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  1. I can't help but read this and imagine the simpsons episode where Mr Burns and Smithers go through all the security gates and checks to shut off Springfield's power, only to find a dog has snuck in through the back door hanging off a loose hinge.
  2. Matt-H

    Mad Men

    This has happened before. Last season I'd finally gotten over the earlier seasons Jerk Pete and was feeling sorry for him after they formed the new company and he was putting in so much hard work and getting no recognition. Then came the Joan episode.
  3. Has anyone played Bientôt l’été? Is it any good co op?
  4. Just a heads up, for those that play on the Uberium server the IP address has changed to If you don't play on it, why not! It's very newbie friendly with nice people, as well as some players with epic skills
  5. Does anyone want a dota2 invite? PM me, first come first served.
  6. Yeah it's got a lot going on, which is nice because you can pick up new things on every listen. After the Fall Be Kind EP had two of my favourite tracks of theirs (Graze and What Would I Want? Sky), I was looking forward to this and haven't been disappointed. I can't wait to see them live later this year!
  7. Does anyone have a spare dota2 key by any chance?
  8. I missed this previously, but http://www.vanillatf2.org/ and http://etf2l.org/about/demo/ for demos. VanillaTF2 has all the competitive news on it as well. A new map mode will be good, new weapons too, but to be honest I've not really been that fussed about the videos. Meet the medic was probably the only one I really paid much attention to, I don't think I've seen half of the others. Uberium is a good place to start, the server IP is
  9. That picture is wrong because it sexualises them as women. They were already made to look appealing to the opposite sex, ask a girl if they are attracted to any of them in the original poster and they'll probably say yes about at least one of them.
  10. Matt-H

    Mad Men

    Yeah it did seem a bit like the bulk of this episode was just there to answer the question 'what happened to Kinsey?'. I loved the line Don said to Pete about the Jaguar showroom, 'maybe we should go as a couple'.
  11. Matt-H

    Mad Men

    Yeah Sally was really good. That scene with Roger and Ginsberg though, there's spinoff potential there!
  12. Matt-H

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Death Grip remind me of NMS
  13. It might have been better for that scene, but presumably this creature will be around for at least a while, so they would have had to show it at some point.
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