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  1. Question yourself this, how many prem clubs would hire Ole? If he wasn’t your ex player, he would have been gone by now. Setting up without the ball is the easiest thing to do in football. It’s when you have the ball it’s the hardest thing to coach and Ole has done abysmal job considering he’s been your manager for a year. There’s no patterns of play or any thought going into the forward play. Big games it’s just counter and soon enough like you said the big teams will figure that out. You would be crazy to just wait till the summer. If Pep leaves then no doubt City will target Potch and the same goes if Zidane fails to win anything at Madrid. Maybe even PSG would go for him considering he played there. Now’s your best chance to get him because come the summer he’d probably get better offers.
  2. Arsenal need to find a manager fast before Ljungberg puts them in a relegation fight. Benitez would be the perfect short term appointment, but I doubt he’d leave the Chinese money.
  3. Shevchenko


    Ancelotti has been sacked. Big fan of his back in the day, but will be a disaster appointment for this Arsenal team unless you give him some world class players. Even then he won’t train them properly like with Bayern. His best days are sadly gone.
  4. If you really working on it Dan, please tell them to let you play with your friends otherwise this mode will be DOA just like all the fancy stuff they added to kick off which you couldn’t play online last year. volta is perfect for a mini pro clubs with friends. No idea why EA decided it’s going to be 1vs1 only.
  5. Shevchenko


    It was expected. I watched him struggle at Washington to beat a journey man and then in tears after his victory. I assumed he might need time. But he didn’t look right last week after a few months training. Hip injuries are the worst. He could have stayed on the tour like Hewitt and just be playing. But Murray wants to be competitive not just make the numbers. I didn’t think he would stay around if he wasn’t competitive. Sad to see the first of the big four retire. Everyone said Rafa would go first. But I think he will end up retiring last. He just seems to come back after every injury better. Theres talk of Fed going after the Laver cup. But I think he will give the Olympic another shot.
  6. Shevchenko


    Its not just £138k he is making. He’s going to be getting a massive signing on fee so he can lower his wage demands to the club that want him on a free. Where as it will be obviously higher for Arsenal. I dont blame him. It’s his last chance to get a big contract and would be good for another British player to play abroad. It will be a loss for Arsenal, but I don’t think it will be a loss so bad that this time next year you’d be sitting here saying you would have won the game if you had Ramsey. You’ve lost better players in the last decade or so. Your board need to start showing ambition. Restricting the manager to loan signings in January is just stupid. The squad and club needs a lift. Look at what Van Dijk did to Liverpool last January. You still got a lot to play for this season. You won’t be getting top four or even winning the Europa if you have Mustafi in your defence.
  7. Shevchenko


    The defence for Emery you could give is Pep, Potch and Klopp struggled in their first season in the league. But I wasn’t really sure about him. He’s built Sevilla team that won Europa but they weren’t exciting or anything special to be honest. Even at Valencia the fans got fed up eventually even though he was getting them champions league places. The Sokratis signing surely has to be Mislintats signing. The Lichtsteiner signing was a strange one. The warning signs are there when Juve a side who loves free signings let’s a player go on a free. He was a good player on his day. But coming to the premier league at his age now was only going to go one way. I didnt think Emery was a exciting appointment, but just a yes man. But he needs to be given money to spend. Spending £50m or whatever when sides like Everton and West Ham are spending that on one player isn’t enough. Arsenal went for the safe option in the summer. They could have gone for the risky in Arteta or the big option in Allegri. But nothing is going to change as long as the board start showing ambition. When even someone like Arteta has issues with the budget being offered to him then there are issues.
  8. Coutinho was their best player in January. Yes, Salah scored a lot of goals after before and after January. But if you asked most Liverpool fans who was their best player at that time then they would have said Coutinho. So losing a player like him in mid season and still reaching the champions league final surely has to be considered great management. It could have easily gone the other way and disrupted Liverpools season especially as they didn’t even replace him. I’m sure Klopp would have preferred he stayed rather than win the net spend dick wars. Now imagine if Spurs lost Eriksen in January. You probably would have lost out to Chelsea for the top four. Losing to Real Madrid who have won the competition 3 times in a row isn’t any shame. The best teams in France, Germany or Italy couldn’t beat them this season. Yeah we can go on about luck, but at the end of the day over two legs this Madrid team were ruthless when it mattered. They not as stylish as Peps Barca. But you gotta give them credit. They can play beautiful or dirty.
  9. Mignolet played for Sunderland and was their best player. So your point is? Maybe you need to learn the expectations placed on goalkeepers when they play for big clubs compared to lesser clubs. When Lossl made a mistake nobody said anything. When Mignolet makes a mistake it will be all over the media because he plays for a bigger club.
  10. And what exactly was Mignolet before they signed him? Of course they need a world class goalkeeper if they want to challenge for the title. Majority of teams who have won the league have had a world class goalkeeper.
  11. Hes made blunders this season. So I am having that. Hes 4th on the list of errors leading to goals this season behind Lloris, Cech, Hart and Begovic. So it’s very strange you are calling him a “great” keeper. I’ve seen him make worse mistakes than Mignolet has done this season.
  12. Adrian, Claudio Bravo, Hennesey, Forster, Elliot, Ryan and Lossl. Mignolet is on par with Gomes, Begovic, Ospina, Foster and Fabianski. He was a good prem goalkeeper for Sunderland.
  13. Yeah he’s at fault for not signing a world class goalkeeper but they don’t grow on trees. Liverpool don’t have a budget like Man City who can bin someone like Bravo after spending £20m on him. Karius came with a good reputation from Germany. If Karius has flapped at a cross or pushed the ball towards a Madrid player after making a save then those are mistakes that most keepers besides the world class ones make. But the two he made tonight you don’t expect a goalkeeper to make that at school boy level let alone professional. It’s harsh blaming Klopp for that. They not the two of the worst goalkeepers in the prem. Mignolet was highly rated when he was at Sunderland. But it’s a different ball game going from being a goalkeeper who is tested non stop in a team at Sunderland to being rarely tested. Ben Foster and Tim Howard both good prem goalkeepers. But couldn’t cut it at a big club. Same for Fabianski.
  14. Why does Klopp need to take any blame? Liverpool weren’t outplayed or anything. They were done by a wonder goal and two individual stupid mistakes that you will not see for a long time. Surely he deserves credit for taking a team consisting of Karius, Milner, Henderson and Lovren to the final. Nobody was expecting that from Karius today. We all seen keepers make mistakes. But the first goal was just unbelievable, I’m not sure how anybody could put the blame on Klopp for that. You don’t expect your keeper to throw the ball like that to the opposition. But yeah Liverpool need a keeper for next season. They’d be stupid going for someone like Jack Butland. If they can’t get Oblak or Alisson then Buffon would be the perfect stopgap signing.
  15. I had a look at the thread on there. The resetera place is worse than neogaf. If you ain’t got anything nice to say then don’t say it. I didn’t watch any of his videos. But heard a lot about him on forums I visited, so I guess he was a prominent figure on YouTube. So it’s sad to see someone die so young.
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