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  1. My son now wants his own profile so he has his own ‘game’ which is fine, but once he’s done that, I want to restart the current game on my profile, which according to the Internet means I will lose Mew. How far do I have to get to trade with someone, and is it possible to trade Mew to someone on here & then trade it back to either my new one or my son’s account?
  2. Spent my first hour on it last night with my six year old, didn’t make much progress beyond reaching the second town. Woke up this morning to find he had been playing for 80 mins while I was asleep, he’s beaten Brock & is in a cave system somewhere! Still got the same first Pokemon we caught in his party, so Pikachu, two oddish, two Pidgey & a Rattata. Need to teach him about swapping Pokemon around. He seems to be enjoying it a lot, not sure when I’m actually going to get a look in.
  3. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    Jeez, I thought there was only a few?
  4. ph0rce

    Detective Pikachu - demo available!

    My kids won’t care, so however bad it is, I’ll just have to get used to it!
  5. ph0rce

    Detective Pikachu - demo available!

    Watched it without sound as I’m at work, looks incredible, my two kids are going to go nuts.
  6. You only need to kill the envoys if you don’t have enough burn damage / proper coordination. With a four man team on comms, and full supers you can just melt it straight away if you need to.
  7. Yeah, you can solo all of them. Anything above 540 / 550 should be do-able.
  8. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    How much work would I have to put into a second account in order to be able to do a trade with it? Don’t suppose anyone has already made a second account for such a purpose, and fancies lending me it?
  9. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    Well, looks like I won’t be getting Celebi then, who thought it was a good idea to put trading as one of the quest step requirements. Absolutely seething.
  10. We are at the final boss with our 10pm group, it has been outstanding so far, genuinely some of the best encounters across both titles. Environments are excellent, bosses are good, mechanics are tricky but once you get them down, it’s just great fun. Hopefully we we will nail him / her / it this week.
  11. All bounties being powerful, and dropping the requirements is just plain daft. They should have done one or the other.
  12. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    Three shiny caught, two dreadful ratings & one average but at least that’s one of each evolution. Just need to hatch two more eggs now to finish the next step for the Special Quest. Oh, and I’ve hatched 8 7km eggs; all crappy Alolans, no Taurus.
  13. Yeah, it’s an incredible piece of content, probably the best they’ve ever done. I still reckon I’ve only seen about half of it, if that.
  14. Petra should have changed to only needing 2, if I’ve read it right.
  15. Just remove it from being able to be selected for Gambit ( at least temporarily ), that way they don’t have to change anything & there’s plenty of other heavy weapons you can use. Having said that, if anyone hasn’t got their Triumphs for Gambit related to invading, then it’s probably wise to pick up your Simulant now & get them done.
  16. I only saw the ( sketch ) cutscene when you load in, the one about the boss from the raid, etc. And that hat was from the world first; is there another, more spoilery cutscene in the actual mission?
  17. A powerful Gambit bounty has appeared though, not sure if on purpose or not.
  18. Why would you be looking forward to going into the raid, if you’ve been watching the streams, you’ve already spoiled the mechanics & the environments? I would have loved to watch them trying to work it out, I think it would have been great but I just can’t ruin it as I’d rather do it myself. Very interesting that it hasn’t been beaten yet, which I’m guessing is down to light level far more than mechanics. We’re going in tonight, all massively under levelled so it should be a frustrating evening!
  19. Aye, that’s what we were expecting.
  20. The campaign is never the highlight, and I don’t think many people in here have been saying how great it is?? I thought it was good enough, some definite highlights & some bits where they just drew things out for padding. The first mission was excellent, the intro to the City was brilliant & maybe half the adventures were ok. The End Game however, which is the real game, is superb so far.
  21. Yeah, Daily Heroic milestone didn’t reset, stupid Bungie.
  22. You mean getting any kind of drops, right?
  23. Ta Gorf, that's great news .
  24. So, not like anyone knows anyway but if I didn’t do the 3 Heroic Daily missions before the fake reset, I could still do them now AND then they might reset properly tonight?

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