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  1. What's the point of VAR when joke penalties like this one are still possible?
  2. On Steam Deck this is borderline acceptable/enjoyable IMO. I had to reduce so many details that shooting distant objects has become a challenge to some extent.
  3. Anyone else having performance issues on Steam Deck? When rotating the camera there's some nasty FPS drop, even on Low settings.
  4. I re-installed it and can't see any major change in AI driving and balancing out the difficulty level. It remains the most disappointing element of this game.
  5. Yeah... I have a cheap subscription until 2024 or so and hardly use it at all.
  6. I urgently need to stop getting more and more games on this thing... but yeah, thanks for this. It's fantastic
  7. Has the rubber band effect been patched out yet or something?
  8. Ah, that's too bad.
  9. The empty overworld was a major criticism after the first teaser/trailer. Shame they haven't been able to change it.
  10. Those pop-ins are insane.
  11. As I wrote, Metacritic 74. The Eurogamer review does read kind of bad though... https://www.eurogamer.net/sonic-frontiers-review-new-open-zone-direction-still-constrained-by-old-flaws
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