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  1. I've been having a go at getting back into this after a fair time away, was missing it anyways and also missing seeing my my little nephew with the all lockdowns, so want to at least be able to play online and chat with the little turd and show him my my racing skills while I can't see him. But DAMN there's so many tabs and menu's it gets a bit overwhelming for a simple chap like me set things up and the very many map icons put Trials Rising to shame. Found I had 90 odd wheelspins built up I went through the other day and 30 odd super wheelspins just earlier today that have added m
  2. I've got Bangle, she's cool. They don't come out til 7/8pm. That's probably past your bed time grandad But then you do get up at silly o'clock in morning though and I think they're still around til 4/5am, so if you get right on it then you might spy one around. Back late last year I loaded it up for some reason before I left for a early shift in work and caught the walking stick bug I think it was off a tree that had apparently been around for a couple of months by that point, but is rare and thten only appears between a couple of short periods eac
  3. My mate passed on that anyways after advice, ta! Has managed order one from Argos this morning to collect.
  4. I’m just getting home from work shortly if that Wild right half still available and you can open?
  5. Aye I wasn’t intending to get it that high, but each 100k became a bit of a compulsive target milestone to aim for and then once it got to 7/800k I thought I’d give it a go also to see if it maxed out. Going to try and go cold turkey now and mostly leave them.
  6. Bought in Sept he says so should be the v.2 model I’d think and still got some warranty left.
  7. My mate is after a Switch and someone we knows might be selling one. What’s the consensus, ok deal?
  8. Cheers! Popped over for a late night visit after getting in from work just before. I couldn’t find Celeste nowhere, but wished on a good bunch of stars.
  9. Ah, there's few others knocking about the place not in organised flowerbeds, you could've slipped one of those as well. As you say you prob should spawn more, but if you don't just give us a shout for it.
  10. Open now. Yes I've just sent you a best friends invite request in the game to grant you shovel privileges if you want to nip over and grab them @Indy @ S.E. They're on the SW beach just left of the museum.
  11. I’ve got loads, been some dumped on my beach for a while as it seemed a shame to bin such a rare specimen... Yours if you wants them? Redd here visiting today with real Glowing and fake Academic and Amazing painting.
  12. I will come over and switch on/off all of your treadmills, exercise bikes and scooters!
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