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  1. It's not great. I watched Stranger Things S4 at the same time and not only is that better written with better characters and setpieces, but it also looks a million times better. Maybe because they shot on real locations and used a lot of practical effects but the difference is striking. And now I'm watching Reacher, which is pulpy, but pulpy in a fun way, like SW used to be. Obi Wan isn't the worst thing I've ever watched but I'm very indifferent tot it at this point.

  2. I'll probably buy it and I honestly don't give a fuck about other people's buying habits. If you're not interested in it or think it's too expensive, don't buy it.
    I haven't played it since 2013 when it came out and while I could play the remaster, I'll happily wait for this. Having combat, level design and AI improvements from Part 2 will be worth it for me, along with current gen bells and whistles like the DualSense ands 3D audio.

    I can't see myself bying many AAA games for the remainder of the year (it's probably just this, Ragnarok and The Callisto Protocol), so why not? TLoU is a great game and this will probably be the best it's ever been.

    2 minutes ago, Rorschach said:

    Of course it was heavily rumoured, so I imagine most of us had an opinion on this one way or the other before it was confirmed. I had zero interest in it previous to the news that it will be available on PC. If a not-entirely-necessary (the game and its DLC already look and plays great on PS4 and presumably also PS5) remake is what it took for this to happen, then I'm happy! I imagine it's safe to presume any changes will be made sensitively. It's probably a bit pointless for anyone who already owns the remastered version of the game, but Sony have probably done sums and made the bet that between PC sales and newcomers who are coming from the HBO series, they will make approximately loadsamoney.


    Will be interesting to see how Naughty Dog uses the power of the PS5. Nothing in the footage is in obvious "couldn't be done on PS4" territory. Maybe they'll overhaul their lighting system, with it being less reliant on pre-baking. Could make indoor scenes particularly look a lot more natural. They could make the hotel basement event more terrifying... err, yay?


    I kind of hope they don't change the gameplay too much? Joel is an old dude so giving him Ellie's level of mobility, with more verticality in the level design to match, wouldn't make that much sense. Plus I personally think the uncomplicately brutality of the combat works for the story. Joel is very good at killing people, but he doesn't get fancy about it.

    Joel isn't THAT old. Isn't he in his forties or something. Have you seen what Tom Cruise does at age 60? :)
    I would love the dodge button in this. Made melee combat in Part II much more satisfying.

  3. New post from Schreier: "Heard from another Sony source this morning that the game is not delayed. As usual, this is not a guarantee that the game will come out in 2022 and video game development is so turbulent that you should never trust a release date until the product in question is in your hands. But this Gamereactor report appears to be false.

    Also, FWIW, I haven't heard anything suggesting it'll be at the Keighley thing today."

  4. Jason Schreier posted on Era saying his sources don't know anything about a delay.

    We'll know soon enough I guess, maybe tomorrow at the Keighleys. 


    Still expecting it this year.

  5. 12 hours ago, jonamok said:

    What? I love Murray!

    Yeah, he's a bit OTT but on the right side of it, unlike Argyle for me. The only character I found annoying in this.

    Also, can we have a moment of respect for the


    cop who singlehandedly killed four or five military invaders in an excellent one take

    Further proof that this series juggles multiple genres without breaking a sweat. That was a great action scene.

  6. Really like this season so far. Watching this after a few Disney+ shows is a striking difference. The budget for this thing must be enormous given that it's shot on multiple locations and each episode is well over an hour. The ending of E4 was epic. Its blend of darker and more light-hearted scenes just works really well. There was maybe a bit too much of Eleven being bullied for my liking and some characters were a bit too OTT (Argyle for example) but I loved pretty much everything else. Dustin and Steve interacting are the best things about this show. Easily the best characters for me, though Robin is great as well.

  7. I watched Interceptor which has the same super thin plot as your average 90's action B film but it moves along nicely and the female lead kicks ass.


    As for ST S4 I'm four episodes in and really enjoying it. The finale of that was superb. Also, the budget for this must be enormous. It's a massive difference compared to the Disney+ series and these episodes are all over an hour.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Ran said:

    The Dragons Dogma 2 part of that is looking increasingly unlikely. 😭

    Hopefully it exists and has slipped slightly

    It will happen. Itsuno wanted to do this after Devil May Cry 5. But COVID probably shook some things up. We still haven't seen gameplay from Pragmata either. But it's something to look forward to because Capcom is on a roll.

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