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  1. You kind of can add more buildings. I was watched this island tour vid the other day and they'd added a bunch more player character houses just to use as other themed buildings. Bit of a pain if you'd need to create more accounts on your Switch just for that, but if you already have another account or two for buying games off other region eShop stores or whatever then it could be worth a go... Can do you a round Tea Table for your library if you'd like, if you'd prefer that?le for
  2. Why thank you Had to check though.
  3. Cheers @Fneeb A nice profit, plus bonus writing chair I bought slightly more than one full pocket load so I've just rejoined the queue to pop back for a quick in and out to get shot of these last couple.
  4. Just clocked Dobie pleasuring himself in Cookie's flowerbed! Anyone else's garden and I'd have been amused, but not my Cookie
  5. PM'd you both the Dodo code. If there's more interest and it's gonna get busy I'll set up a queue on that site.
  6. 526 if anyone's still needing to sell this morning.
  7. Yeah, I'm wanting to make a second trip. I'm Harmonica on the list there and when I made it back home safely I clicked leave queue, then went to deposit my bells and joined queue again currently am 13th of 14 but it was showing me still as a visitor
  8. I'll go for that please. Looking good for a solid price here tomorrow morning...
  9. Move over Hans! That's my fishy! *turned out to be a tyre* And yes in case you were thinking it, I do look FABULOUS...
  10. There's a "thank-you mom mug" in the Nook shopping Special Goods bit if you tab across with L/R to the Seasonal page. EDIT: As said already just above
  11. Just checked, no customising allowed on it sorry
  12. Thought I'd order the Atlas moth model off Flick yesterday to display in my den room and that's turned up today. It's not what you'd call petite, rather dominates the space a bit... Also @SteveH I have a piano bench here if you want to catalogue that too for when you get the piano? The Marimba too if you want more instruments? Yeah..
  13. Will do ta! Just got back home now and shut the gates up. I realised while I was out I didn't remember if I'd cashed out my money tree yet today and it turns out I hadn't, so thanks also for anyone who came over for not taking my 90k bells
  14. I'm off out for a bit so won't be playing, but if anyone fancies a look around Flagstone the gates are open with Dodo code KQM2G. Able has some nice pretty flowery tights, poop hats, matching flight jacket / pilot's cap plus a astronauts space suit and more. Red sewing machine and candle in a glass in Nook's. Don't bother bringing your turnips, their prices are shit. Few recipes and fossils down on the beach if anyone wants to take/swap any. Please don't stomp on me flowers EDIT: Gates closed up now.
  15. Heard the whistling noise too late and by the time I'd chased it down it was gone Hopefully it was just some clay.
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