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  1. It's B4. Been so long that I forgot it drops in that biome. The Lobber is awesome, but you definitely need some good traits for it. Regarding the Carbine and Hollowseeker, you'll want to unlock High Pitch and the health leech trait* for the former and Portal Laser for the latter. Portal Laser (II) is ridiculously OP. *Not sure what it's called as I'm playing with Dutch text.
  2. Yeah, if I find a parasites that lowers my proficiency rate as a con but has a cool pro I never hesitate to pick it up. Adrenaline on the other hand is very useful, but obivously harder to keep going. But maxed out adrenaline with bigger oobolite gains and more melee damage is very useful. If you have the blade stabilizer + improved melee damage due to a higher adrenaline level + the blade synergy trait for the Elektropylon Driver, you're a fucking space ninja. Another good tip: if you have strong enemies with red weak spot faces like the Ents and those big ones with tentacle manes, slash them in the face to bring them to their knees instantly and unload your weapon on them. With a decent weapon you can wipe them out before they have time to recover. What I'm basicallly saying is that the blade is a beast of a weapon. Of course you have players that are gud from the get go - I watched Max Dood's playthrough on YouTube and I think he completed it with about five deaths in total - but if I look at myself I was playing it pretty safe in the beginning. Hanging around the doors a lot, shooting enemies from a distance, trying to find cover. Now I constantly move around, shoot everything in the face with my shotgun, slash enemies to ribbons with my blade, stuff myself with parasites, do challenge rooms etc. It's almost a different game when you're a confident player. And a more fun one I would say.
  3. You don't have to change weapons all the time if you found one you're comfortable with. I cannot stress how important this is! I sometimes use the same weapon for multiple biomes. The traits are the most important thing, and one of the reasons I would never change weapons constantly is because you don't unlock traits that way. And since they're permanent unlocks and are added to the pool later on, it makes unlocking them worthwile for each run. A pistol with some good traits can demolish B3 enemies for example. Also don't sleep on the Electropylon Driver for that biome. For the same reason it's also a good thing to spend Ether on the Cthonos device near your ship and put data cubes in to those processors as they all contribute to a bigger item and artefact pool. The bigger the pool, the bigger your options. A melee build for example is perfectly viable. Melee in general is underrated and if you can buy the sword enhancer, don't skip on it. Destroying those yellow barriers is always worth it. It's less dependant on dice rolls than you might think. There's always good items to buy, you'll always get good weapon drops and you can always get a lot of health in just one biome. There's a sort of risk/reward mechanic at play as well, one which I only started to dabble in when I was more comfortable. It definitely favors the bold and I think engaging with all its systems is generally rewarded. I didn't use parasites much back then for example, now I use them all the time (not all of them obviously, but some are really good). Some general tips that work for me: the astronaut statue is nice, but it can be better to just buy health vials as they restore more health, especially when you have improved your repair efficency along the way. Always open locked chests if you have keys as it's a good way of racking up artefacts. I managed to have all my artefacts maxed out before fighting the B3 boss a few days ago. Which reminds me, don't be afraid of using items. It's a roguelite, use those things.
  4. The length of runs can be fairly short when you realize the game has a hard save in the middle. You can always go from B1 to B3 or from B4 to B6 fairly early on. So you technically only have to do a little over 1 biome between save states (if you don't want to use Rest Mode, which work well for me). The real question is whether you want to stock-up first by doing full biome runs. When the item pool becomes much bigger and you've unlocked more weapon traits there is less need for that as you can extend your entire health bar in one biome, while still having great weapons and artefacts. Also, health vials -> astronaut figure. I still do full runs because I just love the gameplay (and I'm still hunting those damn glyphs), though I often skip B5 during runs now.
  5. That's selling it short I think. It looks like it has some of the same intricate level design of other Arkane games - which means it's up there with FromSoftware and IO as the best level design in gaming - as well as a ton of player agency. The whole timeloop thing and the invasion mechanic seem really cool as well.
  6. Yeah, I laughed when Harry Krueger said he wanted - what was it? - 15 biomes or so originally before realizing how much work it was.
  7. I personally prefer the combat (and storytelling and presentation) of TLoU2 and you've partly explained why. It's a much tighter game mechanically. It's more fluid and visceral, you have a larger toolset and the enemies aren't braindead, leading to much more interesting cat and mouse encounters. Also, I prefer tight level design - which TLoU2 definitely has - to open worlds. Something like Hillcrest is such a tremendous combat sandbox that really keeps you on your toes the whole time. Or the flooded mall, which has so many routes you can take, including diving underwater when the going gets tough. I think TLoU2 is the cream of the crop when it comes to Sony's AAA behemoths. I'd also put Horizon over Days Gone when it comes to combat (and story). The machine combat on higher dificulties in that game is exhilirating, matching Bloodborne for me at times. While it didn't do much for me, I'm glad Days Gone struck a chord with so many players. I'm curious to see what Bend does next.
  8. Deathloop and the Judgement sequel look cool and Sifu looks fucking amazing. One of my most-wanted games in developement. Also interested in Jett, especially after reading the Edge piece. Never played Death Stranding, so might give that a try someday. Oh, and F.I.S.T. looks good as well. Anybody played Arcadegeddon (awful title, I know) yet? People are decribing it as co-op Returnal from a gameplay point of view and that is VERY high praise for me as Returnal has the best gameplay of any game I've played in ages.
  9. As good as the 3D audio is, I stopped using headphones in favour of my surround system because man, this game has some of the punchiest audio out there. I'm sure my neighbours will be very happy with my late night sessions. There's some LOUD stuff in there, like activating those portal gates to other biomes. I do wonder if those last glyphs will ever drop for me though. B2 and B3 glyphs (3 in total) are all that is left, so I keep doing runs for those parts of the game. Still great fun because I'm experimenting with weapons I hardly ever used before and am unlocking traits for them and there are still a few items I haven't unlocked yet. Still not bored of the loop well over 100 hours in, but I do hope Housemarque has some DLC plans instead of just jumping to their new project they've just started on.
  10. Actually listened to this before going to sleep yesterday. It's a good listen, especially if you're interested in design decisions and goals. Harry is a pretty thoughtful speaker. About an hour long.
  11. Both are viable, though you'll probably have a better chance if you stock up. When you've unlocked more weapons, artefacts and traits it's easier to skip biomes if you want. I tend to do full runs because I just enjoy it (and because I still need some glyphs in B2 and B3). Citadel can feel daunting at first, but you'll get there. It's probably my favourite biome now because I really dig its atmosphere and all the grappling. The Automata are some of my favourite enemies - especially the crawling ones - and the boss and cinematic are dope.
  12. It's not the fall through the floor thing. Shoot at walls or the ground.
  13. Depending on the enemies you can quickly dispatch a few of them with the blade.
  14. Got killed in the last round of the challenge room in B3 yesterday. I think I never even tried that room before. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have picked the parasite that heals on kills but blocks health pick-ups.
  15. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/07/06/tune-in-to-state-of-play-this-thursday-for-an-extended-look-at-deathloop/
  16. Switch finally catching up to PS Vita.
  17. Toying around with the Dreadbound, for which I've unlocked only one trait so far. Interesting weapon. New patch did its job, got a string of trophies yesterday. Very close to the plat now. C'mon Housemarque, announce some DLC will ya?
  18. For the audiophiles among us: https://www.asoundeffect.com/returnal-game-audio/
  19. Not that old and there wasn't a thread about it.
  20. I doubt George R. R. Martin writes Namco's PR.
  21. They do if you have automatic updates switched on.
  22. Speaking of maps, there was a thread on Era recently on how this game has one of the best mini-maps out there and I agree. It's superbly designed. I actually died on a run yesterday in B4, which hadn't happened in a long time. First I had to deal with a bitch hard enemy from a deceased scout scan that hit like a truck and then I got bombarded by turrets in the room afterwards. Also, for those of you who - like me - couldn't unlock the House trophies, Housemarque has a new patch out.
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