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  1. Good stuff. Cheers for the recommendation.
  2. Wow. That has raised my interest as PoP is probably my fave game of last year.
  3. Will this ever see the light of day? I certainly hope so. Online co-op would be really cool.
  4. Yeah, but I've seen it running and it's really one the most impressive PS2 games visually.
  5. I quite like those little in-jokes. The portraits behind Psycho Mantis are Hideo Kojima, the big guy from Silicon Knights and the director of the cut-scenes.
  6. Transformers: Armada looks pretty dope as well.
  7. At least download the new cutscenes. The stuff the ninja does is simply mind-blowing. Mmmmm......ninja.....
  8. This is my most wanted game of 2004. Never played the original. Love the cutscenes. The choreopgraphy is amazing.
  9. It has turned into a PC vs console debate My biggest beef with the pc is the lack of a good controller that works with more than five games.
  10. Yeah. I would give up any other title this year for that one. But I'm afraid it's wishful thinking.
  11. How could I forget this? What about that new Tenchu game for the Box?
  12. I like the green lipstick on Sniper Wolf myself. Nice tits as well. But remember kidz. It's only a game.
  13. What's the name of the guy that directed the cut scenes in Twin Snakes. He's the fella who did Versus and Azumi. Can't remember. But the man knows how to choreograph action.
  14. The bit where the ninja fights the Metal Gear is fucking amazing. Better than anything seen in the Matrix films for sure. Or any other film. It looks like an action junkie's wet dream. Full of over the top badass action scenes. I don't give a fuck about the science. This isn't the Discovery Channel.
  15. MGS: Twin Snakes Half Life 2 Ninja Gaiden Far Cry MGS 3: Snake Eater Flipnic Hitman: Contracts Shenmue III (if only)
  16. Watched this over at Gamespot. Incredible.
  17. Vemsie


    IO Interactive?
  18. Vemsie


    Damn, this all sounds fantastic. Are there huge differences between all the versions or doesn't it really matter which one you buy?
  19. Without the Chun Li shower scene
  20. Vemsie


    What score did Edge give it?
  21. I've finished every game in my collection. Well, I still have Adult mode of Viewtiful Joe to beat. And mastering Ikaruga is indeed another one.
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