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  1. Forget to reply to this when I read it but thank you so much for taking the time to write this, it's really helpful. He is very much on the small side of a ten year old as well, compared to the rest of his class so any of the full size seats, he'll probably struggle with. A stand with a chair we buy separately is probably the best solution, as well as the fact that his mum will probably kill me if an enormous setup turns up! Thanks again for all the replies
  2. Looks like £199 for the G920 is still the best Black Friday deal I can see, unless anyone finds anything different. Had a look on eBay but they are all creeping up towards £200 anyway, and for an extra £20, I might as well get one that's brand new, just in case. If anyone on here is looking to shift one ( or one like it ), feel free to drop me a PM today, otherwise I reckon I'll pick one up for him.
  3. Hmm, his birthday is at the start of February, so maybe we get him the wheel & pedals for Christmas & then if he really likes using it, he can get a seat for his birthday, otherwise I can see this all getting very expensive, very quickly! I'll keep an eye out on Friday for deals, and if nothing amazing pops up, take a look at second hand options. Thanks for all the replies so far.
  4. With these stands, can he sit on a couch & still reach everything or will it need an actual chair?
  5. I should have searched before I started a topic in ATF about wheels, silly me. Essentially my 10 year old son has asked for a wheel / pedals for Christmas, he mainly plays Forza Horizon on the Xbox but I can see how he will soon move onto more 'serious' racing games. So basically, I'm just looking for advice & recommendations for what's best for him to get started. ScouserInExile has already recommended the G920 which seems to be the cheapest option ( aside from ones without Force Feedback ) but quite a lot of the reviews indicate that the pedals are stiff, and he's on the small side for a 10 year old so I don't want him to get annoyed if he can't press it properly. I also hadn't considered that I'd probably need to mount it to something while he played either but jonathanhoey ( who told me there was an actual thread! ) mentioned https://www.wheelstandracing.com/ which isn't too expensive. Anyone got any other advice before I proceed, either in terms of alternative wheels / stands or experience of having bought something for their kids? Thanks.
  6. I've got a copy of Cloudspire from Chip Theory Games, along with nearly all the expansions / extras that I quite simply don't have the time ( or space ) to play properly, which I'm looking to sell to someone who does. I played a few solo games from the scenarios book & really enjoyed them but they setup takes so much space, and occupying the dining room table for days on end ( plus small children who move things when I'm not looking ) just doesn't work! The base game is the first version but comes with the kit to update it to the reprint / second version which I've already integrated, but I kept all the replaced bits. It comes with: Cloudspire Base Game Portal Seekers Expansion ( integrated into base game box ) Greige Race & Scenario booklet ( integrated into base game box ) Cloudspire Vol 1 - The Joining War - Hardback book Miniature Expansion Box Ankar's Plunder Bonus Scenarios & Skirmishes ( Sealed ) Uprising Expansion ( Sealed ) Horizon's Wrath ( Sealed ) Update Pack ( already integrated into the base game so this is the replaced bits ) Limited Edition Hero Chip ( Timothy III., ESQ ) - from a trade show / pre-order / bonus Pictures on request, of whatever you want, just ask Looking for £230, which is what I paid for it. It's HEAVY, so happy to discuss postage options or if we can meet to hand over somewhere, etc. Also happy for offers if I'm way off what it's worth now, I basically just want it to go to a good home & be played, as that's what it deserves.
  7. I don't think you need to worry, every time I think I'm making progress, another two areas open up or the map gets bigger, I'm starting to think it's never going to end.
  8. There might be something to do with sewing needles & a certain NPC .....
  9. Hold up, so the great rune does nothing if I don’t use a rune arc? I’m just under 50 hours in, never used one, figured I’d need them for something important. So the effect lasts until you die or until you use a grace or something else?
  10. So it would do exactly the same damage, whether I put everything into Strength, everything into Dex or split it down the middle like I have now. Interesting.
  11. Stat related question, since it’s a current topic; my twinblade has the same bonus letter for both Strength & Dexterity so I’ve been putting points into both. If I’d have put the same amount into one instead splitting it, would I do the same amount of damage? Oh, and I always have a shield equipped, I just switch to using my Twinblade two-handed if I want the extra damage or I’m not worried about needing to block.
  12. Finally arrived at what I think is the second ( north ) Elden Lord location, took the Great Enemy down in less than a minute, think I might have spent too much time exploring & ended up a bit over-levelled. Mind you, the normal enemies in that location hit bloody hard still, so maybe it's just an easier boss. I'm sure I'll get my arse kicked by something round the next corner! I did get a cracking complete set of armour though, so I look really fancy at the moment.
  13. It wasn’t that bad to be honest, assuming you made it as far as getting the letter, I’d just keep going in the right direction until you get stuck!
  14. Yeah, being able to chop & change as will, at grace sites as opposed to a blacksmith, is a fantastic addition.
  15. Yeah, I always took it to be like C+ instead of C or C-, depending on which way it's going.
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