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  1. According to Goyer, that is what they said basically. The only thing they were committed to is a PG-13 rating.
  2. For some reason that is listed on the site I linked to. You must have a pretty warped taste if that sends your manfat flying.
  3. That snake section alone is better than anything Anderson came up with.
  4. Your wish is my command, my good man Read it here
  5. Oh, and to clarify: with porn I meant pon movies. Arty flicks that show explicit sex (think Intimacy) do count. Can I recommend Sex e Lucia? Wonderful, erotic stuff.
  6. Pickford already mentioned Buscemi, who would be my number one pick. Christopher Walken is bloody brilliant as well. His scene with Hopper in True Romance is one my favorite movie scenes of all time. Lance Henriksen is great in basically anything, even if the movie itself isn't so hot. His Fouchon in Hard Target is a superb villain, easily up there with the greatest action movie villains of all time. And why do we see so little of Chris Penn? The man is gold in movies like Reservoir Dogs and True Romance.
  7. Good Lord, Batman Begins has an amazing cast. Christian Bale as Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Sgt Jim Gordon, Katie Holmes as Rachel Dodson, Liam Neeson as Ducard, Ken Watanabe as Ra's al Ghul, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane, and Larry Holden as D.A. Fisk. With Christopher 'Memento' Nolan writing and directing and David 'Blade, Dark City' Goyer co-writing, how can this fail?
  8. The guy who made House of the Dead will release the Christian Slater-vehicle Alone in the Dark next. He also has the rights to Dungeon Siege and Far Cry and probably a whole lot more.
  9. Taken from Variety: Jerry Bruckheimer Films is in talks to acquire the feature film rights to best-selling video game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The project is being earmarked as a feature film for Disney, says Variety. The deal includes a script being written by game creator Jordan Mechner. John August is executive producing and supervising Mechner on the script. The game is set in medieval Persia, Earth's mightiest and most mysterious kingdom, where a king and his son defeat the powerful Maharajah and kidnap his daughter, looting his palace of priceless treasure, including an extravagant hourglass, and a mysterious dagger. What the Prince does not realize, is that these two objects can turn their possessor into an immortal god, and give him control over time itself. Tricked by a dying Vizier bent on harnessing this terrible magic for himself, the Prince releases the sands of time, destroying a kingdom and turning its populace into ferocious demons. Only the Prince, the Vizier, and Princess Farah, the kidnapped daughter of the Maharajah, remain unchanged. Now, it is up to the young Prince of Persia to call upon every resource and ounce of courage he possesses to save his kingdom and redeem his fatal mistake. Mechner says Bruckheimer's "Pirates of the Caribbean" was a touchstone for the adaptation. "Rather than do a straight beat-for-beat adaptation of the new videogame, we're taking some cool elements from the game and using them to craft a new story -- much as 'Pirates' did with the theme park ride." Prince of Persia was my fave game last year annd I'd love to see a mindblowing movie based on it but I doubt it'll happen. That said, I thought Pirates of Caribbean wouldn't work either.
  10. What's that supposed to mean? I was referring to one of the funniest moments in the now gone featurette.
  11. Metal Gear Solid: Lasers are Brilliant
  12. Here's a new trailer and some short behind-the-scenes clips (the 'Stunts of Hellboy' one is recommended). Ace stuff. Second date, no tongue
  13. There are some revealing clips of the sequel online. Go fetch
  14. I haven't tried it out to be honest. But my guess would be yes.
  15. What do you think are the best erotic scenes ever filmed? I like the ones that show real passion between two people like Kathleen Turner and William Hurt in Body Heat and Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie in Don't Look Now (brilliantly edited this one). Bound and Mulholland Drive (Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring...mmmmm) score points at well for being more exciting than most porn movies. And the one where Matthew Broderick starts imagining he's playing hide the penis with Reese Witherspoon in Election is certainly one of the funniest. The one in Wild Things is overrated imo. I don't like Denise Richards and her plastic boobs that much, I can do without Matt Dillion and Neve Campbell shows far too little skin. Need inspiration? (not work safe)
  16. Metal Gear Solid: Cold Hell
  17. Julie Newmar's Catwoman falling to her death in the Adam West Batman series.
  18. That's one lovely trailer. Shame I don't own a PS2.
  19. They won't release the originals though. No matter how much the people whine.
  20. Innuendo. I really like that flamengo bit.
  21. There's nothing wrong wth bosses if they're done well. Case in point: REZ. Or Gunstar Heroes. Yoshi's Island. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.The bosses in Prime are aces as well, imo.
  22. To an extent, yes. But I still doubt if Fargo is the most famous and most mainstream Coen brothers film.
  23. My point is that a movie doesn't have to be mainstream to win Oscars.
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