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  1. Yeah the Gamecentral review was a bit confusing today. They start off by saying it would struggle to get into the top 5 Zeldas ever made. Uh-oh, I thought. Then they end it by giving it 9/10 and saying it was the game of the year. Hmmm.
  2. Got this a couple of days ago. Addictive as hell. It's gorgeous and has a constant stream of new things to see. First hour is overwhelming, but I basically just ignored all the reminders and focussed on getting bunnies. The only trouble I've had so far is when some wild foxes came in at night and killed a couple of my bunnies Once the foxes become resident they leave the bunnies alone, so I suggest breeding a few rabbits and sacrificing 2 of them early on just to have some peace. I refused to do this and kept smacking the foxes with a shovel every night which became time consuming. So anyway, it's great, Rare back on form and everything, but the one thing which pisses me off a bit is the interface. It's easy to use, but some things are much more clumsy and time consuming than they should be. - Flying pinatas are a pain in the fucking arse. Trying to get them to romance is an ordeal and they frequently break free from the lock on. - Going to the shop is a chore. You have to bring up the menu, then pick which shop, then wait for it to load, then pick seeds, then plant them one by one, then wait for the shop to load again, pick some more seeds, plant them one by one, go back to the shop, pick fertiliser, yawn. Too time consuming and annoying. - I can't believe there's no option to move houses or furniture around. You just have to sell it and buy it again if you want to remodel or declutter your garden. - Some things like creating pens for the pinata are ridiculously annoying. You have to wait til they're asleep and hope they don't wake up while you're fencing them in. You can put a gate in there, but Seedos is always opening it and letting animals out anyway so it's pretty pointless. It's really hard work just to do some basic stuff in this game. I probably sound really critical, but it's an awesome game, I just wish they had made some things easier to do.
  3. Considering you could buy this for a fiver about 10 years ago, there's no way in hell I'd pay full price for a straight port. Plus the game is fun for the first park you build and that's it. There's no incentive to start another, starting off with the same crappy rides and shops and having to research them all again. And the customer AI was shit.
  4. FFS why does every single thread seem to turn into a mind-numbing discussion about cables? This is a Zelda thread, can we take the tedious cable talk elsewhere?
  5. I've been spoiling this game for myself left right and centre by watching videos on Youtube I'm so weak. The cutscenes do look a step above anything I've seen in a Zelda game before. There was one, of which a clip was shown in the IGN video review, which was just so weird and creepy that it didn't look Zelda-ish at all. I nearly even caved in and watched the end sequence but then I decided that was ridiculous.
  6. veryjammy


    Haha, I had a game like that today. My shooting has been appalling lately and I've been dominating people and not scoring. Normally when I score I skip through all the replays unless it's a particularly stunning or flukey goal because I like to get on with it. But today I was playing someone who was winning 2-1 by the 87th minute, and he had insisting on watching all the replays from different angles. I got past the last defender and the bastard hacked me down and got a player sent off. I was fuming, but Giggs curled a beauty of a shot into the top corner from the free kick. For the first time ever I watched every single replay and rewound/fast forwarded and zoomed in the manual camera for about a minute just to rub it in. Loved it
  7. veryjammy


    I can't believe they actually fixed it! Whereas before it was almost impossible to hit less than half of the power bar when shooting/long passing/taking a free kick, it's now possible. I'm actually in shock. Thing is, because I've spent 99% of my time online so far, I'm having a period of re-adjustment where I have to learn how to use the whole bar as it should be used.
  8. veryjammy


    I don't know, but it seems to have broken the online aspect of it for me. Since updating it, I've failed to get past the black screen after loading and before kick off on 3 out of 4 occasions. I don't know if its something to do with me having updated and them not so we're incompatible, or whether it's just screwed the game up. Thanks Konami!
  9. The internet has just erupted. Check out the Gamespot review. Actually you probably shouldn't because it is full of spoilers. 8.8!!!!!!
  10. GaryC 0 - 3 Veryjammy Veryjammy 4 - 0 Gary C These scorelines are extremely flattering. I don't know how I didn't concede a goal but somehow it happened. Good games
  11. Just to confirm that Pompeys scores posted above were correct. I think he was generous towards me in that assessment, it would have been a travesty if I had gotten anything out of the first game. I could have got a draw from the second but in all honesty he was too classy for me. I'd be online now only I'm in a standoff with some idiot over a frozen game. Normally I would have disconnected by now but he's taunting me, saying he was winning 2-0 when I was winning 2-0 and the game was practically over. I'll be damned if I'm letting him get the points
  12. Oh please. If there's one show that inspires people on the internet to talk hyperbolic drivel it's The Simpsons. People churn out stock reasons for why the show is no good anymore regardless as to whether they apply to the episode in question. There's nothing retarded or mentally ill about Homer in the trailer. We don't even have any context for what he's doing, but he doesn't do or say anything any worse than he did in a lot of classic episodes in which he acted a whole lot more braindead. And the slapstick is very similar to the season 6 episode Sideshow Bob Roberts, it's hardly unique to 'new Simpsons'. And the show went downhill long before they switched to digital colouring.
  13. I need to start cracking on with this, I'm on it all the time anyway. Have Ryanski and Gary C on my friends list I think. Got a voice msg from Ryanski the other night but couldn't understand a word he was saying, think he was pissed If not, sorry I'm deaf It's pretty much all I'm playing at the moment so give me a msg when you see me online and I should be free to play.
  14. Which is the penultimate song?
  15. So I'll be the first to reply My gamertag is also Veryjammy. Good luck to everyone!
  16. People online play very differently. They nearly all charge at you with their players and so they leave more gaps than the computer often does. It can cause problems with the button lag online though. The number of times online I thought I had ages to make a pass but the lag fucked me over is countless. I was incredibly pissed off last night. I was cruising 1-0 in the 80th minute when I made a routine backpass to my keeper. I went to make a long pass; the bar filled up and everything; and the keeper slipped at the lastminute and let the ball trickle over the line. I was FUMING. I can only think he did a slide tackle for some stupid reason.
  17. Great thread. I was reading through everyones posts and it suddenly hit me how different Twilight Princess is going to be and how serious the trailers make the game look in comparison. I really hope TP keeps its sense of humour and has as many fun side quests. Anyway, you know bits were cut out of this game? Was it ever confirmed where exactly? Because I always thought Great Fish Isle looked like it was meant to be a proper location. It just seems really weird that you sail there and then move on immediately. All you can ever do there is talk to a merchant but the size of the island and the fact that there were huts and stuff there which you can't reach suggested to me that it was never finished and they invented the idea of it being destroyed early on in the game to disguise it.
  18. IGN review: http://uk.ds.ign.com/articles/743/743324p1.html
  19. Holy crap, more (short) videos! http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/topics/inter...l5/movie03.html http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/topics/inter...l5/movie04.html http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/topics/inter...l5/movie05.html http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/topics/inter...l5/movie06.html http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/topics/inter...l5/movie07.html In case you're wary of spoilers, 1 and 2 are Link in shops, 3 has him entering a cool looking area I have never seen in any screenshot, 4 has him fighting enemies I've never seen before, and 5 has him holding a weird, creepy looking item I've never seen before.
  20. It's not old but it is quite similar to this trailer, although nearly all of the footage is different. For example Link changing into a wolf is far more effective in the new version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdoqYGnKITQ...ted&search=
  21. That trailer is fantastic. The music and the scene where Link changes into a wolf sent shivers down my spine.
  22. YMCA and the weather one look great. The only disappointment for me there is the Sk8r Boi level. Nothing wrong with the stage as such, but the cover is poor. It sounds really insipid. This is out next week in the US isn't it?
  23. I've mostly stuck to online since getting this, but I started the master league today and it hit me how much better it is offline. It's faster, smoother, more responsive and more fluid. Because I had hardly touched single player I forgot how good it is, and how certain things you just can't do online. For example, try and do the cross along the ground on this online. Can't, because of the button lag. In a one on one its almost impossible to slide it under the keeper because the button lag means too much of the bar has filled up, whereas offline it's easy to slide it under him. Trying to get a freekick on target is damn near impossible online, and it's extremely hard to play little dinked balls because of the button lag. I had been very happy with online, but it's only playing single player today I realised how much the slight button lag botches certain aspects of the game.
  24. The defending AI does piss me off sometimes. At times they just stand there gormlessly as a forward runs past them. And it irritates me no end when the full back has the ball and the winger doesn't make any runs forward for them. I went back and played the Fifa 07 demo today and I was amazed at how fast and fluid it felt. I still don't think much of it, but my first match when going back to Pro Evo was like wading through treacle in comparison. What I notice in Pro Evo is how there never seems to be any space in midfield. I find it pointless trying to pass through the center and normally play it to the wingers at the nearest opportunity and then try to cut it back. Still can't get the hang of crossing from the wings though, and from the looks of things online neither can anybody else. It always misses everybody.
  25. Sorry, I'm confused about what people want. I thought everyone hated PES5 because the passing was too wayward. And now it's too perfect? How exactly should the passing be?
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