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  1. I’d written this ‘Xbox pads don’t work over Bluetooth’ thing off as an old wives tale, since mine seemed to work fine connected to a cheapo BT dongle for months after I bought it, so I more or less forgot that it was a thing that could happen. And then I bought AC: Valhalla and found that it had constant slight frame rate drops and then would occasionally drop totally from around 60FPS to multiple seconds per frame, and get stuck like that until I turned off the controller. With the official wireless adapter it runs at 60FPS the whole time.
  2. Anyone thinking of taking the Dagger Dealer perk, be warned that you can't pick up your knife after you've thrown it. I literally just threw a thousand eurodollars away.
  3. A keepsake will become unselectable during a run if you've already used it once in that run and switched away from it. I think you can always start with whatever you want.
  4. I bought that hidden aspect and I kinda regret it. Feels like the possible healing doesn’t really make up for the health penalty. That said, I only tried a single run with it.
  5. IMO the Evergreen Acorn is better than the Skelly Tooth, unless you regularly use death defiance outside of boss fights. You can only benefit from the tooth once per run and it only gives you 100HP, whereas the Acorn works on every boss fight, and can potentially save you losing any amount of HP.
  6. If I remember right, you can just find the Pope, and it's one of the options when you right click his portrait. Though I think if you're not being prompted that you can do this via the help suggestion thing at the top of the screen, you probably don't have enough piety. If you select one of your vassals, I think 'modify feudal contract' is an option in the right-click menu on their portrait. Your ruler can only do it once per vassal* though. *Or maybe it's per title, I don't remember exactly.
  7. Second night of playing this, carrying on from where the tutorial leaves off, and I just accidentally installed my layabout half-brother as the King of Jerusalem (and lost control of my original character just as he was about to crown himself King of Ireland).
  8. I have more or less the same spec as this (just with a 3600X, 2060 Super, 1TB M.2 and 32GB RAM) and I think I paid around 1300 EUR for the parts to build it myself in April. So for prebuilt, that doesn’t sound too bad! And yeah, you should be able to stick an extra SATA SSD in yourself easily.
  9. It is weirdly MVP-like for a released game. And it's not like some of the bugs are even subtle - I can reliably make it crash to desktop just by turning off my xbox controller, which is really fun when you're an hour into a flight and the batteries go flat. Or the fact that Active Pause, is a bit too "active" and doesn't pause the simulation of changes in your speed, so you can unpause and immediately stall, despite having been flying perfectly safely before you paused. And yet, like you say, somehow it hardly matters, because once you're (eventually) back in the cockpit, it all fe
  10. I did Lower Loon Creek to Challis just now. Scenery's not bad!
  11. Did a little bit of pootling around Saint Barthélemy and the Dominican Republic/Haiti this afternoon. Still wondering how long it'll be before the novelty wears off.
  12. All clear off Florida at the moment! (Immediately after I took the last one of these, I came out of active pause and the plane fell out of the sky )
  13. Heard a storm in the (real life) distance earlier, so I went and found it! And trying to get back home I think I almost got my head around how VOR works.
  14. They’re pretty awful on an SSD too, especially the first load to the menu.
  15. I misread the max altitude as the cruising altitude and climbed to 45,000ft in the Cessna Citation yesterday*, and the "Climb to cruising altitude" objective still never went away. So my assumption is either this objective is broken, or you have to configure an altitude somewhere in the in-game autopilot, but I haven't figured out how to mess around with that yet. * and promptly broke my plane apart trying to get back down to land.
  16. For me at least, this is the important bit. Everything I saw of every other iteration of FS just looked incredibly sterile, like you would be flying around above a huge, badly texture mapped geometric plane. I’m sure you’d be doing interesting pilot stuff, but it just radiated a... fundamental dullness that meant I never even wanted to try it. But the verisimilitude in this version is just insane. You fly somewhere and you are there, it’s genuinely beautiful in the way that real life is beautiful. I guess you’re not doing anything different in terms of the ‘game’, but t
  17. Yeah, it defaults to zero deadzone, and that was super twitchy with my old 360 pad. I bumped it up to 10% deadzone on all axes, as well as reducing the sensitivity and it's much better now.
  18. I’m pretty sure it would be fine if you’ve never played anything in the genre before. It starts off pretty gently, with you just controlling one guy and layers on more options as you progress and recruit more members to your team. It is real time, but you can pause whenever you want, and there’s never really any time pressure. Most of the time I find I’m just sitting with my characters hidden somewhere while I watch enemy patrol routes, trying to figure out how to take them apart. If you’re on the fence (and not specifically attracted to the western theme), see if you can
  19. That would only get Max to 399, even if he was fastest in every race.
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