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  1. She is still repeating the $450m dollar franchise nonsense. 😂 If Bayonetta was that successful, it would be multi-platform and Nintendo wouldn’t be funding it after Sega let it die.
  2. Especially when they telling people to boycott the game. Who would want to work with that? Badmouthing ex-employers happens a lot, but when you telling people to not buy a product then that’s not a great look. She could have called Kamiya a cunt and someone looking to hire her in the future wouldn’t really care because maybe he is one. But when you actively telling people not to buy a product then that’s a whole different level.
  3. So she was offered $20k and not the $4k that she originally claimed. There was always more to this story considering her replacement would never accept $4k and is well known in the industry.
  4. Well looks like it’s still happening without the English teams
  5. Won’t happen and same with how UEFA deal with racism, which they should have been taken to task for. Found it funny when Linekar said he won’t cover any super league games, but will be there in Qatar for BBC. Qatar is much worse than this situation as people died.
  6. They want competent owners and Glazers are just leeches who got lucky Fergie did all the good work. All they done in the last 8 years is destroy the work that he has done. Glazers pushed for the super league just like Kronke because champions league wasn’t guaranteed like it was under Fergie and Wenger. That was hurting sponsorship deals.
  7. I was joking with the hero part. Come on Gabzy. I am just saying Glazers are still going to be there making the decisions. Its a small victory in a big war. It’s the same with all these American owners in the premier league. They all need to be removed for trying to turn teams into franchises.
  8. So he was always leaving. So like I said they will hire another yes man to replace him at the end of the year probably Matt Judge who gave Phil Jones a new contract and the root problem will remain.
  9. They just going to hire another yes man and it will be back to 100%. Maybe Ed wanted to quit the super league and they weren’t having any of it. Maybe he was the hero that you didn’t see.
  10. Not sure why you happy unless it means Glazers are gone because Woodward was just their puppet. They will just replace him with a new one and I bet the Glazers are going to make him take the fall for this. Nothing will change unless the Glazers themselves are gone.
  11. Nah, Barca will let fans vote on it before agreeing. Atletico are pulling out.
  12. Not a big fan of salary caps because it just means more money for these greedy owners. These owners would love that to happen. The best solution would be the German 50+1 model. Give the fans back control of their clubs. Premier league football lost its touch years ago. The ticket prices are a joke compared to Germany. You would think with how much teams make with the TV money that they would lower the ticket prices, but nope they just keep increasing them.
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