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  1. Okay, will try, thanks you two.
  2. I haven't been hard dropping. Am I supposed to? I mean, I need to evaluate where to put the piece...?!
  3. I know. It still feels like there is something delaying my move. Maybe it's like this though.
  4. Why / what is the delay in Connected mode when the three players work together and place their stones? I press down on the D-Pad and the stones are at their final position but pretty much every time there is a delay (for lack of a better word) as if it doesn't recognize my move?
  5. Yes, that is true. It also takes a lot of time for someone to revive. What is your Gamer Tag?
  6. Hi, I have a Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect my Xbox One Controller to my WIn10 PC. I'd like to buy a second controller. Does EVERY Xbox One Controller work on PC with the adapter?
  7. How do you revive someone in Connected mode? Is this done automatically? Also, can I do anything about those boss attacks, e.g. stop them?
  8. I played a session, got confused by some game elements though. Need to find a good tutorial later.
  9. This is outstanding. I'm already playing this as we speak. Hope I can make it later, unsure though. If anyone wants to play now, join me.
  10. I'm in, name's alex3dfunction (Xbox Game Pass PC), downloading now.
  11. To add to Nick R: Redundancies incoming at Sega: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-11-07-sega-calls-on-650-staff-to-take-voluntary-redundancy-amid-financial-woes
  12. I see, nine SERVICES sounds more realistic.
  13. They are releasing this on NINE platforms?!
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