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  1. Anyone else looking forward to this? Well, I was. Out tomorrow. However, according to ACG it has many technical and gameplay flaws
  2. No time to die - thought it was quite bland in the first 2/3 and utilizing the same old formula. 2.5/5
  3. How is it possible that the movie has a 68 rating on Metacritic and a 84 on Rottentomatoes? Aren't the two sites sourcing the same reviews?
  4. From theverge: SCANT SLOWDOWN OVER SD (AND EMMC) The entry level $400 Steam Deck only comes with 64GB of comparatively slow eMMC storage and a microSD card slot for expansion — you’ll have to pay notably more for the faster models with NVMe SSDs, and even then they’ll be fairly easy to fill with a decent-sized Steam library of games. But today, Valve assured developers that eMMC and SD aren’t that much slower: roughly 12 percent and 18 percent slower respectively when it comes to loading games. (Yes, the Y-axes are either mislabeled or don’t line up with the bar graphs.)
  5. Wasn't a (partial) Christmas 21 launch way too optimistic in the first place?
  6. How do I check my shipping status? It's not on my Steam store site.
  7. About to get this on Steam (half price atm). Anyone playing this? Seems to be a nice, relaxing PvE mining/shooting game. 85% on MC: https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/deep-rock-galactic
  8. Nice. Thanks you two.
  9. Ooookay. So... (not) worth it?
  10. Is C2 still a good game, gameplay-wise, in 2021? Is the trilogy worth it for a newcomer to the series? Good FPS gameplay or outdated?
  11. When you read that announcement thread on Resetera, people don't seem very concerned, to be honest. Many applaude and congratulate the previous owner.
  12. The forum nets 700,000 USD in EBITDA? Holy cow. I had no idea it is so lucrative.
  13. Yeah, I ordered the 64gb version and will just put in a 400gb card.
  14. Nice to hear as I've just started this and finished E1... which was boring as fuck.
  15. Well, yes... even some people on Shenmuedojo (which consists of the most enthusiastic fans) say that the anime has to be a great success for there to be even a chance of S4 I've said it before and will say it again: S3 was THE chance to bring it to an end, in style and story. He blew it. Apparently we need to watch the anime now to see how the story ends.
  16. True, but it did set the stage for an epic story while simultaneously letting you explore a Japanese town in detail - which was unprecedented at the time. That epic story is nowhere in sight in Shenmue 3, except for literally the last few seconds And don't forget it was meant to be a saviour for Dreamcast and would have seen its sequels being released in a timely manner - as opposed to a 20 year gap due to Dreamcast's failure. Times have changed.
  17. I sincerely hope there'll be Shenmue 4. However, seeing that the momentum has slowed down almost to a standstill and goodwill for Yu has evaporated across a big part of the (backers) community, I doubt it. Shenmue 3 probably was a once in a lifetime chance, both emotionally and financially. With a bit of flexibility Yu could have brought it to an end in style. But no, he had to stubbornly hold on to his initial roadmap from 25 years ago.
  18. Sure. However, if there's NO(!!) story progress AT ALL in the whole game we're going from one extreme to the other.
  19. I'd argue indeed that a large part of the audience didn't want THIS.
  20. Yes, it certainly isn't the players' fault that Yu is poor at reading tea leaves. Many just sought closure - instead of a lets-just-walk-through-a-few-locations-and-be-happy game.
  21. FFS. Yu will finish the story in this anime, mark my words. Fuck this
  22. To some extent yes, as other things start to attack you. Combat isn't one of the game's strengths.
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