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  1. Damn right!! I'd expect them compensate me heavily for this...if i were a VM customer...
  2. Well guys....the phones at Sky were HOT last night....
  3. I'm not saying that. All i was trying to say, is that Sky did not want it to come to this.
  4. When a customer moves house they can take up the Moving Home Offer. Which is basically and engineer assisted install, whether or not the equipment is already there or not. The reasoning behind this is so that Sky can ensure that the equipment at the new properties is in sufficient condition to allow the cust to receive their viewing services. Should any piece of equipement need changing, it will be changed at the time.
  5. It seems stupid to pay the £40 (Moving Home Offer) when the equipment is already at the property you're moving to. But the benefit is that you get a 90 day warranty on the equipment as it's been checked by engineer.
  6. Your best bet is to go for the Sky Repair Protection Plan. After 12 months the equipment is yours, and if anything happens and you do need a service call. You'll pay £65 and that will cover you for any replacement products (however these are refurbished). You then get a 90 day warranty of the replacement products. So overall it's too bad, however at the same time you don't want to be spending £65 every time something goes wrong with the box. Tbh the standard digiboxes are the most reliable and last for years on end, without any major problems. From time to time, you'll just need to reset it....and 99.9% of problems are solved. Did you take your box with you?
  7. Imo i think it's great that Branson took over NTL/Telewest, because it's about time Sky got some good competiton. Over the years being the market leaders without any real competition, i feel they've become complacent. Hopefully....now it's all going to change..
  8. Hmmmm....so are you at Sky at the moment?
  9. Sky tried to negotiate with VM to keep the channels, as at the end of the day...the customers are going to be the ones that lose out...
  10. Bad move for Virgin Media. Believe it or not, negotiations were underway between the two companies with Sky advising Branson's lot no to drop the channels. However with this move it finally looks like Sky have finally killed off cable and are now owning the market. Virgin's services are only available to 51% of the UK's population whereas Sky can serve nearly every home in the country.... So for all you Lost, Simpsons fans etc....it's time to move over....
  11. Mr Branson....is about to start a revolution....a war.....and he's going head on with Mr Murdoch.... Let the games begin....
  12. A lot of people would agree with you on that point
  13. Will that policy still be in place once it's launched in Europe? ....or would they busted like Lik-Sang?
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