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  1. Posted about these before in the main GW thread but I've got a handful of miniatures from maybe 20 / 25 years ago that I've been hanging onto for no apparent reason & since we are moving house again soon ( and they haven't been out of the box since we moved house last time! ), it makes sense to shift them. I cannot be bothered splitting them up & posting them out, unless someone says I'm sitting on a gold mine ( unlikely! ) but I could probably break them down into a couple of separate packages. Most of them have been painted poorly by 15 year old me, which I'm
  2. The Pokémon Battle Academy is only £5 at Asda Living ( and I assume Asda ) at the moment. Plus they’ve got some of the PIN collections for half price too.
  3. Finally won a game on the sixth time of trying, and even that was down to the wire. Realised afterwards that I didn’t use the ability to draw a card whenever Spider-Man is attacked at all, which would have made things a bit easier & I have a sneaking suspicion that I forget to add the +1 threat at the start of the villain turn a couple of times. Good stuff though, going to stick with Spider-Man until I get all the phases / actions right & then try the Captain Marvel one.
  4. Ok, that helps me out as I did both in my first game, which I lost comprehensively & I can now blame that loss completely on that misunderstanding! EDIT Lost second game too, ended up with two side schemes in play, one with acceleration & got the Eviction Notice card which swapped me back to Peter, and then an avalanche of scheming happened. I assume once I reach the end of my deck, I just reshuffle the discard pile & keep going?
  5. Marvel Champions; Picked this up the other week & just going through the learn to play decks / booklet solo with the Spider-Man deck. During the villain’s Boost phase, if I reveal a card with an action, e.g. Hydra Bomber, do I do the action as well as adding +1 to the threat / scheme? Also, on a similar point, if I reveal a Treachery card during the Boost phase, they don’t have an icon in the corner so do I do the action instead?
  6. So basically what you're saying is that 150 decent sleeves for circa £10 isn't actually that terrible, jeez! So most people who sleeve all their cards end up paying basically the same as they paid for the game again to protect them, it just sounds crazy.
  7. Card Sleeves; What do people recommend, particularly if I wanted to buy in bulk, as most of the ones I've seen on Amazon which are recommended are in packs of 150. And at a price of £10 per 150, that's a considerable amount of money if I wanted to sleeve, say, 1000 cards. I'm not going to be playing in tournaments or anything like that but I would like to play the games & keep the cards in good condition. I do have some games that I could eventually play with my kids in case that makes a difference as far as recommendations go.
  8. I’ve made the ones from the original video / link three times now on the last six weeks, I still can’t believe how delicious they are! Had them in burger buns with leaves & M&S Deli-style coleslaw twice & just on their own as actual steaks once. Plus since there’s always loads of batter left over, I do the rest of the cauliflower florets in the same way to have on the side.
  9. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    What’s the best move(s) for Mew Two? I’ve got a shadow one with excellent IVs which I’ve been shovelling rare candy into in the hope of an event where I can get rid of Frustration & it looks like that’s today!
  10. After spending another couple of hours on it tonight, I kind of agree with this. Unlocking the third power for my Devastator really allowed me to go bananas in combat & it’s so rewarding to just go wading into the middle of the area with guns ( powers ) blazing, instead of hiding behind various walls like I did for the first few missions. Beat the first proper boss battle on my second attempt, would have done it on the first go but I got overconfident & quite rightly died. Managed my health & spacing a lot better on the second go. Got some fancy blue sp
  11. The hair is straight out a budget PS3 game, the cutscene transitions are terrible, plus they cut off the last word from the dialogue every time as well. Loading screens are crap, and sometimes are on screen so briefly it’s a wonder they needed them. I’ve done the post prologue bit & the first mission ( recuse X ) three times now to try the powers out, there’s actually a lot of variety & the skill trees look interesting. Need to try it in co-op really, and unlock the third power for each of them. There might be a good game under there but it’s bu
  12. Mine lasted for about half a tier last night before the supercharged boost ended, so I guess there something else at play in determining how long it lasts. And at the start of the week, I had it active for at least 10 - 15 ( all in a single play session ) tiers too.
  13. We have a corner sofa, and when you sit in the actual corner, you are too far back from the coffee table & we don’t have anything behind it to put drinks / food on. assuming this is as good as it says it is ( fat chance ), it’s the solution to all my problems!
  14. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    The site Stopharage linked is brilliant, I did both Legendaries in about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon without leaving my house.
  15. Jeez, that’s ridiculous!!
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