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  1. No MASH? lol!! Mash is _THE_ tv drama! No Californication? (even though Season 1 is by far the best one among the three)
  2. Ah good to know. Looking forward to the next episodes then. Cheers!
  3. I've just bumped into this one a few days ago, but got totally sucked into it. As some of you already said, the pace is just wonderful and it literally flows along. However, there are a few flaws IMO: Oh, and how did
  4. Spanglish, even Adam Sandler gets his act together with this one.
  5. Xavier Naidoo of course. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj8td0WxFi4 Ooooh yeah! Excellent recommendation. Villalobos' tracks certainly are worth listening to.
  6. alex3d


    Do you have a premium account? It get's interrupted every few seconds for me ("buy premium account").
  7. Thanks, I will get that. Btw: I already know The Beach.
  8. I watched it a couple of days ago and still I am blown away. It all starts as a disgusting, shocking, sad story and develops into a great movie about... you know, love and destiny. Sounds unspectacular, but it really is a moving story. There is just one funny scene in it, where the guy tries to fake a British accent - but that one is hilarious. A wonderful movie.
  9. Well, it certainly is a disturbing movie. Some review on rottentomatoes reads: "...what should be a bleak social satire instead reads as a banal melodrama". I agree. The first three quarters are stunning, true and impressive. Winslet and DiCaprio are superb. But I just hate the end of it - it´s not what a movie like that would have deserved. Anyway, it certainly is some kind of an anti-love movie, if you ask me. SPOILER and question ahead:
  10. True. Currently I am reading Catcher in the Rye and just thought as soon as I finish it I need something completely different. Maybe I will read "Jurassic Park" or so... at least it´s got an island in it
  11. Thanks guys. A thriller would be nice, tough. I know my specifications are loose...
  12. Hi there, I was just thinking about Blue Stinger (the DC game) and thought what a nice book it would be. An isolated island, different characters, some kind of mystery... Are there any books like that? I am NOT looking for horror or sci-fi or fantasy. There should be at least some links to reality. Thanks!
  13. Just finished: Very nice. Not as good as The Old Man and the Sea, but they aren´t comparable either. Fiesta gives a great insight into how traveling was 80 years ago. The actual Fiesta part in Pamplona is just awesome.
  14. Maybe someone can help me: Is Gaiman´s "American Gods" 100% fantasy? I am no particular fan of fantasy or Sci-Fi books, but literally everyone recommends American Gods...
  15. Thanks for your efforts... maybe someone will still recognize it.
  16. Hm, getting it to play by clicking on download seems to be the only way it works. Strange.
  17. Morning guys, I just heard a few seconds of this track: http://www.soundupload.com/audio/zbk8rpmrytf9ykk Anyone know the title or artist? Thanks.
  18. alex3d


    That's one tough draw. And ManU, Chelsea and Barca get the easy ones...
  19. Thanks to my university´s interlending: Finally. For months I have been looking for this book. Minimum price is $42 at Amazon.com (but the folks there won´t ship the Europe, so it´s rather 70 Euros at Amazon over here).
  20. alex3d


    So it´s official the ban will just be three games? There won´t be any further FA evaluation?
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