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  1. I will be playing this later, oh yes. Bloody brilliant it is, although I am going to sit on the fence when it comes to saying if it beats PGR2 or not, lets just say it is, its equal There is a free two month trial to the live service included in the box DJSack, so you may wish to start with this rather than paying for live from the outset. If you haven't already subscribed that is.
  2. Squirtle, you may wish to look in this thread http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=39809 for some more people to play tonight. I am up for it any time after 7pm.
  3. Played this last night online and it is damn fine, shame I am so crap though Still, it didn't help being barged off the track by stupid yank kids The funniest game last night was simply when the host shouted "Destruction Derby" and all the players just bombed up and down the track crashing into everyone Great fun, even if it did mimic most "proper" races in the deliberate crashing. I am up for some 12 player fun tonight and am determined to get my rating back up to at least 1500. I will hopefully see some of you tonight.
  4. Thanks all. I now have my XBox live all connected and set up. My usertag is FabledDodger. A communicator is on its way to me as well, from a friend of a friend Links is great fun but I am really quite shite at the moment
  5. As I now have Broadband I am about to get XBox live but only as a trial package to start off with. I beleive Links 2004 comes with a 2 month trial offer but does not include the communicator but is this a problem? Is it ok to play without a communicator, not just Links but other games too? I suppose my main question is about etiquette. Is it ok to not communicate, or will this mean a lonely trial period?
  6. Maybe a bit late in the weekend to mention this but what a fantastic weekend of (mostly) classic tunes on The Hits. No Sky here only freeview In the last half hour we have had REM (Losing My Religion), Fleetwood Mac (Everywhere), ABBA (Fernando)*, Pet Shop Boys (Heart)**, Gary Numan (Cars), and now INXS (Need You Tonight). Fantastic Stuff especially as I am housebound with a particularly bad cold. * I did say (Mostly) classic ** In which Galdalf himself (Sir Ian McKellen) Stars and Sings as a vampire besmitten with Neil Tennants newly acquired bride, who looks supiciously bloke-like
  7. http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title...95&p=57&c=&g=72 Just put my order in for this brilliantly funny comedy sketch show. £14.99 for the complete 4 DVD collection containing Series 1-4 I haven't seen all of them, but what I remember watching on BBC1 2-3 years ago it was absolutely hilarious, you could all do far worse
  8. I recently replayed Blast Corps on my N64. Pure gaming bliss I demand an update of this classic.
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