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  1. Can I somewhere purchase the standalone drums for Switch? Shops seem to only offer the bundles.
  2. Finished it. I don't even want to start comparing it to other games (as in "more stylish than xy" or so), because there isn't much out there to compare it with. And especially the last level/setting is mind blowingly beautiful and I truly hope the developers/designers will have a lot of success on their future projects.
  3. This is magnificient and one of the most captivating experiences you will ever get from a video game. Period. Go get it, all.
  4. Oh. In that case the whole Atari decision is a lot weirder. Again, maybe they can get something positive out of it, but by the looks of it @gone fishin' certainly has a point.
  5. Has Antstreams even officially launched yet? On any system, I mean?
  6. Conscierge killed me, even in v1.4... this is still a tough one.
  7. Are you referring to update 1.3? I usually have my Switch on flight mode as it has poor WiFi in my study. Might update the game then.
  8. Holy mother of... I'm playing this for the first time now and after a couple of attempts made it to the Black Bridge / Concierge. According to HLTB the average main story run is 14 hours. So, does this mean people play 14 consecutive hours? Because every time you die you start from Prisoners' Quarters. ??!
  9. Yes, same here. My wife is a total non gamer and was constantly smiling and laughing yesterday playing the game or watching.
  10. Not the best decision, sure. Maybe the awareness raised will help them getting into talks with other partners. But certainly not the best start you can imagine.
  11. alex3d


    Are there any known issues with the 8bitdo Ds4 adapter for certaib Switch games? Mine works great for most games, but not in Gris (not even in the Menu, so can't access the game).
  12. Gamespot: 4/10 https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/ghost-recon-breakpoint-review-in-progress-a-ghost-/1900-6417330/ Pretty much the same conclusion as Eurogamer's: "Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a confused mishmash of disparate ideas that struggle to coalesce in an enjoyable way." And: "Enemies in Breakpoint are mind-numbingly dumb to the point where playing on the highest difficulty doesn't present a significantly harder challenge."
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