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  1. To be honest this is perfect for me. I'll be keeping my One S for any physical One/360/OG games I have and I wish it had an optical drive but this will make it a lot easier to run this past my GF. I think I'm past the days of easily being able to lump down 450-500+ on a new console after having a baby so this will let me dive in straight away without having to wait for massive price drops. My eyes aren't that great at detecting 4K at the distance I sit from my tv either so win win for me.
  2. What does "Next Gen Support" and "Series X exclusives" mean. Some games won't be on series S?
  3. Does anyone know how to invite friends to play this online? I'm seeing stuff saying you should be able to create a party but I can't see the option
  4. Wow just went to jump on this and looks like they're charging 299 now... Edit: I'm mistaken, you need to click on the refurbished console option. doh!
  5. That looks gorgeous but yeah... 50 quid is a tad steep.. Buys
  6. I imagine it's a bit more difficult while driving, yes...
  7. I've started Yakuza Zero after reading this thread and recommendations from a mega fan in work but I'm struggling to connect with it. I'm finding the combat a little repetitive and dull and the quest style a little 'retro' to say the least. What should I be looking for to get into these as I honestly think they should be my cup of tea.
  8. No, I demand a response right now! (Only kidding, of course) Interested to hear what you think as I had the same experience of playing through Bloodborne and then this afterwards recently like you.
  9. What are your thoughts as you're nearing the end?
  10. Ah interesting, I got a game drive thing, so I'm assuming it should be decent. Thanks!
  11. I've just bought an external HDD for my Xbox but I've just had a thought. Id I start running games for this will these games suffer any performance issues?
  12. I was totally blocked by the gargoyle fight the first few times I played but I smashed it this time. Just using the dodging and positioning learning I'd got from bloodborne. i think it took me 2 goes on this completion run I did
  13. I started playing DS1 after the first 10 hours or so of bloodborne as I wanted something similar to play on my switch. I took a risk as I'd tried previously and failed miserably but this time I smashed it and completed it. I'm fairly certain it was just more of an understanding of how to pace myself in the game and boss fights(which I learned from Bloodborne) which got me through. I'd defo give it another go.
  14. Will give them a whirl. Thank you!
  15. I'm looking for a good ghost story style book in the vein of The Conjuring or Insidious. Does anyone have any ideas?
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