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  1. It's probably my favourite open world overall as well, though Bloodborne is still my favourite From game due to its setting, lore and combat. I love BotW as well but I think ER beats it in terms of enemy variety, meaningful rewards for exploration, actual dungeons and lore. BotW on the other hand offers more gameplay variety and different ways of interacting with the world. BotW isn't my favourite Zelda either btw, that's easily Majora's Mask.
  2. I don't think it's a better game, don't get me wrong. But it definitely runs better and I do love the machine combat to bits. In terms of exploration, level design, build variety etc. it's no contest.
  3. This is coming along nicely. They're putting in a lot of effort it seems. Really liking these dev streams. They also confirm that they're aiming for a release early next year.
  4. Side-quests are really good in this. Huge improvement over ZD. Also, love the slick transistions in this:
  5. Still digging the look of this. I've yet to read the Edge preview, interested in hearing what they have to say about it.
  6. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/03/09/returnal-ascension-update-adds-co-op-and-tower-of-sisyphus-mode/ Endless mode that stays true to their arcade roots AND offers new story for free. I would have paid for that, Housemarque.
  7. I'd take it you mean this to go from 'worst' to best? I'd take Horizon over all of those, except TLoU (2). Though my favorite Sony IP (single player) if Bloodborne doesn't count is Returnal. and Astro Bot Rescue Mission is fantastic as well.
  8. Man, I hate life is getting in the way of playing this so much. I'm 'only' at the Raya Lucaria boss but it's been brilliant so far.
  9. This is utterly compelling stuff. And great to see the Walken again. Can't wait for the next episode.
  10. Here's hoping it wins all of them! But the recoginition by itself is nice to see!
  11. I've only done one legacy dungeon (or whatever they're called) so far but I'd argue that is up there with From's best designed levels. The amount of secrets, routes, enemies, items etc. crammed into one level is amazing. BotW got some deserved flak for not having real dungeons, but this is something else. I love how much verticality there is in there as well. From has played with this before (Cathedral of the Deep in DS3 for example) but it wasn't until Sekiro that the mechanics really supported it. The dedicated jump button adds a lot.
  12. The exploration in this is something else. Everytime I wander off, I find something interesting. And it's all naturally integrated into the world without feeling copy/paste, something even BotW suffered from. I'm not that far in, but it's absolutely captivating.
  13. I'm only in the second area, so I haven't unlocked loads of stuff yet, but so far I'm mostly using the bow, the spear and the slingshot. The slingshot does a lot of explosive damage up close and you don't really need to care about targeting specific parts. I use the bow for enemies further away, specifically targeting weakpoints and I use melee combos on smaller enemies nearby. Critical strikes on downed enemies. The ropecaster is essential for flying enemies and really big machines, but I don't use it much in the early game. In HD I'd use the override a lot, but I haven't done any Cauldrons yet in FW. Still fun to have an overridden Charger assist you though. I don't have any tactical masterplan or anything. I just scan the enemies and throw myself in the fray. It might help that I'm the type of player who embraces chaos. I love it when different machines attack me at the same time and I'm dodging in between them, switching between my catapult, bow and spear. There is something very appealing about the machine combat for me, with all the effects going on and parts flying off. So much so that Elden Ring's combat felt a bit boring in comparison, even though I love exploring its world. Crazy though how much better this game performs while looking two generations ahead graphically.
  14. I'm playing on Ultra Hard as well (like the original) and I'm having no problems in open combat so far. I genuinely think it has the best open world combat system out there and feel Elden RIng - which has other qualities - feels pretty limited in comparison compared to Horizon's massive toolbox so far. It also helps that FW runs a lot smoother. I love frantically dodging around while hitting weakspots. I definitely recommend gyro as it makes aiming way faster and more precise. With a bit of practice you'll start hitting those weakpoints at a much higher rate. And unlike ZD, you can now tag the weakpoints, making them much easier to identify. And don't forget to use the elements that enemies are weak against. Blowing up Bristleback canisters with acid arrows is a lot of fun. Especially if they're near other enemies. Melee combos can be pretty effective as well and don't forget to use those supers, I forgot what they are called.
  15. Gosh, playing this after Forbidden West was a bit rough. Not only does it look a generation behind, but its performance mode is way less stable. The gameplay is great though. I love just going in a certain direction and not knowing what I will find. I picked Samurai and the bow is great so far.
  16. To be fair, the list with settings and accessibility options is pretty long. But definitely recommended, aiming becomes so much more snappier and precise with it.
  17. I'm using gyro in combat and it makes aiming for specific parts so much easier.
  18. World is going to shit but it's a good time to be a gamer at least.
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