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  1. 2 hours ago, MrSpiggott said:

    I’m pretty sure the sword deflects bullets if you get the timing right, not sure if it works on all colours though 🤔.

    Really? I don't think I ever tried it to be fair, as many enemies fire a stream of bullets or rays. But I'm gonna give it a try on slower projectiles then. :)

    Pretty cool that even after over 150 hours played this game can still surprise me.

  2. 51 minutes ago, Hewson said:

    In my early torturous days of being absolutely shit I wouldn't go near the Spitmaw, but then I read about people saying being more aggressive worked better and I forced myself to pick it up whenever I saw it. It was one of the key things that made me better at the game.

    Yeah, it's definitely a great weapon if you play agressively. I do think it's less effective in B2 and 3 though, when you're dealing with more flying enemies and bigger distances, including bosses. But it's one of my favourite B1 weapons.

    Also, it can't be stated enough how good melee is in this game. The sword is a very good weapon.

  3. 3 hours ago, Stanley said:

    I am getting better I think. I had a break from Returnal and other games over Christmas in order to play Miles Morales, but now I’m right back into it. 

    I am starting to understand its systems a bit better too. The one thing I’m struggling with, or one of the things, is which weapon to go with. I generally just pick up

    whichever has the highest number, making it more powerful. Is that right or should I be considering things carefully? 



    I would definitely try to unlock traits, as they'll be added to the pool for future runs and make weapons a lot better. Same with the Ctonos device near the ship that you can unlock items from with Ether.


    I love the Spitmaw, it's a beast of a weapon, but it's a weapon that demands an up close and personal agressive style of play, which is probably something you don't want to do unless you feel more confident.  So I'd focus on the other weapons right now. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Floshenbarnical said:

    Sometimes it’s worth spending a few runs maxing out your ether, which you maintain across playthroughs. You can pick it up, you can avenge scouts, and after the first boss (I think) you can earn it from a daily challenge you launch from the ship computer. Then you can spend it cleansing malignant healing items and obolite stacks so you can buy more upgrades. I don’t really bother using the reconstructer anymore because if I lose my respawns then the run is more or less doomed because I’ll need them for the boss

    And to add to that, instead of just grabbing every weapon that becomes available, start unlocking traits as these will be added to the pool for future runs.

    As for favourite moments, the build-up to the B4 boss is probably my favourite as well. But I also love the intro with that fantastic Bobby Krlic' music, the B3 boss, all the House sequences, the 


    Act 2 ending which shows Selene living a normal life until her death

    Just the feel of controlling Selene, the amazing haptics, that wonderfully amospheric dark sci-fi setting that out-dreads Metroid Dread. Basically this whole game man. :)

  5. Rumours of From Software working on a new Armored Core have been circulating for years, but it seems we now have our first details. A user on ResetEra received a consumer survey about a new AC, complete with watermarked screenshots and videos as well as the following details.



    The watermarked screenshots can be found here
    Seems pretty interesting to me as I've always wanted a non-fantasy game from From. Will be interesting to see how Miyazaki tackles a modern Armored Core game.

  6. That was great. No action at all apart from the short railgun sequence but so many fantastic character moments. Bobby and Amos, Avasarala and Bobby, Drummer and Naomi, Drummer and Avasarala. And I actually think Philip is selling his inner turmoil well this season.


    Ace stuff and I'm sad there's only one episode left.

  7. 56 minutes ago, MattyP said:

    It was March 2022 as the confirmed release date?! Know what you mean about Polyphony and release dates though.... :D

    March 4th, yeah.

    I'm a happy camper if they have Horizon Call of the Mountain, Astro Bot Rescue Mission 2 and Half-Life Alyx at launch for this. Maybe Resident Evil Village VR as well.

  8. 43 minutes ago, CarloOos said:

    I thought the whole point of this was to give Naughty Dogs’ teams something to do whilst their other projects are in pre-production. Can’t imagine it being outsourced.

    Yeah, that's one of the main reasons they're doing it. It's definitely made by ND, in conjunction with the MP game (which they might bundle with this).

  9. 40 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:

    Urgh yeah Frozen Wastes was the only biome I would have to peek in a room then run back out again. Could absolutely write-off a run if you’re resource hunting on your way to the next biome.


    Fuck what a game. So glad it’s getting love in the GOTY thread. Most podcasts I listen to say it was too hard for them and Edge for some reason shafted it in their awards issue, so I was under the impression not many people liked it.


    It still was in Edge's top ten (too low of course) but it's getting a lot of love in GotY lists, I've posted multiple ones in this thread.


    But yeah, it's great to see it getting so much love on here and Era (and other places). When I made this thread it didn't garner too much interest but look where we are now. :)

  10. It's probably a combination of things. Critical reception being a major one as mentioned before. Also, you can't just compare Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima without knowing budgets, development time etc. Days Gone was discounted heavily pretty early on and came out in April 2019 compared to Ghost's July 2022 release date. So Ghost sold as much or more in less time and with a higher pricetag (and beter critical reception).
    And it's not like Sony Bend was shut down or something. They're making a new IP as Sony didn't want to invest in more Days Gone.

  11. I've wiped my Facebook-account and I'm not buying a Quest on principle. Was eyeing Valve's Index when Alyx came out but it's pricey, so I've put my eggs in this basket. PSVR was great and very comfortable, but held back by the cables and low res. But this sounds like one of the best headsets yet, being the first with eyetracking, headset haptics and OLED + HDR. I hope they'll do a full reveal soon. Give me that Astro Bot sequel.

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