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  1. I've been all-digial for years now. Buying games day 1, which I only do for games I can't wait to play, can be more expensive but I prefer the convenience and I don't want to buy more plastic.

  2. Schreier posted this on Era:



    After talking with more folks yesterday, I can definitively say that there was a release date/pre-order announcement planned for yesterday. It was bumped at some point last week. I don't know why. (Speculation is because of Roe v Wade.) Also, PlayStation has been trying to keep secrets so badly that most SSM employees weren't even told about it.

    As of this week the game is still on track for November. People working on it say it's huge and seem to be pretty excited about it. Reminds me of the buzz I was hearing before the 2018 one.


  3. Nobody playing the DLC? Its pretty great. Mrs. Chalice is a great character as her moveset is very different with the double jump and dash parry. She also has dodge roll, which I probably should use more often, even though I've already done all the bosses except the final one and a secret boss. :)
    They've replaced the run & gun stages with parry challenges, which are pretty cool and far more involved than the parry houses in the main game. 

    The dogfight boss is my favorite, some really cool phases. Really feels like a Contra/Treasure boss in Cuphead style. And needless to say, the animation is stupendous and the OST is a bop as well.

  4. 14 minutes ago, SozzlyJoe said:

    Loving the gameplay, whilst accepting that for 'git gud' games I usually beat a few bosses then the motivation just fades away. I'll have fun up to that point though!

    Question though, what should I be prioritising here? Should I be saving ether for the chests? Is there anything I can level up to help me over runs apart from ether?

    Traits. Starts unlocking different traits for weapons instead of switching to every new one you come across. And use Ether at the device near the crashed ship to permanently unlock consumables

    Some good tips:


  5. Gonna switch to Extra I think. The Game Collection is just too good. Even though I already have games like Bloodborne, Returnal and Demon's Souls, I can now get a couple of games I wanted to play one day like Death Stranding and Ghost, as well as smaller games like Deliver Us the Moon and the upcoming Stray. Pretty easy to get my money's worth it seems.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Jamie John said:


    I was unsure on Routine - a couple of places are claiming 2023, but others are saying no release date has been announced.

    No release date, as the devs don't want to make the same mistake of committing to a release date too early.


    While we won’t be repeating the mistake of sharing a release date until we’re entirely confident we can hit it, we didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer and felt that it was time to share what we’ve been working on.


  7. On 19/06/2022 at 17:27, Jamie John said:



    This haven't been officially confirmed for the next 18 months, unfortunately, so the votes for them won't count.


    And if people can update their lists with the officially-confirmed release dates/windows (even if it is just '2023') then I'd appreciate it, especially the more obscure titles!

    Same with Routine. Otherwise it would have made my list, because that trailer is damn good.
    I also thought of including Delicious Last Course as I adore Cuphead, but I went for new games only, so no DLC.

    I wonder how much these lists will change by upcoming events/showcases (Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, Gamescom, the Game Awards) as I'm expecting some newly announced games and release dates to pop-up for the next 18 months. I wouldn't count on Avowed anytime soon though. According to Jason Schreier it had multiple reboots and leadership changes, so it seems development isn't going all that smoothly.

  8. I can't be arsed to look up the dates and platforms. Just know that all of these are supposed to come out either this year or the next. :)

    1. Somerville

    I love sci-fi and this game is a truly gorgeous example of an intruiging sci-fi game. The EDGE article made it sound very interesting. Some people are expecting it to be Inside with more colour but it seems its own thing.

    2. The Callisto Protocol
    I was craving a spiritual Dead Space successor this gen and this is it. It looks great and it seems Glenn Schofield knows exactly what he's doing.

    3. Wo Long
    Out of all the Soulslikes, the Nioh games were the most interesting to me because Team Ninja clearly did its own thing with them and the combat is better than any Souls game. I was less of a fan of its loot system though. Enter Wo Long, which is apparently faster paced than Nioh with less focus on loot. I think it's gonna be glorious.

    4. Resident Evil 4 Remake
    One of my favourite games of all-time is remade by a developer on a roll. If it's as good as the stellar 2 remake it's gonna be an utter pleasure.

    5.  Pragmata
    Bit of an odd one this, because we haven't seen any gameplay from this yet. But it's weird sci-fi and it's Capcom, one of the most consistently good developers at the moment. It has a 2023 release at the moment and I can't wait to see more.

    6. Horizon Call of the Mountain
    There are whispers that this is really good and that PSVR2 is amazing. Just the thought of encountering a Tallneck with the sense of scale VR offers is very exciting. 

    7. Alan Wake 2
    No gameplay yet but I trust Remedy to deliver something at least as compelling and atmospheric as the first. Survival horror and the Northlight engine should be a match made in heaven.

    8. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
    I really enjoyed Fallen Order. It was Star Wars Sekiro with better storytelling than the Disney+ series and some decent puzzles too. If the sequel improves on everything Respawn did with the first, it's gonna be really good.

    9. Starfield
    On paper this is pretty much my dream game. A sweeping, spacefaring RPG. But it's also a Bethesda game and I've never truly loved their games. Perhaps the sci-fi aspects of this will change that.

    10. Planet of Lana
    More sci-fi, yay! I love how this looks. The only reservation I have at this point is that the puzzles look a tad simple. But everything else looks glorious.

    The Breath of the Wild sequel could make the list if they convince me I'm not fighting the same ten enemies over and over again and there's some really good dungeons in there. As far as I'm concerned Elden Ring is the new standard now.

  9. 17 hours ago, Keyboard Koala said:

    Yeah, is it me or are the Nioh games even harder than the Dark Souls games?

    They can be, but there are some skills that make you quite OP, like Sloth.

    I must say that this game sounds seriously fantastic. Copied this info dump from Era, based on an IGN article. I love the sound of faster paced combat, Chinese martial arts, the morale system and less emphasis on loot.

    - Wo Long is a soulslike game similar to Nioh, but focused on Chinese martial arts as a new style of combat.
    - Set in China's Three Kingdoms period, which Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms series have also been set in for more than three decades. This is Team NINJA's first game to be set in this period.
    - The game's title refers directly to the main character. "Wo Long is Chinese for 'crouching dragon.'" - Yasuda
    - "The game is set during the Yellow Turban Rebellion. As our subtitle Fallen Dynasty implies, the Han dynasty is about to come to an end." - Yasuda

    - Not open world. Level-based structure like Nioh, but with more freedom in levels.
    - Players can now jump.
    - Combat is faster-paced than Nioh 2, but not as fast as Ninja Gaiden.
    - "Since the game is set during the wartime of the Three Kingdoms period, we came up with a system that revolves around the warrior's morale. Both the player and enemies have a morale status, which will lead to new strategies within the Soulslike genre," said Yamagiwa.
    - "...killing or being killed also has an impact on how strong the main character and enemies are. It's a system that sounds like a Souslike adaptation of Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system." - IGN
    - Less emphasis on loot, but will "still have a large variety of weapons to choose from."
    - Character creator is in, with improved visuals and new parts to match the Chinese setting. Anonymous main character like Nioh 2.
    - Multiplayer is in. Co-op gameplay is similar to Nioh's.

    - Wo Long's development started back in 2019.
    - Development producer Masaaki Yamagiwa published Bloodborne and Deracine while he was a producer at Sony's Japan Studio.
    - "At the time, we were looking for a setting that could work for a Nioh sequel." - Fumihiko Yasuda, producer. Yasuda was director and producer of Nioh 2.
    - Yasuda and Yamagiwa collaborated previously on Nioh 1, when it was a PS4 exclusive.

  10. 53 minutes ago, Jamie John said:


    Did you start on Hard? I'm playing on Normal but might crank it up in a bid to force me to engage with the stealth and combat systems more. I hardly ever use the Valor Surge thing, for example, or special attacks, as I can get by without them and forget they're there.


    The resonator blast thing also seems inconsistent. Sometimes it appears that my spear is charged up enough, so I'll tap R2 in order to plant the weakpoint on the enemy, but it just doesn't work and I end up hitting them again, whereas other times it works perfectly. Perhaps the spear isn't charged properly, but it's difficult to tell when there's so much visual information on screen as it is. 

    I started on the highest difficulty. Is that Hard? :)
    I played Zero Dawn on Ultra Hard for my first playthrough, which was only recently added to Forbidden West. It was a good challenge but never really frustrating, apart from one Cauldron for which I seemed a bit underpowered until I came up with a strategy that worked.

  11. I still think the combat is superb (high difficulty setting and motion aiming on is what works for me). I like planning out at fight by looking at which machine to override, placing some traps, watch the carnage unfold and then throw myself into the thick of it. I love the chaos. Rolling around, switching between weapons, strategically taking off machine parts, picking up machine weapons and lay waste to everything. I love it. It helps that the animation really shines and you have all the sparks and parts flying off, with machines burning and limping and occasionally exploding. I think it sells its combat very well. It's far worse against humans though. At least it's alliveated somewhat by some of your new tools and them riding machines a lot of the time.

  12. Thousands content-dense worlds wouldn't just be impossible to do from a technical point of view, but it also wouldn't make much sense. If every world would be teeming with life and things to do, none of them would be special. I actually quite like the idea of tons of planets without life. To me it's part of the world building. It won't be diamond hard sci-fi but it's clearly going for some realism. Just let an ice ball be an ice ball where you can mine some stuff if you want to. And if you don't want to do any of that stuff, just follow the critical path.

  13. 15 minutes ago, MNFRMTMRRW said:

    So where was the RPG part of that trailer? I can't remember a single meaningful dialogue except a narrator voice. 

    Character creator, different backgrounds, traits, skills, crafting, joinable factions, designing your own base and ship.
    Speaking of which, someone over at Era compiled a lot of screens detailing some of the backgrounds and traits.

  14. I never expected this to have DOOM Eternal quality combat. There will always be some jank when it comes to Bethesda games (or most RPGs really). But as someone who is really bored of fantasy settings, I'm happy we're getting a big budget space RPG and it's the first BGS RPG in ages that I'm actually interested in playing.

    The NMS comparisons are lazy. I'm sure there will be procedurally generated content in this, but NMS never was a RPG.

  15. 12 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    Current big rumour is that Prey 2 will be announced tomorrow and that it's pretty far along.


    I really hope that's true. I loved the first Prey (despite it not being old :) )


    edit: the recent first Prey. Not the first first Prey. That one is old, but nowhere near as good as new first Prey. 



    That would be seriously awesome. But who would be making it as Arkane Austin is making Redfall?


    Also hoping From announces something, like they did in the past with Sekiro and Elden Ring. DLC for the latter is the most likely, but Armored Core would be cool too.


    Apart from that, Dragon's Dogma 2 from Capcom.


    And Playdead's sci-fi game, given that Inside was revealed at a MS event.


    As far as first parties go, I'm most interested in Starfield as I'll take anything space related.

  16. 1 hour ago, Jamie John said:


    I'm all for sci-fi horror, but I hope some of the announced games explore it in different ways. This and Dead Space and that Aliens games that was announced are all of a type - grungy, gory, alien-based horror - so I hope that there's at least one game that leans into cosmic space horror, or existential horror, like SOMA. I want Bloodborne in space.


    Routine looks more slower-paced, not sure how existential it will be. And yeah, I would love a From sci-fi horror game more than pretty much anything.

  17. 1 hour ago, Jamie John said:

    It's not an original observation, but this looks extremely similar to Dead Space in every way: the grungy sci-fi setting, the lighting, the enemies, the way the character moves, the combat, the minimalist UI, the shooting off of limbs, the music, the 'interact with this thing to suddenly make loads of nasty things pop out' gameplay. Even the way the player stomps his foot down on motherfuckers is exactly the same as Isaac. The only thing I could see different was the apparently psychokinetic powers the guy has to throw the enemies around, although that's not entirely dissimilar to how you could slow enemies down in DS.


    None of this is a bad thing - I loved Dead Space - and I understand that this is a spiritual successor, made by a lot of the original devs, but I didn't think it would be *quite* so derivative. I bet the developers of this game were pissed right off when they heard about the officially-sanctioned DS remake. Both games are scheduled to release only a few months apart, too. I really hope this doesn't slip, otherwise EA might just eat up their audience with the remake, which they'll inevitably be able to pour more money into.


    The dedicated melee system and more fledged-out telekineses seem the biggest differences but there's definitely a lot of DS in this. But given that we never got a new Dead Space (or anything similar really) since 3 and might never get one at all, I'll take it. They seem pretty confident about hitting that release date. Which might be bad news for the DS remake as more people seem excited about a new IP. I know I am, though I'll probably buy both.


    I saw some people saying there were too many sci-fi horror games at SGF, and I was like "let me eat". We haven't gotten any of them in about a decade. I'll take what I can get.

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