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  1. The level design in this is a bit good.
  2. I think will be comparable to Spider-Man PS5. 60 fps + 4K + DualSense features and 3D audio.
  3. Oh, I'n sure other people will move jobs as well, as is very common in this industry, especially after completion of a big project. I don't think any of this signals trouble at Bend, especially since Days Gone sold really well. They're still hiring too.
  4. Two people left, including the director over a year ago. Sony Bend has over 130 employees, they're not going anywhere. As for Silent Hill, KatharsisT doubled-down on that and says it's still in development and in good shape. The rest of that list doesn't seem too far-fetched. The ones I'm not too sure about are the FromSoft collab (though I guess anything could happen it Sony throws enough money at it) and RaySpace.
  5. Completed it a few days ago and I think Insomniac is doing this stuff better than the recent live-action films. On the gameplay side of things, I think Miles is definitely more fun to play as than Peter. Both his venom powers and his camouflage add a lot to the combat system and make the stealthy approach way more fun. I also think the side-content in this is better and more varied and as someone who often stuggles with the bloat of open world games, I actually think the shorter length is a plus. Oh, and the music is excellent. That montage scene was ace.
  6. Yeah, I can imagine it plays even better at 60 fps. One of the advantages of this being cross-gen is that it's very likely to have a 60 fps mode on PS5. Thinking about it some more, another thing that makes the combat such a joy is that it has a great feedback loop. Instead of just whittling down a health bar, machines get visibly damaged, with sparks and components coming off and some of them starting to limp. I also like how you an disable certain attacks by destroying specific components, such as the Rockbreaker's burrowing and jumping out of the ground. Super interested how machines that w
  7. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/sources-ps5-was-the-uks-biggest-ever-console-launch/
  8. It's not just Soulslikes, elements from Souls games have cropped up in other games as well and inspired AAA titles. Jedi Order is a very big one, but the creators of both The Witcher 3 and the new God of War said they were inspired by Souls. The invasions in Watch Dogs, the controls in God of War or basically the entire structure of Zombi U are examples. Then there are all the indies of course. Soulslike elements are part of Hyper Light Drifter and Shovel Knight for example. Moon Studios (creators of Ori) are working on an ARPG that is inspired by Dark Souls. It's definitely one of the most
  9. Come to think of it, I probably play more western games, but my top 3 from last gen is all Japanese: Bloodborne Astro Bot: Rescue Mission The Last Guardian
  10. It's not that short really, especially when you do all the optional content. I really dig the combat in this game, a step-up from the first game:
  11. Presentation goes a long way, as BP spent three years to remake it from the ground up, but: 60 fps, many QoL improvements like 8-way rolling, 3D audio, World Tendency state is more clear, more players supported for online, balance changes, super fast loading, Photo Mode, new non-binary character creator, new animations, new items, new secret room, DualSense haptics and adaptive triggers.
  12. Both really. If I had to pick it would be Japan because of From Software and Capcom, but the West has studios like Arkane, Housemarque, IO Interactive and Naughty Dog, as well as tons of great indies.
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