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  1. The shackle also works for (general catacombs spoiler)
  2. Yes, but it depends which bit you want to get to. Some of it you can access straight away, some more opens up when you
  3. The bottom part of Caelid should definitely be do-able around that level. I went and did Radahn and the stuff that beating him unlocks around the same point, and I'm only now getting back to (I think) getting to Volcano Manor, now that I'm just over level 100.
  4. I'm not sure what this new option does tbh. I assumed it would stop clicking R3 from re-centring the camera, but it doesn't do that.
  5. If I remember right, he goes to
  6. I think you need to get to the area behind And she should be
  7. Pretty sure it should be exactly the same as for incantations. Choose the "memorise spell" option at a grace point, then choose a slot at the top of the screen, and select a spell to put in it from the bottom of the screen. Maybe you don't have enough Int to use the spell?
  8. Are the spells you're trying to use definitely sorceries (not incantations)? A staff will only cast sorceries and a seal will only cast incantations.
  9. I guess you’ve been hugged by a deathbed companion? To be fair to her, she does does tell you her blessing is in exchange for some of your vigor.
  10. No, you can get her to move before then. General hint: Or a bit more specifically:
  11. That still doesn’t explain why the scaled part of the damage increases when the scaling letters don’t change. This has confused me as well, I don’t get why sometimes the letters change colour even though they are ‘changing’ to the same scaling letter. Are there hidden sub-levels within each letter or something? Or is a ‘Quality C’ different from a ‘Standard C’ which is different from a ‘Magic C’, etc?
  12. If it’s like the staff: time for two handing!
  13. If I remember right, the first merchant you meet in the area sells one.
  14. I think she’ll move before then if you find a particular item in the castle and give it to her.
  15. I think @BitterToad might be asking about Faith spells (incantations) though! I guess the "finger snap thing" is the seal you use for incantations (it doesn't sound like a staff)? When you look at the spell/incantation in your inventory, you'll see whether it has Faith or Int as a requirement - spells that use Int definitely get better as you raise your Int and upgrade your staff, so I assume the same is true for incantations that require Faith.
  16. You have to not have anything that has a skill in your left hand (so no shield with Parry). So until you find a No Skill ash, yeah, you either have to unequip your shield or two-hand your weapon.
  17. You know you can change the weapon skills around whenever you want, right? They're not fixed to the first weapon you put them in.
  18. I think the summoning pool statues are different to the things you're thinking of (the stakes of Marica)? Stakes of Marica definitely let you respawn at them instead of at bonfires, you don't even have to interact with them, but I didn't really understand what the summoning pool thingies are for - since like @Number 28 says, you can summon anyway by using a furcalling finger remedy.
  19. I'm not sure what triggers access to that area, but I haven't followed the lights of grace that far, and I got access to it as well after a few hours.
  20. If it’s like the previous games, then yeah, drops from mobs are semi-random (e.g a soldier will have a chance of dropping some soldier-y gear) but chests and items placed in the world will be fixed.
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