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  1. I was totally blocked by the gargoyle fight the first few times I played but I smashed it this time. Just using the dodging and positioning learning I'd got from bloodborne. i think it took me 2 goes on this completion run I did
  2. I started playing DS1 after the first 10 hours or so of bloodborne as I wanted something similar to play on my switch. I took a risk as I'd tried previously and failed miserably but this time I smashed it and completed it. I'm fairly certain it was just more of an understanding of how to pace myself in the game and boss fights(which I learned from Bloodborne) which got me through. I'd defo give it another go.
  3. Will give them a whirl. Thank you!
  4. I'm looking for a good ghost story style book in the vein of The Conjuring or Insidious. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. So the 7.1 etc isn't that impressive for the supported games?
  6. Ah that's a shame. Has the build quality improved dramatically in the newer revision as that's the one I'm looking at currently?
  7. Does anyone have the PS4 gold headset? Kind of interested in checking it out as I currently have an annoying wired logitech gaming headset for use with my PS4 and PC. How is the sound quality etc?
  8. Both great battles. It's weird how people can play this so differently. I play a lot more aggressively than you do. With OoK in his final phase I eventually beat him by just dodging behind him constantly and wailing on him. You are a lot more graceful haha
  9. I'd love to see it. I have one on twitch of me playing the fishing hamlet in the dlc and my many many first attempts at OoK before I gave up for the night
  10. Yeah, this is why I skipped a NG+ run on him and just went for the platinum. I'll probably try him again on a NG++ run, but he was my least favourite fight. He was just too fast and unpredictable. I'd even prefer another go at Watchdog of the old lords than him.
  11. First platinum! So happy! Yus!
  12. Fuck me! Watchdog of the Old Lords took 3 hours of my life today and god knows how many blood vials! Couldn't stop until I beat it though!
  13. Oh that's no fun! haha
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