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  1. I have a spare ticket to Devin Townsend and Tesseract at the Apollo in London tonight, anyone fancy it?
  2. After a 52 jump journey in a rickety hauler, CMDR Raane is in Mukhang. What do i do now, I earned 200k in scanning data over the journey so now i'm 100k up on my initial 200k i started with. I've not got much experience with the game and just the hauler with a 2b FSD to my name. What should i be getting up to now?
  3. You can press T to switch to flying mode if that helps. Also, if you type tegidcam in the search window you switch to a walking viewpoint. Esc leaves it. Glad everyone's enjoying it, I've had a great time working on it and we're thrilled at the reception it's getting so far PS - Pretty much everything under the nature tab is mine
  4. I may be biased ( and leafy green because i'm working on it) but Planet Coaster is going to be amazing
  5. Prion Architect - Can you design an infection protein structure to cause the most damage to the criminal populace?
  6. "Jus Cause" and "Dark Sous" two games from a popular series of a bullied sous-chef trying to make it big in an abusive work environment whilst undertaking a secret life of crime fighting. Divint'y: Original Sin - A biblical puzzle game where old testament characters speak with thick Yorkshire accents.
  7. Great final! They really deserved to win.
  8. This final kicks seven shades out of last year! Amazing plays amazing games!
  9. Haha, didn't know there were so many PIE folk here. Raane Thyandar was my name, remember meeting Stu in SWG first!
  10. Carno now has a saddle. Spino is dead and i've somehow managed to get every one of our bloody pteranodons killed in various nonsensical ways.
  11. Raane

    Zbrush Sculpt

    You love that plague mask don't you Cap.
  12. Where the fuck is Manderley... They best not cut out that fat magnificent bastard and his pies.
  13. We need help, got a t-rex subdued but we'll need help gathering narcotics and meat!
  14. NOICE! We need those dino fences now...
  15. I'm off on holiday to Portugal for two weeks soon. Anyone got any Iphone game recommendations which don't mandate WiFi? I've got Altos and that's great, any good adventure/RPGs out? Shattered Planet was good, but it crashes far too often for me.
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