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  1. This device is driving me nuts. Accord. to ProtonDB I need to do the following to make Monkey Island 1 run: edit local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/32360/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Roaming/LucasArts/The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition/Settings.ini I don't have a Settings.ini in that folder...?!?!
  2. Point and click adventures seem to be nightmare-ish on the SD. Does anyone know how I can get the trackpad to operate as a mouse in Gabriel Knight: Sins of our Fathers Remastered? Only touchscreen works...
  3. Hmmm... not gonna lie: bit disappointed that nearly all of the games I have tested so far require some tinkering (Olli Olli, Inertial Drift, Redout), some don't run at all (Syberia), some had one or two freezes (Rocket League).
  4. Sorry for all my questions, new owner here and a bit overwhelmed Acc. to protondb.com I need to do the following to make Syberia run: "Added a player.ini file in steamapps/common/Syberia with a single line: 800 600 32 0 BaseCMO.cmo" Do I have to do all the typing and righ-clicking with the digital SD keyboard or is there an easier way to do such tasks?
  5. Redout no longer works with game update 1.7. edit: got it to work by using Proton Experimental though...
  6. Emudesk isn't on the Discover store, is it? Do I just sideload it / copy it from PC to SD?
  7. In the 60 minutes I have used mine so far it has crashed three times...
  8. Well, I had to start the Desktop mode to find it. Installed protontricks but it won't launch (just nothing happens)... hm...
  9. So, I got my Steam Deck and it's pretty neat and all. It does require some tinkering though. E.g. Redout. According to https://www.protondb.com/app/517710 I need to install "Discover", then "Protontricks" and then "vcrun2019". Where do I find "Discover"? It's not in the Store. Google search yields results such as "discover steam games".... O_O?!?!
  10. Yes. Would have been fun seeing him fuck it up. But credits to City, handled the pressure well.
  11. What is the verdict: has the community gotten better or worse now that RL is free to play? Deciding whether to get back into it...
  12. I can get a SD 512 GB at retail price - the guy got it in early March. Should I get it? What if it has the fan noise / whine issue (he says it doesnt)? My 64GB pre-order status is "October or later"
  13. This is such an odd one. Incredibly high production value in cutscenes and graphics, yet repetitive gameplay and an absolutely dead world (not as a stylistic device, but in the sense of that you can't interact with ANYTHING. It's all closed/dead/facade). Sooooooooooooooo much potential but in the end this is a bit lame and stale.
  14. alex3d

    Apple TV +

    Agree. And actually I really don't understand what the producers / directors did there. They spent an enormous amount of time on Rebekah (and even her father!?!), while treating the big things you mention (Masa's goals and background, Adam's drive etc.) as sort of a small side story. The story behind WeWork has sooo much potential and there was no reason at all to spend 25% or even more on Rebekah.
  15. Yes, lol. And MS is fine with all this? How embarrassing can it get? I haven't touched the game in two months and probably will just uninstall it soon. No point in waiting.
  16. Yeah, same for me. Played it for 11 hours, travelled to many different parts of the world, defeated the first major boss and then just decided to stop playing. I like it but don't have the time and patience to finish it.
  17. https://www.theverge.com/23026461/ayn-odin-review-android-gaming-handheld "The Odin’s fan is almost inaudible on its normal setting, very quiet in performance mode, and about on par with a Nintendo Switch at its loudest in high performance mode. It’s a lot less noticeable than handheld PCs like the Steam Deck and the Aya Neo Next."
  18. Yup. For the love of god, I don't understand why the anime must drag one the same way the games did - instead of at least SLIGHTLY developing characters or cutting to the chase story-wise. IMO that's super frustrating. And... Would surely be ironic if the anime doesn't get continued and in the end we don't see any story progress at all.
  19. Agreed... I am not actually thrilled but it was okay.
  20. Is this Turkey deal better than the Live conversion one?
  21. The game had me when it made the gattling gun available and played Christmas and 7-11 tunes
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