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  1. I'm a neutral when it comes to foreign teams but clubs like City and PSG are just gross to me. There is a lot wrong with professional football in general but sportswashing of regimes that exploit immigrants, help destroy the planet and throw human rights in the bin are the worst, no matter how well they play. Fuck oil billionaires.
  2. Bloodborne or Returnal, depending on my mood. Both utterly brlliant.
  3. The remake is still very WIP, but the much more dynamic lighting alone is a massive improvement over the original and much more atmopsheric. The fully interactive fog/smoke is very cool as well, Returnal did the same.
  4. The latest dev stream is well worth a look. The lighting looks fantastic.
  5. Final Fantasy XVI is apparently in the final stretch as well, according to Yoshida, though it might be early 2023. Trailer soon apparently so we might know soon enough.
  6. Year might have been a bit frontloaded (first quarter was pretty nuts) but when it comes to AAA I'm still expecting God of War Ragnarok, The Last of Us Part I, Forza, Forspoken, Hogwarts Legacy and Modern Warfare II. That and a bunch of Nintendo games. Also, The Callisto Protocol seems far in development and according to their Twitter we're gonna get news soon. We'll know more next month when we're getting multiple showcases.
  7. 1. Bloodborne 2. Returnal (video game) 3. Elden Ring 4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 5. Ninja Gaiden Black 6. Resident Evil 4 7. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 8. Super Metroid 9. Dead Space 2 10. Prey (2017 video game) 11. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 12. Dead Space 13. The Last of Us Part II 14. Half-Life 2 15. The Last Guardian 16. Astro Bot Rescue Mission 17. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 18. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 19. Super Mario 64 20. Rez (video game) I'll do the Wiki check later and a little write-up for the top five.
  8. Someone over at Era made a lengthy summary of director Harry Krueger's GDC talk. https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-making-of-returnal.580313/#post-86172719 Pretty interesting stuff.
  9. Real knocking out three oligarch toys in one CL campaign is great to see and spectacular matches too! Even though they can now fully focus on the final, I do think Liverpool will take it.
  10. Yeah, the teaser was intruiging and the Edge article raised my interest even further. I adore sci-fi, especially if it's set on other planets. Between this, Somerville, Planet of Lana. Starfield, Stray, Replaced, Pragmata and The Callisto Protocol, there's a lot of sci-fi gaming to look forward to.
  11. Details here: https://www.nomanssky.com/outlaws-update/
  12. MP3 has the best gunplay by far. And the animation and OST are top-notch.
  13. There was no such category I think. I'm glad it won the big one.
  14. Listening to the OST on Spotify and man, Nemesis is such a banger as well.
  15. That was such a tense finale, damn.
  16. Time to play that Hyperion track with the volume way up.
  17. Returnal also won best audio, best music and best performace in a leading role by Jane Perry.
  18. I keep repeating myself but this is just brilliant. I never knew I needed blasting though the speakers in my life but I'm glad it happened.
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