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  1. I’d love to see a full length ‘mid credits thing’
  2. That said, in ~10 years time when phase 6 (?) is climaxing I imagine we’ll all be whooping and hollering and applauding. Back at the start of phase 1 it took a while for me to fully buy into the universe. I immediately fell in love with ironman but didn’t really give a monkey’s about Norton’s hulk, cap 1, thor 1 etc
  3. ive donated my code to @JoeK
  4. If anyone is still looking to pickup a PS5 I’ve just received a Currys PS5 VIP code. Valid for use until 19th October. First person to ask via PM can have the code edit: gone to @JoeK
  5. Candyman 2021 2/3s trad 90s horror sequel, 1/3 social commentary, a tight 90 minute run time, and a decent continuation of the Candyman legend. Really enjoyed it, some really nice touches. Candyman and Candyman 2021 are worth the watch; Candyman 2 (Farewell to the Flesh) and Candyman 3 (Day of the Dead) not worth the effort
  6. Cowgirl for me. Opening bars and lots of lovely memories of my misspent youth come flooding back dancing till sunrise gurning at all and sundry.
  7. If I wanted to buy exodus (PS5) do I want exodus @ 34.99 or exodus gold edition @ £15ish pound? Do both get the PS5 patch?
  8. Really comes alive if you can find someone to play co-op with
  9. May not have been the same delivery firm, but when asked my driver from Northampton told me they had issues with the equipment that they scan parcels onto vans with.
  10. Sweet, my order sorted itself out and it’s now on the other side of the city with the driver. Watching it make its way around Leicester in semi-real-time is kind of fun
  11. Frustratingly mine arrived at my local Amazon depot (Coalville about 15 minutes away) but was then transported to Northampton for onward delivery. It’s there that tracking implies is the problem
  12. Same here (Leicester) @Flub and @p1nseeker. Got the email, no password, order showing as ‘May be delayed’. Whilst I want it to arrive today I can’t set it up today as I have my kids here (they return to their mother tomorrow) - figured my middley (the most excited about getting a PS5) would be broken by watching a PS5 update itself and not get a significant amount of time to actually play with it. They all return to me next week for 5 days so he can discover a set up Ps5 then
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