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  1. 1. Sword Saint Isshin The ultimate test of mastery. 2. Ludwig the Accursed An incredible challenge on NG++, which is where I first fought him. Great lore, incredible soundtrack and probably the best phase transition ever. 3. Orphan of Kos Just a relentless boss that was super cool to fight. Great design and lore. 4. Guardian Ape I love how it incorporates the grapple and it's a fun boss period, but it gets extra points for the fuck you moment and the astonishing animation work. 5. Dancer of the Boreal Valley Not the most demanding fight in that game, but I adore the movement, music and visual design. From does bosses extremely well and that goes way beyond just the mechanics of fights.
  2. Man, melee combat looks so much better now. Glad the cauldrons are back, one of my favourite parts of Zero Dawn. Exploring ruins looks pretty enticing as well. There also seems to be way more environmental variety. Really expecting an UC2 > UC style leap for this and Zero Dawn was already a much better game than the first Uncharted was. Also, as an aside, I never thought of Zero Dawn having two stories. What happened in the past basically dictates what happens in the present. Aloy discovers who she is by learning more about the past. Most of the stuff that isn't directly linked to the past is optional story content in sidequests.
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    Short film:
  4. I'm normally not a big fan of small universe stuff in Star Wars - which it has a lot - but I really liked this episode.
  5. Well, it seems Tamoor is impressed. Better than Returnal would make it GotY material for me.
  6. I really enjoyed this. Bryce Dallas Howard would be a good director pick for a full-length Star Wars movie I think. Normally I'm not too big on nostalgia bait but this had so much good stuff and nice gags: Good stuff. It seems to be building to a pretty cool finale.
  7. Yeah, it comes across as incredibly nitpicky, given how damn gorgeous this game looks.
  8. Empire, of all places, has a review up. Seems the DualSense is used well: https://www.empireonline.com/gaming/reviews/uncharted-legacy-of-thieves/ EDIT:
  9. The combat sandboxes and traversal definitely are a lot better in 4 and TLL but the older games are still very playable, even though the encounter design of 1 has aged a bit poorly with the limited level design and enemy waves.
  10. This is awesome. Returnal was also nominated for best boss, best narrative, best weapon, best world design and best character (which it won also). Super happy this masterpiece is getting so much recognition. Here's the full video, don't watch if you haven't completed it yet.
  11. Oh man, I can't wait for Somerville.
  12. I do indeed. It's been too long.
  13. Yes, Isshin is the best. I must say I never really tried parrying much in earlier Dark Souls games, though it is how I beat Gwyn, but I though gun parrying worked very well in Bloodborne against smaller-sized opponents like Bloodletting Beast, Orphan of Kos (one of my other all-time fave bosses) and Lady Maria. Looking forward to the new stuff in Elden Ring, especially since I haven't played the network test. Can't wait really.
  14. I don't really like Capra Demon because of how cramped that area is and I don't think the art direction is anything special either. On the other hand, I absolutely adore Abyss Watchers. Using the AI to fight each other is great and the presentation and music are phenomenal.
  15. The Demon of Hatred was definitely one of the lesser bosses, though I kinda enjoyed the challenge. Loved the Ape though and not just because of that moment. The animations of that thing were just brilliant and I liked using the grapple to evade. I actually think Sekiro might be their most consistent game in terms of boss quality, Pretty much all of them are bangers. In fact, I think From is getting better at bosses because I'd probably rank them: Sekiro -> DS3 (with DLC)-> Bloodborne (with DLC). Their first three games don't compare at all imo. Demon's had a few fun gimmicky bosses but not that many exceptional ones and DS and DS2 are very mixed at best. For every Sir Alonne, Artorias or Sif there's a Royal Rat Authority, Bed of Chaos or Capra Demon. I obviously have high hopes for Elden Ring.
  16. I don't think their bosses are ever unfair, with perhaps a very rare exception like Bed of Chaos. Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro have amazing bosses in my opinion. Two Princes, Sister Friede, Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Slave Knight Gael, Darkeater Midr, Nameless King, Lady Butterfly, True Monk, Owl, Genichiro Ashina, Guardian Ape and Sword Saint Isshin are some of the best bosses in any game, ever. Nioh's bosses are nowhere near as memorable. What is this madness.
  17. Well, let me rephrase that. The game itself would probably still be good but I would find it awful if they'd decide to cut the bosses from their games. I wouldn't be surprised if you'd ask ten people about their favourite From Soft moment, nine would mention beating boss X. They're one of the major pillars of their games.
  18. If you have a strong Rattler (I believe that's what it's called), it works well against Stormbirds after you've tied them to the ground. Stormbirds are powerful enemies though, so try tackling them when you have purple gear.
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