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  1. Vemsie

    Dead Space 2

    Man, Dead Space 2 is such a good game. While the return to the Ishimura is definitely a highlight, the trek through the elementary school is fantastic as well. I really hope The Callisto Protocol can live up to it as we need more sci-fi horror.
  2. I'm loving my PS5 for sure. Miles, Astro and Demon's Souls were all great games at launch. Returnal is actually shaping-up to be one of my all-time favourites and it's a good example of a game that's really pushing all that next-gen tech. Loading new worlds in an instant, the best implementation of 3D audio yet, great use of haptics and all of its blistering action at 60 fps. Up for Ratchet & Clank next month, which seems to be a far more save game than Returnal is, but it does seem to be the best showcase for next-gen tech yet.
  3. Record-high profits for Capcom and a great launch for Village. Not a bad for a company that was really struggling at the start of last gen. https://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/english/news/html/e210510b.html
  4. Most parasites I'll glady take, save for revenge bullets, acid pools and debuffs to my dash cooldown and maybe some others I forgot. Malfunctions aren't too bad generally, nor are the conditions to get rid of them assuming you don't have an item for it, though I try to avoid a critical malfunction that destroys and artefact.
  5. Vemsie

    Dead Space 2

    That's ace! I loved that level so much. The whole game really, but they handled that moment so well.
  6. There is a clever bit in Returnal in which
  7. Sorry for that. I've updated my post to clarify it contains info about the ending.
  8. Cheers! Fixed the link. I'm so happy that it seems to work perfectly on my end. I usually tend to play on 5.1 and not headphones but it adds so much to this game for me. It's explained in the now correct link. | Spoilers for the ending as well:
  9. Saw this thread on Era celebrating the build-up and boss fight of B4 and I have to agree that's probably my favourite moment too so far (I'm in B5) in a game full of memorable moments. Seriously, is there a game with better sound design than Returnal? From the way 3D audio works to all the ambient sounds in the background, the sound effects for everyting ranging from weapons to enemies, the score from Bobby Krlic, the use of as a motif. It's tremendous.
  10. B4 is one of my faves actually. I guess the sound design and music play a big part in that. And the boss is just awesome. As for B3, I always run to the boss at the end when the game bombards you with enemies. You can reach the boss unharmed if you're fast enough.
  11. I beat Nemesis with the pistol. Felt good. Spectacular boss fight too, though Hyperion might be even better. The sound design and music in that biome are just
  12. The pistol is great, yeah. Speaking of great, I saw this podcast with Jane Perry (Selene). I really like her performance, especially when you hear the despair and even defeat in her voice. Can't be easy when you have nobody to act against. Going from her to Ethan Winters in Village, who talks way too much and a lot of it is shit, is painful.
  13. I don't think RNG is as big as some people say it is, having played it a ton now. The game always makes it possible to massively extend your lifebar in the first biome and always makes it possible to collect a shitload of oobolites to buff yourself with artefacts and healing items. The shop will always have one large health vial too (and sometimes an Astronaut on top of that). I think the mistake many people make, including me when I first started playing it, is that they don't wait for their proficiency to go up, so that they'll rush to the first chest and get whatever weapon isn't the pistol
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