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  1. I've always liked more challenging games, not because I'm some gamer god because that couldn't be further from the truth, but because they demand a certain focus. I tend to lose my attention with games that are a walk in the park. This really got its hooks in me. Definitely one of those 'one more go' type of games.

  2. I've beaten level 1 age 21 (ingame that is, in real life I'm 44). Gonna take a shot at the second boss tomorrow. Was really close earlier and I now seem to have the ducking and dodging down. The hardest part of the club for me is that bald asshole prior to the boss.


    I think the game definitely rewards more patient, defensive play, at least against harder enemies. The second level really teaches you how to play this. The L1 dodging and ducking (and jumping, but I find that one harder to do for some reason) is a great tool for wearing opponents down and creating openings. The parry is good too, but riskier.


    The R2 dodge should only be used to create distance imo. And unlock the environmental skill as quickly as possible. It's one of the best tools against multiple opponents.


    Great game this.


  3. 1 hour ago, Strafe said:

    Counterpoint - if you pay for the game you’ll be more invested and probably play it more. If it’s disposable you’ll likely give up pretty quickly.

    This is me. I have GamePass PC and I hardly ever use it. Much prefer buying the games I really want on Steam. Same with Netflix, there is a shitload of stuff on there and I hardly ever watch something. Don't even know where to start. Whereas I took a Prime sub just to watch The Expanse.
    I don't buy that many games each year (though this year looks pretty crazy) but I tend to be really invested in the ones I do buy (save for the odd disappointment, like Deathloop).

    2 hours ago, Opinionated Ham Scarecrow said:

    I get that the mechanics are worlds apart, but is the gameplay loop in this in any way comparable to that in Returnal? 

    I like both games quite a bit, but they pretty different in terms of how they're structured. Sifu has no procedural generation for example, and you have multiple lives. It has some elements of permament progression, but it's not really a roguelite.

    What they have in common, in my opinion, is that they both are modern interpretations of classic arcade genres. Returnal as a bullet hell shooter and this as a beat 'em up.

  4. First boss question.


    While I've defeated him multiple times now, I do have problems with his second phase, in particular when he jumps out of the bushes. Is this an attack you need to perfect parry? If so, I'm really struggling with the timing.


  5. 13 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

    Does this do anything interesting with the Dual Sense controller? I really want to *feel* those quick flurries to the windpipe, you know?

    They're not as good as say Astro or Returnal, but there's some fun stuff. I like how it's synched to a techno beat in a club at one point.

    Also, that running tackle is a powerful move. Definitely worth permanently unlocking.

  6. This is super fun. Almost reached the second boss on my first go. Love the combat, though I feel I need to get better at the ducking and weaving. It's a powerful tool, but not easy. You need to be fast in this game (just like in real martial arts I presume). Also took me too long to realize that you can permanently unlock special moves. 😬

  7. 14 minutes ago, robdood said:

    I dunno, watched a bit of that Alanah vid above and it looks like a less good God Hand. 


    I'm thinking 5s or 6s!


    It's not a character action game though. It's not a game in which you style on opponents, but a game focused on defense and taking out enemies as efficiently as possible.

    I would be very surprised if it reviews badly, given how positive the previews were, but we'll see.


    I don't consider it a roguelike, as you have multiple lives and as far as I know there is no procedural generation.

  8. 1. Sword Saint Isshin

    The ultimate test of mastery.


    2. Ludwig the Accursed

    An incredible challenge on NG++, which is where I first fought him. Great lore, incredible soundtrack and probably the best phase transition ever.


    3. Orphan of Kos

    Just a relentless boss that was super cool to fight. Great design and lore.


    4. Guardian Ape

    I love how it incorporates the grapple and it's a fun boss period, but it gets extra points for the fuck you moment and the astonishing animation work.


    5. Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    Not the most demanding fight in that game, but I adore the movement, music and visual design. From does bosses extremely well and that goes way beyond just the mechanics of fights.

  9. Man, melee combat looks so much better now. Glad the cauldrons are back, one of my favourite parts of Zero Dawn. Exploring ruins looks pretty enticing as well. There also seems to be way more environmental variety. Really expecting an UC2 > UC style leap for this and Zero Dawn was already a much better game than the first Uncharted was.
    Also, as an aside, I never thought of Zero Dawn having two stories. What happened in the past basically dictates what happens in the present. Aloy discovers who she is by learning more about the past. Most of the stuff that isn't directly linked to the past is optional story content in sidequests.

  10. 10 hours ago, wev said:

    Re the ending


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    I think Grogu will choose the armour, I think there's been just enough weight placed on its relevance that, coupled with how expensive it must be to keep putting Luke in the show, it'll be written that he foregoes his training.




    He will, so he won't be at the Jedi temple when Kylo Ren torches it later.

    I'm normally not a big fan of small universe stuff in Star Wars - which it has a lot - but I really liked this episode.


    Beautifully shot, some funny scenes and cool ideas (loved the ant droids), Olyphant is excellent and Cad Bane is properly menacing. Hopefully they have a nice chunk of budget left for an epic finale.


  11. I really enjoyed this. Bryce Dallas Howard would be a good director pick for a full-length Star Wars movie I think. 
    Normally I'm not too big on nostalgia bait but this had so much good stuff and nice gags:


    The ringworld looked awesome and was nice change of scenery after so much Tatooine, the Darksabre opening was ace, the Night of a Thousand Tears had some real Teminator vibes, the fight choreography was good - I really liked Mando's struggle with the blade, as a fan of Jedi Fallen Order it was nice to see a BD droid, I laughed at the alien rooster gag and the Naboo ship is ace, as were the scenes where Mando put it to the test.

    Good stuff. It seems to be building to a pretty cool finale.

  12. Empire, of all places, has a review up.
    Seems the DualSense is used well:


    The real attraction, though, is how well both games make use of the PS5's hardware features. The DualSense controller is the star here, with its advanced haptics pulling the player deeper into the game. Punches thrown in melee combat land with a thud, gunfire has satisfying rumble and recoil, and landing one of the series' many daredevil leaps over some daunting chasm or other almost feels like you've made the jump yourself. Even rope swings have some added gravity to then, thanks to the controller's resistive triggers adding a feeling of literal tension to the ropes. Elsewhere, 3D Audio through supported TVs or headsets – such as Sony's own Pulse – makes everything far more immersive.





  13. The combat sandboxes and traversal definitely are a lot better in 4 and TLL but the older games are still very playable, even though the encounter design of 1 has aged a bit poorly with the limited level design and enemy waves.

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