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  1. Vemsie

    Prey (2017) - Update and Mooncrash DLC available now!

    GLOO Gun is a good way of freezing Mimics in their tracks so you can hit them with the wrench. Hacking turrets and taking them with you (or luring enemies towards them) is another good way of dealing with them. That and the combo of slowing down time and using the shotgun.
  2. Vemsie

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It's the other way round as well funnily enough. Teams that put pressure on Ajax here in Holland managed to beat them (PSV 3-0, Feyenoord 6-2, AZ 1-0, Heracles 1-0).
  3. Cool. Now announce another From Software exclusive, please.
  4. Vemsie

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Agreed. Well, Golden Abyss is probably even worse.
  5. Some story and gameplay details.
  6. Why are cinematic trailers still a thing? Gameplay reveal at E3 then.
  7. I hope they'll show gameplay and not just a cinematic or something.
  8. That's still Respawn, just a different team for the most part, but with some serious pedigree.
  9. Vemsie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

  10. Well, quite a few people do seem to care. It sold 2 million in 10 days, making it the fastest selling From Software game to date by quite a margin (for comparison: it took DS over 1,5 years to sell a little over 2 million). A good thing too. Not just because it's obviously a superb game (mechanically comfortably their best in my book, with ridiculously good level design too), but also because From could have easily made millions by just churning out Dark Souls sequels. But instead they make the games they want to make, which should be applauded in this sequel-ridden industry. It's stil remarkable to me that From rose from a fairly obscure developer to a company that sells millions of copies with each game, with tremendous critical reception to boot, and they achieved that by doing the exact opposite of basically every AAA dev out there.
  11. No, but there's no shortage of talent on that team.

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