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  1. It's promising. But I'd love to see more of certain games, like Alan Wake 2 and Jedi Survivor. Excited for PSVR2 and hoping both The Last of Us Online and Playdead's new game come out next year.

    And I hope Starfield delivers. I don't gel that well with Bethesda's games but a massive sci-fi RPG is right up my alley. On a much smaller scale Cocoon, Replaced, The Plucky Squire, Planet of Lana and Pepper Grinder look super cool.

  2. Pretty impressive how Sony managed to release well-received sequels to GoW, Horizon, Ratchet and GT in the first two years of the PS5, during a pandemic, as well as a new Spider-Man (sort of), remakes of Demon's Souls and The Last of Us, and GotG Returnal.

  3. On 01/11/2022 at 16:41, Shimmyhill said:


    Thats my point tho, year on year they are producing more (noted with their production time being significantly higher for same sales window) and yet sales are flat = they are not selling everyone they can make.


    You can buy one without issue these days, CEX are offering well below RRP to buy one etc.


    They didn't ship everything they produced because of the GoW/holiday push. You'll see a huge uptick in sales for Q3.


  4. 2 hours ago, Shimmyhill said:


    Flat sales with less supply constraint suggests sales arent doing as well as expected doesn’t it?

    Not really because they still sell every PS5 they make. Now that they're ramping up production for the holidays you'll see a massive Q3 jump. In fact, if Sony hits its targets (and they actually expect to exceed them) PS5 will outpace PS4 next year.



    2 hours ago, MattyP said:

    Indeed. It will be interesting to see how the new God Of War sells.. and what the divide is between PS4 and PS5 sales. I expect Sony will be wanting to hold onto that huge PS4 installed base for as long as they can.


    I believe Christopher Dring - who is the UK sales guy from GI.biz - said that most people will buy the PS5 version of cross-gen games and that PS4 owners are willing to wait until they get their hands on a PS5 instead of buying the game on PS4. I believe the Forbidden West split was 70-30 in favour of the PS5 and that was when PS5 was harder to get. 

  5. 33 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    Turns out money grabbing does alienate the customer base.


    Still, at least they can say they get the most money in with the dearest console even if sales arent doing well!


    Sales are doing well though. PS5 is the best-selling console in the US and Europe and the only reason it isn't outpacing the PS4 is due to supply constraints. In terms of software they didn't have any major releases, but Q3 will be very different with Ragnarok and Modern Warfare 2. Wouldn't be surprised to see them break the Q3 revenue record as well.

  6. On 30/10/2022 at 10:27, Calashnikov said:

    Are we allowed to say the reason we’re hyped for this is because INSIDE was such a fucking classic? Does INSIDE being such a fucking classic even have any bearing on this being any good? I don’t know what to think now.

    Not really because this is very much Chris Olsen's game and he had nothing to do with Playdead. It does look really promising though.

  7. I don't mind them at all, they trend to be amazing games made even better (and more available). Demon's Souls, RE2 Remake and The Last of Us Part 1 are all sublime games and better than the original. Mario 3D World not only reaches a new audience, but it also came with the superb Bowser's Fury. Both Dead Space and RE4 look excellent, with the former especially having some very interesting improvements like a completely explorable Ishimura and a scare director. 
    I don't see the problem, as we're not exactly starved of good new games (just look at EDGE this month) and many of these games are made by studios who specialize in them (like Bluepoint or Nixxes).

  8. Scariness has always been a very subjective thing.


    Some hands-on previews were released last week.





    The thing you don’t really get about The Callisto Protocol until you get your hands on it is just how exhausting it is. I know that doesn’t sound like a compliment, but I mean it as one. Striking Distance Studios has crafted one of the most oppressively hostile and laborious survival horror games ever. Dead Space is a Sunday afternoon in Disneyland compared to the 40 miles of gore and shit The Callisto Protocol makes you crawl through. It’s immersive in the way a nightmare you can’t wake up from is - you know it’s a dream, but every nerve in your body is firing off as though it’s real. Even as a Resident Evil super fan, I finished my hour-long play session in desperate need of a cigarette and a ray of sunshine. I thought I knew what to expect, but this merciless abyss of carnage is a full-tilt assault on the senses right from the jump. I assure you this is not hyperbole: The Callisto Protocol isn’t just a next-gen survival horror, it’s a meaningful and much-needed evolution of the genre.


  9. 46 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    4K 40 for me thank you very much. Any game play footage yet where I don’t have to follow links? :)


    Not anything that wasn't in the trailers I believe. They want to keep a lot of it under wraps.

  10. This is like watching a seventies political thriller in the SW universe and it's brilliant. Scenes like the one between Mon Mothma and the banker, all the political machinations at the ISB and the bureaucracy at Coruscant that Syril Carn is tangled up in are captivating. Stellan commands every scene he's in. And the cinematography and music are superb as well. What a show.

  11. 35 minutes ago, Ry said:

    I just want to know how many hours she would have been working. 


    It's her decision though. I don't give a shit to be honest. 


    Hope the game runs well on steam deck :)

    I've seen my fair share of voice acting sessions for games and it's easily weeks, if not months for a game like this.

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