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  1. BitterToad, I understand your enthusiasm for the Halo series. However, as a relatively neutral Halo player (loved 1 and 2 and only briefly played Reach and MCC) I look at Excavation Site and see bland tunnels after tunnels with ever the same enemies and the same level design and it really is boring. And then I return to the open world which itself feels totally bland and I can only come to the conclusion that, no, this isn't awesome. If it weren't for the gunplay (and maybe the brand) this would score mid-70s ratings. (Edit: talking about the campaign)
  2. Unfortunately I have to agree. And the more I play the more apparent this gets. Which is why I mainly stick to "story" missions (which also suffer from enemy problems, i.e. variety). I can see what 343 was trying to do here: export some of the intensity into boss fights. The problem of course is these boss battles are quite lukewarm most of the time and provide nowhere near the intensity of previous set pieces and encounters. I REALLY, REALLY don't understand why enemy design wasn't a bigger issue in game development. It's so important. Sure, it is nice to be able to approach encounters in different ways. In the end though these encounters are with ever the same types of enemies and it gets old quite fast.
  3. Sure, but then of course lots of games with a fraction of HI's budget are fun to play. I still think its lack of SP coop, its lack of enemy variety, bad warthog physics, difficult-to-navigate map screen with Ubisoft-like items, difficult-to-comprehend upgrading and equipement menu and one of the worst stories ever (I constantly press "skip") do spoil the experience. Yes, gunplay is excellent - but I'm sure a lot of players would view the game differently had they spent 60 bucks on it vs. getting it on the cheap via GP.
  4. Regarding Varsity's list: as much as I like the gameplay, without Game Pass I wouldn't have "bought" it at launch for exactly those reasons (mainly no SP coop).
  5. No campaign coop is indeed a real bummer and maybe even inexcusable. By the time it gets introduced I'll have moved on.
  6. Yep. Actual gameplay is freaking ace. Bosses, open world, map screen quite underwhelming and/or annoying.
  7. Leaving Hazuki Residence for the first time and stepping into a small Japanese town in 1999.
  8. Sure. Maybe you can't even blame the developers for it. It's just that the RPG world has moved on quite a bit and some bits of FF7 are hard to stomach, especially in a Remake.
  9. I think I might be cool with this too, if it weren't for the filler material and stupid quests. The combination of the two is just too much for me though.
  10. Just hit Wall Market (and its gym) and seeing that this is a major highlight I think I'll just skip the rest. It's just so linear and the world is so constricting. It's quite telling that the relatively(!) open Wall Market is still pretty closed compared to other RPGs (ES, Witcher). Plus, the filler material has become too annoying for me to carry on. It's certainly a nice, decent game though. Just one that isn't up there with the genre's best.
  11. Yeah, it completely destroys the game.
  12. Got it on the cheap via the Epic deals and can't agree more. The actual snowboarding feels nice and crisp, but God knows what the Devs were thinking with that map. It's a nightmare to navigate, I have no clue about my progression and what challenges to do next. The menu screen is one big mess too. Plus, the game constantly tries to up-sell DLC. Shame about the actual gameplay. Would never, never, never buy something like this at full price (there's Always On too and having to use Ubi Connect just tops it all off).
  13. Playing this on my PS4 Pro over the holidays and while it's a superb experience at times, it shows how games such as Witcher 3 have spoiled the genre for me. Up until chapter 6/7 FF7 Remake is stunningly fast-paced - and then the filler content really starts to show. Why are there fetch quests in a 2020/2021 game? Pulling levers in tandem - seriously? Why is the dialogue still childish on many occassions? Why characters that appear one or two times only and don't serve ANY purpose? Sure, there are individual elements in this game (battle system e.g.) that are superb - as a whole it's just not on par with Witcher 3 though. The initial setting (eco terrorists) is still great though and IMO the Remake does a great job in sticking to its original source but modifying it in sensible ways.
  14. Buying bundled PCs is the only reasonable option right now. Some of these bundles come with great GPU.
  15. alex3d

    Titanfall 2

    What??! Yay! Thanks for the heads up. Was about to uninstall it soon.
  16. Sega Saturn on PS4 https://www.psx-place.com/threads/saturn-fpkg-convert-saturn-games-into-ps4-fpkgs.36031/ PS2 can be converted too.
  17. Was watching my brother play the PC version today. It is not terrible. It's a low effort port, sure, but not terrible (as DF claims).
  18. So, the PS4 appears to have been hacked in a comprehensive way. On Reddit some people are already talking about Dreamcast emulation on it. Can someone make sense of it and provide some clues as to what's likely going to be possible? PS3 / GameCube emulation? Flawless N64?
  19. Anyone else find linking Epic and Ubisoft a total cluster fuck?! Errors, errors, errors.
  20. Any good coop/multiplayer games on the Epic sale?
  21. ouch. And they have the audacity to charge £70 for that bland AC copy?
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