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  1. You mean DC? Yep. Quite some DC games run flawlessly, others do not. There's a compatibility list for emulec devices.
  2. Loving the gun-/gameplay, 343 have really nailed it. Still very disappointed with the open, bland world though. That's a real bummer IMO. Also, Normal difficulty feels a bit off. It's so easy to just run through hordes of enemies without engaging them (apart from the "clear the zone" missions) and I'm not sure this is what's supposed to happen in a FPS game.
  3. I played Chu Chu Rocket and Bangaio on the RG351p and both ran great.
  4. Indeed (on PC). Also, I think the outdoor levels are a bit disappointing and generic. Indoors it's fantastic.
  5. The subsequent Emulec versions for the previous RG handheld improved performance a lot. Especially Dreamcast.
  6. On normal difficulty you can often just run through the initial indoor missions. And once I hit the surface there were some frame rate drops. Otherwise a nice, sound game.
  7. 37.4gb on PC for the whole game, is this correct?
  8. Where is it? I don't see any download option in GP.
  9. Just finished Discworld Noir. Played it back in the 90s/00s(?) but never got around to finishing it. As a Discworld fan this it utterly brilliant, if a bit lengthy (and buggy! Save often!).
  10. Indeed. And then we get angry posts whenever big publishers disable game servers or close digital stores. Either way, people are going to be angry at things.
  11. That wall of negativity... Let them experiment with it. If players like it, everything's good, no? If not, then not.
  12. Sorry, if already answered. Is it true there's no coop? Why?
  13. alex3d


    O_____o I failed at mission #1 (delivery to the bridge, got stuck between trees, no chance to tow) and had to recover the vehicle.
  14. alex3d


    Can this be comfortably played with a controller?
  15. lol, nice. Was actually thinking of buying this for Christmas. Game Pass
  16. Nah, 77% at Metacritic - I think that's fair.
  17. Inspired by DF's FPSBoost video I installed it again (on PC) and this time including the Unleashed Project mod. What can I say? Breathtakingly beautiful and smooth.
  18. The clue system that ACG talks about in his video (and IGN in their review https://www.ign.com/articles/sherlock-holmes-chapter-one-review to some extent) doesn't look good at all
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