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  1. I am still absolutely head over heels for this, it just gets better & better. AR32 now, still using Fischl, Bennett, Noelle & Xingqui. Levelling everyone aside from Noelle as while I feel I need her for mining/ / shield, I don't really use her much so if someone else with a claymore ( and not the same element as my main guys ) turned up, I'd consider switching. Also discovered that I can actually level up talents with materials, I had assumed they were related to the constellations / pay-to-win stuff so that was a pleasant surprise. It does mean I need a ton of
  2. Pulled the pirate captain lady last night, a few days ago I'd have been well chuffed but now I've got Fischl, I can't really see her fitting in now Kicked off the Liyue main stuff last night but then got sidetracked again almost straightaway. Beat the Oceanoid on the second attempt; didn't have enough ranged firepower to take down the birds on the first go, so I moved things around & then didn't get any on the second attempt, sod's law! Found & beat the Great Wolf too, that was a pretty good battle. Also pulled Xingjang ( fire girl with bear / spear ) from a w
  3. Oh man, Fischl plus Bennett plus water swords guy is just plain ridiculous. Had to go back to a collection of islands in the South East of the map for a commission, which is where there are 4 Ruin Guards all having a picnic on the beach, who destroyed me last time in seconds. Barring an embarrassing incident where I accidentally drowned on my first go, I absolutely mullered them, felt amazing. Getting to the point where I need to pay attention to upgrade materials to ascend some weapons so I might actually need to try some domains out for the first time.
  4. I know I don’t NEED to pay anything but I like giving something back, particularly since I’ve spent countless hours on it already. Can’t decide if the battle pass or the daily gems thing is the best deal though, leaning towards the pass I think.
  5. Mentioned in my last post that I hadn’t started the Liyue portion of the main quest yet, and I still haven’t! Been too obsessed with Dragonspine & doing the commissions, plus treasure hunting. Finally got to the top of the top of Dragonspine, which was awesome & I’ve been searching for Crimson Agate since then, plus looking for chests ‘ secrets. Defeated the ‘true’ ruler of the mountain as well, which was a huge surprise when it triggered. I’m beginning to think I’ve got most of the obvious agates but, before I resort to a map, are there any other tips f
  6. Codes are only for non PS4 players, correct?
  7. Hot damn, this is so bloody addictive! I’ve only been playing just over a week & I haven’t been to bed before midnight more than once. There’s always something just ‘over there’ or another teleport to unlock, or a chest to get, or a spirit to chase. That ‘one more go’ aspect is perfectly weighted, especially when you factor in the daily / weekly stuff. Started with Noelle as my main, with Bennett, Kaeya & the water guy with the floating sword special who’s name I can’t remember but with a couple more character unlocks & a newfound appreciation for Bennett, I’ve
  8. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    So, I’ve got a few Pokémon now that either require a frankly ridiculous amount of candy, or trading in order to evolve them. Given that the trade distance seems to be quite large at the moment, I don’t suppose there’s anyone else here from Hull who might be interested in swapping a few Pokémon with me?
  9. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    Haha, this event is a nightmare for me! As I didn’t play when they were introduced I need absolutely everything, and loads of them, so I ran out of balls yesterday. If anyone here has me as a friend, please send me a gift if you get chance!
  10. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    Thanks for the invite, shame I didn’t catch it though. I assume not catching them isn’t that uncommon but after not doing a raid for years, 16 failed attempts is pretty poop.
  11. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    yep, we are already friends, my IGN is ph0rce as well.
  12. ph0rce

    Pokemon Go

    I’ve been away from this for well over a year but started playing again recently, however I’m still completely stuck for any raids above 2 stars as I don’t’ know anyone IRL who plays. With the addition of these remote raid passes, it does give me a possible chance of getting some of the legendaries I’m missing though. I’m assuming I need to be a reasonable friend level to make the most of it though so someone from here is my best bet as I’ve been friends with quite a few people for ages. looking at the schedule from the news thing, I need basically every legendary boss that’
  13. Here you go! Orc Stormboyz? Orc Snakebites? A variety of Orcs, maybe a Shaman on the end & them part of a set at the back? Orc cannons & goblin 'engineers'? Large Orcs, the one in the middle was the main Orc leader IIRC? Some painted human commandos, a half painted cannon, random Orc, random purple guy & the best thing I ever painted, an Eldar ( Elder? ) figure. A large unassembled robot! Un
  14. I did, but no longer, and I also had the original big box 40k plus a load of manuals for various races but not any more. I’m not on Facebook, so that’s not going to work. I’d rather they went to a good home so I’ll stick some photos on here & if there’s any interest, you can PM me.
  15. I’ve found a load of Games Workshop miniatures from when I was younger, so you’d be looking at anything from 20 - 25 years ago. Most are painted, some aren’t, most are metal but there’s some plastic ones too. Is there any value in the old stuff, and if there is, how easy is it to remove all my ( mediocre ) painting? If there’s any interest here, I can post pictures? Thanks.
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