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  1. Is there anything stopping MS from throwing vast amounts of money at Acti to make COD exclusive after the Sony deal runs out, if this deal doesn't go through?
  2. Alan Wake has dropped. Can't find any reviews on it but I've bought it anyways. Hopefully the performance is good, Will look great on OLED if so! Edit: Stuttery FMV, frame drops, blurry and missing textures all in the first 15 minutes. Ack!
  3. Yeah, might have just been a temp ban for him though. It happened randomly after he killed a dragon if iirc. How long have you been unable to login?
  4. Is this worth a purchase on PS4 if you already own GT Sport? Or are most of the best changes the next gen stuff?
  5. Shadow Warrior 3 is definitely on this list for me too
  6. Just realized my YouTube had autoplayed the gameplay demo from E3 2019. Shit! Sorry. Nothing to see here...
  7. Did anyone catch the 13 minute silksong gameplay demo after this?
  8. I've taken the Nahabino balms but I have like 59 grimoire. I'd need to get my Nahabino levelled up to be able to use those though. How close am I to the end? Trying to decide if it'd be a shame for me to just quit at this point if I'm not that far.
  9. Quick question (and a longshot), anyone running this on a gtx 970? And if so how is it?
  10. Does anyone know the purpose of the group's of glowy blue fireflies you are here and there?
  11. Bit of a leftfielder this but akane is currently on sale on switch. It's a super cheap little arena/steampunk/katana game which is great for quick blasts on and looks great on oled.
  12. I've got it lined up for later. Currently sitting in my little girls room. She's got some kind of stomach flu thing going on which is her first one (she's 4). Poor thing doesn't want to be by herself.
  13. Anyone tried Tetris effect on this bad boy yet?
  14. wow so my 2!!! Oled switches are out for delivery. Crisis averted a little if anyone's interested in my spare oled let me know. I'm looking to return on Monday but would sell for cost to anyone struggling. I'm in the Liverpool area of anyone is interested.
  15. Jesus wept! I've got 2 switch oleds now dispatched.
  16. No not yet, I don't imagine I'll receive it now before next week so I'll just have to stare at the case and metroid dread over the weekend longingly
  17. Wtf is going on!!! Nintendo have now charged me another £293!!!! So theyve charged me the 309.99 for a switch oled and now an extra £293. Wtf!
  18. Looks like Nintendo have finally charged me the right amount of money. Can everyone pray for me please? In-between eyegasms of course...
  19. Yeah I got one of those boxes when I ordered the Zelda joycon and skyward sword stuff from their store. Definitely makes it feel more special
  20. Yup, I've used them a few times and they've been great but this is a bad enough experience for me to dodge them in future...
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