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  1. Cheers! I had been furiously checking my mail in anticipation I sped through the chat a bit quick and didn't quite catch it all 100%. I think did he say something about the DIY's will be avaiilable in Nook's tomorrow? So no disaster if you miss today And I'll take a turkey chef man poster please.
  2. Light shooty star showers this eve and Celeste visiting giving out a new astronomical DIY recipe. Bursts of stars due at 19:54, 20:26, 20:33, 20:49, 21:02, 21:07, 21:17, 21:18 if anyone wants to visit and time it so there'll be stars to wish on.
  3. Yeah just a basic square grid or similar with alternative rows one space over was reckoned to be pretty much most efficient cause you’re packing more flowers into an area and every flower will be touching up to 6 others so better chance for them to connect with one to breed with and there’s less wasted empty space, but still enough for new spawns to grow into. That was what I went with... Explained here... And I think with them roses you’ve got when you get a new red ones popping in they’ll be clones of what’s there so if I remember right I was ad
  4. Have you been digging them up and mixing them around? That was suggested to me when I was on it, so if you’ve got a bunch of the duds there next to all the good ones you’d never get a blue and you moving them round the plot occasionally might put some of the good ones together now so they get a chance of them breeding on the next day. And I think with flowers all of the same colour planting them in a grid pattern rather than pairs or in a diamond style is better, as each flower is ‘connected’ to more others so it gets a better chance to pair up with one of them. Like this from back when I w
  5. Yep. I’m in work now, should be here til just gone 1pm then home shortly after and can be opening up then pretty much whenever this aft/eve, just let us know what time suits.
  6. Just shot down a balloon with Tree's Bounty Arch DIY in which I already have, so if anyone still needs that let me know.
  7. How dare you! Official Yamaha factory team clothing that cap is. Best I could manage with such a limited small canvas to work on. I’ve not played today yet (so it could change) but I’ve not had any of them buried rare mushroom for a while either.
  8. I've just uploaded/shared it in Able's (MO-TYLL-8PLR-RJ0K) DIY clear out time. I have... Red-leaf pile x2 Tree's bounty big tree Autumn wall Gong Water pump Cherry lamp Windflower fan Tulip wreath Peach umbrella Wooden end table Lily record player Kettlebell Mum cushion Pitfall seed Shell table Log bed Hyacinth lamp Standard umbrella stand Cardboard table Log bench Stacked-wood wall
  9. That seems vaguely familiar How's bout this cap for go with it...
  10. I got the Tree's Bounty big tree and the Maple arch thingy today Popping over for a quick flying visit cheers @Daley I can't have many of her DIY's left to go now surely.
  11. Just in case anyone didn't pick up on it in the bits of the new update you can now visit random islands in the dreams thingy, just ask Luna to surprise you. You do need to update and give permission of your own dream to allow it to be visited by others using the surprise way, so hopefully plenty of folks get on that.
  12. Well bugger! You can't get the expanded storage with a mortgage loan payment outstanding, so it seems he's gonna get that final one off me at last. Touché Mr Nook, well played And then some more too for the increased storage upgrade!
  13. Open. You cab get to Redd ladder-free off the top edge of the East beach, a small passage is clear behind the cliffs there. I'm just going to make/eat some lunch so might not be around in game. Also, if anyone has the Upright Locker in red? please could you send me.
  14. I needed the space where one patch was for building a gym. Prob could've kept a few over the eastern side of the island, but the flowers are taking over up there. Plus I thought with Halloween over I'd not be needing them any more. Might try squeeze a small plot in somewhere again if they're still going to be useful. One of first thing I did the next day was clear all the Halloween decorations away and chuck some regular lighting and other decorational items in their spots. Got to move with the times man! Redd is here today with fake Wistful painting and Informative statue, pl
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