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  1. I'd like that one please if it still available?
  2. Oh no! I hope I've not got him in troubles. Please don't punish him too harshly
  3. Gates opening in a sec. I'm off watching telly but feel free to help yourself to whatever's in Nook's. Able's has the royal crown today too I've just seen if anyone wants that. He gets about! Had him in staying my camp site yesterday
  4. Light showers of stars this eve and Celeste is here. If anyone wants to visit and see her or catch a few stars give us a shout.
  5. Couple of new items in the seasonal tab for Children's Day, available til the 5th. The fishy one is pretty cool
  6. If you could send us that one please
  7. Celeste here and I've got light shooty star showers this eve with some due at (20:33, 20:35) or (21:08, 21:14, 21:23) or (22:21, 22:23, 22:31, 22:45) Give us a shout if you want to pop over and I'll open up.
  8. Yeah, I don't think there's anything much in the way of new added features. You've got stuff like increased storage available now, more custom design slots and there's Nook Points to claim and redeem in the phone app for some extra items. It's probably mostly all the seasonal events and the themed items that come with those you'd have missed and things like Celeste's astrlogical bits. Just nice chilling, wandering about seeing the island change through the seasons* and the different fish/bugs come and go. *And doing your bit to crank that up, like back at Halloween my pla
  9. Redd is visiting. Real Glowing and Moody or fake Jolly and Quaint paintings available. Just out to work now, should be back around 8pm.
  10. Gates opening in a sec @Indy @ S.E.. She should be restricted to the fenced in area up on the top level, up the North of the island. Stars due at 20:49 & 20:51 if you want to wish on a few. I'll be away watching telly, help yourself to anything in Nook's.
  11. Got a Celeste strolling about the place this eve. If anybody needs her give us a shout.
  12. Did my Nook points for today late last night and got 3x bonus, so cashed them in and today is arrived the Timmy & Tommy photo and Nook Inc poster... DIY's available here... Bunny day flooring Bunny day table x2 Bunny day wardrobe Bunny day bed Bunny day lamp Bunny day fence Bunny day wall clock Bunny day festive balloons Bunny day stool Wooden-block wall clock Orange end table Cherry wall Garden rock Golden candlestick Bamboo-grove wall Peach umbrella Hyacinth lamp Bamboo floor
  13. No more this week @Omizzay?
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