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  1. Cheers bud, thanks for opening!
  2. Remember to leave the queue on the turnip site otherwise you stay there and the 3rd person doesn't get a dodo
  3. Just joined the queue with my gf too if that's alright. I only have 10 stacks of them but she's got a full inventory nearly I think. I'll check my fossils for what you need too, but I'm 10th so I'm sure you'll get them by then haha. Thanks for opening!
  4. Also, once you clear the flowers, the items should still drop from the next shake. You should still be able to get today's.
  5. Thanks @Fneeb for the visit Only bought 11 stacks this week but I think I'm done with the market for a while. At least until I realise I need lots of expensive stuff again!
  6. Ah yes. Didn't realise I'd missed 2 pages of the thread since lunchtime. I'll happily wait till later in the week, give yourself an early night bud haha
  7. Is @Flams's Island still going? I bought a paltry 11 stacks this week but will join the queue now if so
  8. Others might be able to help sooner or easier, but I had some NFC stickers arrive yesterday, I could code Katt into one and send it? Gloved and sanitised appropriately of course. Maybe Hopkins too but not Audie as she's too new to have an Amiibo of her.
  9. I was going to do that, give them 3 years worth etc. Then their mum did it for the benefit of 1 month last week.
  10. Yep I thought so but thanks for replying. Might be time for them to have their own sub. And re-buy all the digital purchases they play...
  11. Buy an amiibo for a few quid online? There are (dodgy) ways to make your own NFC chip with a villager on and then invite them to the campsite. Either that or keep an eye on villager trading forums when you have an empty plot available.
  12. Will this work if I game share with my kids? My home xbox is theirs and vice versa. A 3rd dummy ultimate account on my box won't apply anything for them will it?
  13. I believe it converts to 2 months ultimate if that's what you mean (gold+game pass)
  14. My Cranny has the book for sale if anyone wants to come buy a few? I've bought 100 or so and they still have stock haha (only slight kidding, you never know when you might want an entire library). They're 290 bells each I'm opening just now to friends while I have dinner but if anyone wants a dodo code I'll change to that after.
  15. Another thanks to @Mugman for the turnip sales, left a tip next to the shop
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