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  1. this, the whole not supporting it until it sells vs. not selling til there are games dichotomy.
  2. not to be confused with the power of one, which was that boxing drama, set in south africa, starring brian deneheneneheny. which is what i just did.
  3. the wiki link provided about details the "refund" scheme.
  4. correct http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360_launch
  5. don't nintendo have a habit of launching @ £149.99?
  6. £299.99 it was. (the saturn was £399.99)
  7. i seem to recall an article in the weekend magazine (with the guardian) that one of the boys was 15 when it "started"... when he came out (and before he went in) his defence was "they knew what they were doing" either way, he's still a nonce.
  8. 17th november 2006? or thereabouts?
  9. a clear retail window. how clear? well no one else will be looking to sell consoles during that period. everyone who wants a wii or xbox 360 will already have one by that point, so the ps3 will have the market to itself. warped logic.
  10. Heh, I remember installing the "hi-res" textures from disc 2 of unreal tournament and finding a. they're not "all that". b. most servers didn't support them anyway.
  11. I'll hold out for a yellow wii...
  12. The truth behind barretts machine gun arm REVEALED!
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