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  1. Super late to the party. I've never been a big Zelda fan as I found the "get sword and do ABC with sword, then get grappling hook and do XZY with grappling hook" sort of gameplay quite boring. Hated Windwaker, thought OoT was okay and ignored MM. But oh boy, what they did with Breath of the Wild is a MASTERSTROKE. An absolute masterstroke. They took some inspiration from Shadow of Collosus, The Witcher and Xenoblade Chronicles and, and I never thought I'd write this, overhauled the actual gameplay of Zelda to give you freedom and simultaneously make you feel at home in this world. This is not easy to achieve in an open world game. Big big credits to Nintendo.
  2. WHAT? You serious? Well, I meant the "usual" main story involving the four beasts. That HLTB site helped. Thanks.
  3. Hi, how long will it take to just do the main missions without most of the side quests (talking about Breath of the Wild, the main game)? Thanks.
  4. What's in it for Ashley? Real Estate?
  5. IGN: 8.2 out of 10
  6. There's an existing thread. I share the US media's (e.g. NYT) view that it's not good.
  7. Great news. The PS2 game was clunky as hell but also fresh and something new.
  8. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    Sure, the question is would it print even more money in case of lower prices? That's some speculation right here. More units sold at lower prices vs fewer/(current level of) units at current prices
  9. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    He wasn't being stupid. His issue is on point. Nintendo hardware and software are expensive and don't get priced down as much as Ps4 and Xbox. Is this a good thing for Nintendo? Their sales department need to analyse.
  10. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks like Nintendo will finally create a common platform for true handheld and home console devices vs. separate 3DS and Wii/Switch developments in the past.
  11. I'm playing Tropic Freeze as we speak and for the first time and absolutely agree with what's been said on here. I really like the levels but the bosses are horrible. However, on Switch the game allows you to buy loads of hearts. Doesn't make the boss battles more appropriate though.
  12. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    Nice, thanks!
  13. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    Hi, what's the best cheap (pro/real) controller for Nintendo Switch? Can I just get an 8bitdo DS4 adapter and use my DS4 properly on the Switch? Thanks.
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