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  1. alex3d


    O_____o I failed at mission #1 (delivery to the bridge, got stuck between trees, no chance to tow) and had to recover the vehicle.
  2. alex3d


    Can this be comfortably played with a controller?
  3. lol, nice. Was actually thinking of buying this for Christmas. Game Pass
  4. Nah, 77% at Metacritic - I think that's fair.
  5. Inspired by DF's FPSBoost video I installed it again (on PC) and this time including the Unleashed Project mod. What can I say? Breathtakingly beautiful and smooth.
  6. The clue system that ACG talks about in his video (and IGN in their review https://www.ign.com/articles/sherlock-holmes-chapter-one-review to some extent) doesn't look good at all
  7. Anyone else looking forward to this? Well, I was. Out tomorrow. However, according to ACG it has many technical and gameplay flaws
  8. No time to die - thought it was quite bland in the first 2/3 and utilizing the same old formula. 2.5/5
  9. How is it possible that the movie has a 68 rating on Metacritic and a 84 on Rottentomatoes? Aren't the two sites sourcing the same reviews?
  10. From theverge: SCANT SLOWDOWN OVER SD (AND EMMC) The entry level $400 Steam Deck only comes with 64GB of comparatively slow eMMC storage and a microSD card slot for expansion — you’ll have to pay notably more for the faster models with NVMe SSDs, and even then they’ll be fairly easy to fill with a decent-sized Steam library of games. But today, Valve assured developers that eMMC and SD aren’t that much slower: roughly 12 percent and 18 percent slower respectively when it comes to loading games. (Yes, the Y-axes are either mislabeled or don’t line up with the bar graphs.)
  11. Wasn't a (partial) Christmas 21 launch way too optimistic in the first place?
  12. How do I check my shipping status? It's not on my Steam store site.
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