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  1. Yeah, with MS missing their Game Pass target, they surely want their big games like FH5, Halo Infinite and Starfield to deliver big time. I'm pretty interested in it and I normally don't jive all that well with BGS games. Going to space goes a long way for me.
  2. It's probably just a long drip-feed campaign, culminating in a gameplay blow-out at E3. BGS generally shows their games close to release.
  3. It says little about the actual game but I do like the artwork.
  4. It's all but locked in at this point. Movie is doing far better than anticipated and got a great reception.
  5. Nice conversation between Denis and Guillermo. https://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/denis-villeneuve-takes-guillermo-del-toro-inside-the-world-of-dune
  6. Damn, it sold close to 20 million copies on PS4. That's massive. With PC it could end up around 25 million perhaps.
  7. https://twitter.com/NoMansSky/status/1450809032512446470?s=20
  8. Those are my two games of the year as well. God, I love games that place you all alone on an alien planet with an oppressive atmosphere.
  9. I think I prefer this to Hollow Knight as well. That's not to say it's a better game, but I find its sci-fi world way more appealing than Hollow Knight's insect world. Also, Samus has cooler abilities.
  10. Don't know about that. HZD sold more than all versions of Dark Souls 3 combined and a shitload more than Sekiro. And it has a week for itself. I would assume both games will do very well.
  11. Yes, I wouldn't call it semi-confirmed at all.
  12. Also, I quite liked this animated music video from the Star-Lord Band.
  13. I'm interested in it. Not interested enough to make a thread for it as mentioned above, but I could do with a colourful, poppy single player space opera after the more oppressing sci-fi settings of Metroid Dread and Returnal, awesome as they are. Provided it reviews well, I'll definitely grab it. The previews are certainly encouraging, especially since they seem to come from people who weren't actually looking forward to it but were swayed after playing it. See Ben Moore's take in the OP as well.
  14. The bosses in this are really good. Nicely presented, multiple stages and way more involving than just spamming missiles from one side of the screen.
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