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  1. Yep, absolutely. And it's not just Japan Studio. Back in PS2 days they brought games such as Mr. Mosquito(!!) to Europe. Today it's mainly AAA and some technical innovations.
  2. Maybe a defensive play? In case MS buy EA, it's really over (although competition authorities might veto it).
  3. I think this will be a major consequence of Microsoft's buying spree. Sony need to innovate enormously (VR, Dual Sense etc.) in order to stay attractive for the mass market. Would help of course if they'd aquire EA. All Microsoft have to do going forward is not messing up Game Pass and releasing a capable, solid Xbox once every few years.
  4. Mental indeed. Considering Activision Blizzard won't let you play Diablo 2 after 30 days of being offline ( ), this is going to be an interesting integration for MS.
  5. £500-510 acceptable for a 3060 12GB? Looking into bundles and would sell the main board to effectively land at 500-510.
  6. Need some advice please: I can't just buy any random 3060 or 3070 as they need to fit in my Dan A4 SFF case. Only a few work. What am I supposed to do when a random card drops? I can't check its compatibility due to time pressure. Buy it and try to find something to trade?
  7. Holy cow. Doom3Quest is a 16 year old game that has been turned into an VR experience. I anticipate this is going to be too much for me eventually, but it is mighty impressive.
  8. This time I reacted within a couple of seconds, saw the "add to cart" button, had it in my cart... and still lost out.
  9. How? Mine arrives today.
  10. Dipped my toes in, died twice and starting again. Still struggle to understand the rules and logic, tbh. Is there any tutorial for people new to the game but also new to card games? The IGN or Gamerant faqs aren't too helpful.
  11. LOL at that Telegram group. You need to be faster than a bullet train to actually make it after the ping. Unbelievable.
  12. It was to good to true while it lasted. Why now though (haven't watched the video)?
  13. Uuugh, totally missed this part. Yeah, wired in 2022 is a no-go.
  14. BitterToad, I understand your enthusiasm for the Halo series. However, as a relatively neutral Halo player (loved 1 and 2 and only briefly played Reach and MCC) I look at Excavation Site and see bland tunnels after tunnels with ever the same enemies and the same level design and it really is boring. And then I return to the open world which itself feels totally bland and I can only come to the conclusion that, no, this isn't awesome. If it weren't for the gunplay (and maybe the brand) this would score mid-70s ratings. (Edit: talking about the campaign)
  15. Unfortunately I have to agree. And the more I play the more apparent this gets. Which is why I mainly stick to "story" missions (which also suffer from enemy problems, i.e. variety). I can see what 343 was trying to do here: export some of the intensity into boss fights. The problem of course is these boss battles are quite lukewarm most of the time and provide nowhere near the intensity of previous set pieces and encounters. I REALLY, REALLY don't understand why enemy design wasn't a bigger issue in game development. It's so important. Sure, it is nice to be able to approach encounters in different ways. In the end though these encounters are with ever the same types of enemies and it gets old quite fast.
  16. Sure, but then of course lots of games with a fraction of HI's budget are fun to play. I still think its lack of SP coop, its lack of enemy variety, bad warthog physics, difficult-to-navigate map screen with Ubisoft-like items, difficult-to-comprehend upgrading and equipement menu and one of the worst stories ever (I constantly press "skip") do spoil the experience. Yes, gunplay is excellent - but I'm sure a lot of players would view the game differently had they spent 60 bucks on it vs. getting it on the cheap via GP.
  17. Regarding Varsity's list: as much as I like the gameplay, without Game Pass I wouldn't have "bought" it at launch for exactly those reasons (mainly no SP coop).
  18. No campaign coop is indeed a real bummer and maybe even inexcusable. By the time it gets introduced I'll have moved on.
  19. Yep. Actual gameplay is freaking ace. Bosses, open world, map screen quite underwhelming and/or annoying.
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