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  1. That Skill Up video did it for me. If I want to support more linear SP games with no bullshit I have to vote with my wallet. Looks like it will run beautifully on my PC with RTX and DLSS so I'll go for that. The environments look really stunning and colorful.

  2. I think the best things about this game are the way it plays - Samus never controlled better and more fluidly - and the bosses, which are a huge step up from the ones in other Metroids I've played (Echoes has some great ones as well, but it's been ages and I don't know how well they've aged). 

    Flash shift is such a cool ability.


    I'm not spending much time on games at the moment, but I'm having a blast everytime I play this.


    As for the atmosphere, I think Returnal did the stranded all alone on an alien planet better with its haunting atmosphere, mystery and incredible soundscape, but I still really enjoy the  setting and art design in this. Some really cool background stuff going on as well.

  3. I'm interested in it. Not interested enough to make a thread for it as mentioned above, but I could do with a colourful, poppy single player space opera after the more oppressing sci-fi settings of Metroid Dread and Returnal, awesome as they are. Provided it reviews well, I'll definitely grab it. The previews are certainly encouraging, especially since they seem to come from people who weren't actually looking forward to it but were swayed after playing it. See Ben Moore's take in the OP as well.


  4. Despite getting spoiled by a sequence break on Twitter, I'm enjoying this immensly. Metroid never played better. It's buttery smooth. Just an utter joy to play. I tend to prefer games where just controlling your character is an utter joy and Samus comes close to Selene in that regard. Wish I had a Switch OLED to play it on, because damn, it must look gorgeous on that. But yeah, funny how the two best games of 2021 as far as I'm concerned (this and Returnal) both star a female who is isolated on an alien planet.

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