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  1. I had a Dell Optiplex and modified it a bit (graphics card): https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/314538-is-it-time-to-ditch-the-consoles/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-12553228
  2. I've got a 600 quid, fully adjustable Steelcase chair at home, but I still fail to see how it would be more or even equally comfortable compared to couch gaming. The wireless keyboard might be the best solution, yes.
  3. Booting directly into Steam upon Windows starting? I did that in the past, it was okay. On many occasions you do need to use mouse and keyboard though.
  4. To those that made the change: I've owned gaming computers and am fully aware of all the advantages. However, how did you manage to move from comfortable couch gaming to sitting at a desk in a way that is remotely acceptable? I certainly won't purchase one of those bulky gaming Recaro chairs.
  5. Watched it yesterday and fully agree. Was very disappointed in the end.
  6. YES! Delayed, nice. I just sold my PS4 Pro and in November I'll be close to playing this in PS5.
  7. Yeah, it's probably the main issue that will make me change from consoles to PC sometime in the future - together with the Steam library.
  8. But isn't that comparison flawed? A streamable music track is a streamable music track? A game that is no longer being supported for Online Gaming is, well, not a whole game anymore?!
  9. Yes, as long as it comes with full BC I'm ready to pay good money for it.
  10. Yes, but I think these wow moments should no longer be limited to graphics. There's been a similar discussion recently about AI development. Why not showcasing a game with superb new AI? That could be a new "wow moment" for the new generation. Instead it's always just graphics graphics graphics.
  11. This, yes. They shouldn't have done the PS4 Pro. It just spoiled the market.
  12. What happened to Japanese console launches and arcade games? No more Ridge Racer or Tekken?
  13. So, Ep. 2 does get better once you reach the open area and the search for the larvae stuff was at least humorous. Ep. 1 is way to boring though, esp. compared to HL2 (main game).
  14. Wow, that would be one hell of a back catalogue. Shadow Hearts on PS5!!
  15. Not a big fan of Episodes 1 and 2. Both feel less like games and more like work (locating and pressing door buttons, activating elevators, removing objects to unblock paths etc.) and there aren't that many shooting sections either.
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