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  1. 12 minutes ago, Isaac said:

    Yeah if that screenshot is any indication it seems like the story goes even more sci-fi and it's whether you are willing to go along for that ride or if you think it stretches past the realms of credulity as to whether you'll enjoy it or not.


    I do think that screenshot should be removed though as it's clearly a pretty big spoiler.

    That shot was in one of their own trailers though.


  2. 2 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

    From the eurogamer review:


      Reveal hidden contents

    There are other frustrations. While Forbidden West is not a difficult game to understand, it acts like it is. Aloy will narrate your every move, and I mean every move ("I should scan this." "I fell off and need to find my way back up"), robbing you of all agency 

    I’m not sure why so many of Sonys first party games do this. It’s a common theme that absolutely ruins the players discovery. 

    That is annoying yeah. Made Skyward Sword one of my least liked Zeldas.

    Anyway, Easy Allies review. (9 out of 10)


  3. 2 hours ago, robdood said:

    Ooooo I've just noticed something cool, I think the weird regular enemy 'minibosses' you sometimes fight are only made 'super' if you try and finish them with Y+B!  You can see the smoke around them faintly, but if you just beat them to death then they don't power up!! :D



    Yeah, I've actually memorized them as I sometimes didn't notice the smoke in the heat of a group battle and accidently used the finisher.

  4. Got the Kill Nill trophy for a no death run on the first level. :)


    I can do most of the club without dying as well, but I'm having trouble with those two fuckers right before the boss. Need some practice against them. Also, unlock the final skill on the tree (Weapon Mastery)  It's very useful.

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