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  1. I agree that ER, while probably their best game overall, has the 'worst' bosses since DS2. Still better than those in DS2, DS and Demon's for me. Which means they're also better than 99% of the bosses in other games. Still some excellent ones, even if it's just for the spectacle. And Sekiro is a high bar to clear.
  2. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/03/28/the-history-of-housemarque-from-the-finnish-demoscene-to-playstation-studios/
  3. Not even close. Last season was perfectly fine, it's just a shame Amazon didn't want to do more.
  4. Those who are helping randoms in co-op, are you playing with a mic?
  5. What a show this is. Never knew Ben Stiller is such a talented director.
  6. It's so good this. Pure proper in the zone gaming. I was happy with the Plat but man, people are already posting crazy Tower scores. And I'm still playing ER as well. It's such a quality addition to an already stellar game, and all for free too.
  7. Fucking work getting in the way of playing this. Being an adult sucks.
  8. Vemsie

    Edge 370

    Flintlock is the new game from the team that made Ashen. Dreams was the last one, 2020.
  9. These are just fun to play with a bunch of friends in passs the controller mode. Not the stuff I'd play on my own but Movie Night with pizza and drinks is ace.
  10. Avalanche just can't catch a break. First Disney shuts down Disney Infinity and now they want to clearly make the ultimate Harry Potter game, only to have Rowling's shitty opinions smearing the brand. I mean, it will clearly be a succesful game, probably the biggest game of the year, but it's still a shitty situation.
  11. Apparently it's in the polishing phase, or so I've read. Even though I'm not the biggest Bethesda fan in the world, I'm pretty interested in this. The main reason for that is that it's a massive AAA sci-fi RPG. As much as I love Elden Ring, I'm so tired of (dark) fantasy. I want more settings like Returnal, Dead Space, Prey and perhaps this.
  12. So far, no ER bosses for me. I have a long way to go though and while there have been cool ones and even weaker From bosses are still way better than most bosses in other games, I do think there are too many big creatures with massive swipes and jumps and AoE attacks. I want more fights like Lady Butterfly, Papi Gascoigne, Lady Maria, Isshin, Owl etc.
  13. You will always die eventually. I could see some nice forum action going on, seeing who can get furthest.
  14. Well, now you have a tower in it that you can't survive.
  15. I know many people did, but I always stuck to the default controls.
  16. This. Genuinely one of my favourite games ever. Couple of reasons for that. Selene controls better, she's so damn snappy. It's also much more nex-gen in terms of effects, DualSense support and audio. Returnal's narrative is much more compelling to me. But mostly it's that amazing creepy sci-fi atmosphere it has. I much prefer sci-fi to fantasy and as much as I love Elden Ring I really want From to move on from that. Here's a walkthrough of the Tower mode. I skipped the boss fight and story sequence myself as I didn't want to be spoiled by it. Looks fun as fuck.
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