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  1. I think this game looks tremendous with RTX on, proper next-gen stuff. Helped by the physics engine of course, with all its environmental interaction and destruction. Whish more games would do that. Looking forward to putting my 280Ti to the test.
  2. Early gameplay impressions on Era are positive, though some people are saying the game is quite blurry on consoles. Looks good though, the physics are nice.
  3. Reviews are up on Monday.
  4. Pretty stellar year for Japanese games and indies, I recon. Sekiro is brilliant. Most of the big western releases have yet to come out (DOOM Eternal, Modern Warfare, Control, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order etc.)
  5. Only if you're there. They'll release the E3 demo next week at Pax. Few snippets in this:
  6. He's not voice acting the character. Nor are Refn and Keighley. It's just their likeness, they don't do mo-cap or voice acting.
  7. Ghostrunner looks pretty cool as well, sort of like a cyberpunk version of Titanfall's movement system with a katana instead of a gun.
  8. Vemsie


    I'm really interested in the game, but that's mainly because of the Edge article, which gives a better view of what the game is about than this trailer. You need more than a couple of short flashes of gameplay to get a sense of how it plays and what the flow of the game is. The opposite. There are no GAAS elements. MP is not progression based and the SP isn't anything like Destiny, more like Halo.
  9. This looks so good.
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