create some themed outdoor areas, redecorate your own home/gardens and landscape your animal’s so they’ve got nice exterior spaces. If you have a second user profile on your Switch start a character with that to add a new house you could decorate as some island hotel restaurants plus gives you added bonus of loads more storage. That I think was the one the Nook gifts you 50 of when you’re starting out? So maybe you saw it in your invent
  24. Grabbed the motherly statue, cheers! There's someone's lost item bag next to the ramp up to the first level off your Western beach BTW. EDIT: Whoops, sorry!
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