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  1. Watched this over two nights this week with my kids ( 9 & 4 ), they absolutely loved it, mainly the dog but I thought it was fantastic. Story was great, the stuff with the dad was relatable, the shit dinosaurs at the restaurant, the robots in the restaurant & the mum was brilliant once she went crazy. Might have made me tear up a little bit too though. I can see us watching it a few times over the next month or so.
  2. I’ve only gone & bloody won a scenario in Arkham Horror, as in properly won it ( not like Saturday when I reached R3 of the final scenario of Night of the Zealot which was kind of a win but I felt a bit mean ). I’d moved on to one of the separate scenarios; Murder at the Excelsior Hotel, which sounded pretty interesting & boy was I fed up of the f**king Ghoul Priest so I needed a change. It is such a breath of fresh air & there were quite a few different options / ways it could have played out which was a surprise. Based on that, I’m really looking forward to other scenarios now. Played a few games initially with the standard chaos bag setup & Roland ( starter deck ) & managed to make some good progress but not enough to identify the ‘True Culprit’. Then I decided to drop the difficulty down a bit by switching to the easy chaos bag setup. The rolls were definitely kinder but I still had one turn in the middle where I drew tentacles, -3 & tentacles again, which was annoying. Everything came together right at the end though, the perfect encounter card ( now that’s a strange sentence to type! ) & I put all my resources into it, praying for anything other than tentacles from the bag; drew a 0, which was enough to finish it off in style. What I really like about the game as a whole is that it basically plays out like a ‘rogue-like’, each time I try a scenario, I get a little bit further; I learn what each room has / does, I advance the act or agenda, I see a few more encounters & all of that helps me shape the moves I make in subsequent games. Going to take a little break for now as Cloudspire is due to arrive tomorrow but I’ll definitely be back at the weekend, think I’ll have a crack at Curse of the Rougarou next.
  3. So I found some Mayday 'green' sleeves in an old box while sorting & I there was enough to sleeve my core set of Arkham Horror LCG, which made a huge improvement over playing Marvel Champions unsleeved. However, now I've played a good number of games, they are starting to stick together in places, the cards move quite a lot in the sleeves & I'm playing on a wooden table ( which I know isn't brilliant ) so they are sticking a bit when I move them around. I'm assuming that getting a play mat will sort my sticky / moving around issues, which I'm looking into but is this just typical of sleeves in general, or ( as I'm assuming ) do they get better as the price goes up? EDIT There's also quite a lot of slack / free space, i.e. the card doesn't fit snug-ley into the sleeve. I know you wouldn't want it so tight that it would risk warping the card but it seems like it could be a little bit tighter...
  4. Picked up a Cloudspire bundle from eBay for £245 delivered after watching the start of a solo play through on YouTube to get a good idea of how it plays. Comes with main game, plus the upgrade pack, all expansions, first set of miniatures & the scenario / lore books. The main game has been played a couple of times but all the stuff from the second campaign is still sealed. As long as it’s all in mint condition, it’s a pretty good price as it would be about 320 to buy it all new from Chip Theory’s website.
  5. And that’s that; we’re all dead, everyone is dead, dead, dead!
  6. Drew Ghoul Priest from the encounter deck on the first turn, which was effectively game over. I unmasked zero cultists, never left the starting location, was defeated via a retaliation attack from the priest & have now suffered another mental trauma. It almost feels like I’ve skipped the entire second scenario.
  7. Oh, I'm prepared for full & complete failure, based on how the campaign has started. Not sure that actually matters though, in terms of enjoyment!
  8. I reckon Arena with randoms is going to be a shit show, particularly once you go down a round or two. If it becomes a problem, they should add the quit penalty that the ranked games have. I played a good few games last night with my regular buddies from here, we won the first two, then lost a few & I’m pretty sure we won another later on. The first game went all the way to sudden death, so that’s 9 rounds in total! Took forever. It has potential as a mode though, and definitely adds some much needed permanent variety to the game.
  9. Servers still down, not that I’d have been playing anyway till later.
  10. Well, it’s most certainly still down here.
  11. Servers are down so you’re not missing out.
  12. Started my first proper Night of the Zealot campaign ( Arkham Horror LCG ) after a few goes at playing the first scenario on its own. Got my arse totally handed to me, enemy after enemy while I was in the cellar & not enough good rolls to get myself out of trouble. Didn’t even make it past the second act! Going into the second scenario with two trauma, meaning I can only take another 3 before I go mad ( again ), not holding out much hope here. On the bright side, the Arkham Cards iOS app is absolutely fantastic, how they haven’t made it official somehow, I have no idea. Now, off to unmask some cultists while slowly ( or perhaps not so slowly ) going insane.
  13. It’s not so bad now, I figure, as I can spread out the remaining expansion cycles, plus I understand they do reprint those so I don’t need to panic buy anything ( forgotten age box is basically out of stock everywhere so I assume that must be on the way soon-ish ). And I guess that’s birthday & Christmas covered for the foreseeable too!! The real rabbit hole is that this could be the start of a ‘board gaming phase’ in general, as I’ve also got Too Many Bones on the way, plus I’ve backed the Marvel United Kickstarter so things could get real expensive, real quick.
  14. Picked up the last two standalone Arkham Horror LCG scenarios from eBay tonight which means I’ve got all of them( or have them on the way ), all that is apart from Barkham Horror which is ludicrously expensive & apparently will never be reprinted. Shame I don’t speak German, as there’s one I could buy for £16. AH LCG Scenarios ~£145 AH LCG Core £30 AH LCG Complete Dunwich Expansion £87 Total £262 All funded by selling loads of stuff from my loft, so nowhere near as bad as it looks.
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