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  1. I did wonder on the order it'd do its stuff overnight. Was a couple of buildings I wanted to move mid rock garden project, but I didn't want to chance it moving the building first then popping the rock into that empty space left behind. Was cool, very nice. Until some other stinky degenerate turned up
  2. Cool, I wasn't imagining it then Tried to pop over, but got an error message pop-up something similar to what was posted the few posts above before
  3. One little note on that guide if you're not paying good attention for the Windflowers it might appears to show you can breed purple off multiples of hybrid pinks that came out of some red/orange seeded pairs. But you can see the from the IMO not very obvious different plain background colouring of those red/orange bred pinks and then down a few rows is a yellowy orange background for the pinks you get off the pink/blue breeding pair it needs to be those special super hybrid pinks off those what you can then pair up for getting the purple off. Some numpty who maybe hadn't been looking close enough to notice that could be moaning wondering why they're not getting any purple out of all their pinks they've had there for so long Has anyone noticed the buried money appearing in more random spaces recently? I was regularly only getting the glowing thingy in a couple of places as my island has often been so full of flowers and stuff (especially when I was doing the mannequins for the rock garden) and I had some days where I didn't get it at all. But this last week or so I have had it in some more tighter little spots that were also there before, but it never appeared there or at all that I could find
  4. Just returning from StumpyJohn's, will open up in a sec when I'm back.
  5. You should have all three now? Think I sent the last one over yesterday before I went out to work. I'll pop over and grab that log garden lounge DIY please @StumpyJohn. EDIT: took the shell lamp too, thanks Redd also here today and has 3 fakes left. He has Quaint and Jolly paintings plus a Tremendous statue. I think @Mike S is a statue collector so might wannt dibs on that?
  6. It's yours. I've pulled it out of the pile for safe keeping. Probably be about for a bit in morning then out working in the afternoon/eve again tomorrow and should be home and on shortly after 9 ish. Posted two of those ones to you @SteveH I shall fire other one over in morning.
  7. Just in work now til gone 10 odd later this eve. Will sort it when I’m back home.
  8. I need to at least try to make some efforts to tidy my place up and clear a load of the mess and so have all these spare DIY recipes. Anyone want any before I dump a load? Magazine rack Fruit basket Underwater wall x3 Bamboo bench x2 Bamboo hat Western-style stone Shell wreath x2 Street piano Cutting board Steel-frame wall Birdhouse x3 Wooden full-length mirror Natural garden chair Lucky gold cat x2 Starry-sands flooring x2 Garden bench Tropical vista Stack of books Iron closet Iron shelf x2 Peach surprise box x2 Pear dress Hedge standee Woodland wall Sandy-beach flooring Water flooring x4 Peach dress x2 Apple wall Kettle bathtub Bamboo shelf Trophy case Wild log bench Log chair Jungle flooring Coconut wall planter
  9. @thesnwmn I’m guessing as you’re in first spot on the google spreadsheet doc in the first post you’re the one who set it up and are in controls of it? Is it possible to add another line on it for folks to add their dream address codes into? This is the guide I went off @Daley https://imgur.com/a/ptCPgVK Nice easy to understand pics and graphics and with symbols for showing if a flower needs to be one grown from seed or a specific hybrid. Took me a while to get the purple windflower but now I’m drowning in the fuckers I got lucky with the low percentage but easy route to the blue rose in the last pic and have since got some more bred and cloned.
  10. I got 200+ last time and he did say for me today that I'd got the 300 now, so you probably skipped it without noticing.
  11. You got me in trouble with Tammy
  12. I thought they changed it one of the last updates so he'll come on Sundays now if there's an event on Sat, so that he'd not block another weekday visitor like Redd, Leif etc? Cheers! I think I got the bunk bed out of a balloon a week or so back and almost as soon as I saw it I thought I knew what I wanted to try
  13. Yeah, is me Yes, still open. Open to friends SW 7461-7432-8618
  14. Nothing urgent I can think of thanks. If you want to surprise us with some random treat though that'd be ok
  15. Gates open for anyone needing turnip selling. Also it seems Celeste is visiting if anyone wants to see her.
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