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  1. Returnal gained a lot of replayability with the (free) Endless Mode too, which basically distills it into a beautful score-based combat loop. Even though the Tower has some really cool optional story stuff too. I find it more replayable than say Hades, mainly because I feel it's the superior game mechanically and I prefer its awesome atmosphere. And yeah, the Tower is just really cool to blast through and have a blast with when you want to blow off some steam.


    Returnal is a triumph in so many ways. A pretty bold new IP with an unconventional lead character, very ambiguous storytelling and razor-sharp mechanics that is unlike any other game in Sony's line-up. Was so happy when it won GotY at the BAFTAS (and other places) because it deserves the recognition. Really hope it does well on PC too.


    God, I love it so much.

  2. Black Widow was easily the worst for me of this phase. I don't think any of them were truly great. It would have been Shang-Chi if the second half was as good as the first, which had some of the best action in the MCU. I will say that I probably liked Eternals more than most. I found the character dynamics in that pretty interesting as well as their burden of being almost god-like beings, it's a very diverse movie that was beautifully shot and the action scenes were very clean, not an over-edited mess.

    I haven't watched any of the TV series since Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The only upcoming MCU movie that truly interestes me at the moment is GotG Vol. 3 (loved both previous entires).

  3. I enjoyed it. It's a charming game and I really dig the cyberpunk setting, but it was a bit too shallow to challenge the likes of Sifu and Cuphead The Delicious Last Course as my favourite indies of this year.

  4. It's a forgettable flick. My biggest beef is how poorly shot some of the action scenes were. The plane sequence is particularly bad. Extraction and especially The Night Comes For Us were much better action movies. I even enjoyed the one that starred Chris Hemsworth's wife more. 


    I do like that Netflix is pumping money in original action movies though as John Wick and Mission Impossible are basically the only great action franchises in cinemas these days.


    Looking forward to Extraction 2, Day Shift and especially Gareth Evans' Havoc further down the line.

  5. 34 minutes ago, multi said:


    You don't need a Facebook account now to use a Quest I think.


    That's cool. I still rather not use Meta products when I don't have to, so I put all my eggs in the PSVR2 basket. :)

  6. I don't know where it's going, but I'm pretty sure I'll get a PSVR2 as it looks like the best set yet with bonus points for not being attached to fucking Facebook. 
    Just give me that Astro Bot sequel, Sony.

  7. 3 hours ago, Chadruharazzeb said:


    The complaint, as far as I've seen, is that the effort isn't at all obvious. 

    Which is a bit weird to me. The game has been graphically overhauled from the ground up, has new physics, animations and AI, new graphics modes, new game modes and collectibles, over 60 accessibility options that were never in the original and PS5 specific features like 3D audio and DualSense implementation. 

    In a way, it's more substantial than the Demon's Souls remake in terms of stuff they've added. Of course the graphical difference isn't that big and TLoU is already on PS4, but the point still stands.

    Whether or not all of this is worth 70 bucks will vary from person to person, like it does with pretty much every product.
    Basically what 9 VOLT says:


    4 hours ago, Benny said:


    My issue with that is that if they cared about disabled players they would be patching it into the existing game at no extra cost, rather than requiring them to buy a new release. It's obviously good they're doing it at all though.

    Well, if they wouldn't care they wouldn't implement it at all. The Last of Us Part II was probably the gold standard for accessibilty options and it seems this has even more, like the voice-over describing the scenes in what I assume a multitude of languages. It takes a lot of work (and money) to create and implement all that stuff. Porting all of that to the PS4 version probably is a lot more work that just clicking a button labeled 'Port to PS4'. Not that I want to speak on behalf of disabled gamers. Steve Saylor does however and if he's happy with it than who are we to argue?


  8. 2 minutes ago, Hewson said:

    Just if nothing else, the delivery of top-class accessibility options seems to me a really positive thing that doesn't get enough credit. I think questions about value can only really be answered once the game's in people's hands, and depends on your history with the game, but I think describing it as greed considering the obvious effort that's gone in is a bit crazy.


    To me cash grab sounds like an easy up res with a big price tag slappend on, but they've clearly put a lot of work into this. Whether or not that is worth 70 bucks is for every individual to decide.

  9. Yeah, the PS5 version is clearly the best looking, how is that even a question? Much denser environments with better lighting and physics, more detailed characters with better animation, better transitions, motion matching, higher resolution. 

    Also, ND deserves all the credit for their absolutely insane accessibilty options. Certainly the gold standard.

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