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  1. Pretty cool, although a bit too CoH for what I was hoping for. Only on mission 2 though so far.
  2. £35 on Steam!? I thought the whole point was cheaper prices. Anyway, can anyone tell me how it runs on the recommended specs?
  3. henofdoom

    Fable 2

    How about a patch instead, bellends.
  4. Clearly everyone needs to alter their business philosophies. Next gen game funded by Wii minigame collection is surely a dead set way to see through the credit crunch...
  5. henofdoom

    Fable 2

    I was wondering what the hell she was on about for 5 minutes until I realised it was a bug. Really lazy bug testing on their part.
  6. henofdoom

    Fable 2

    the only bug I've had was at the start when old zoe what's her name was talking about the spire, I pressed y to focus on it but it glitched out of sight and all you could see was the background
  7. Are community games free or paid for? Seriously, I haven't even stomached paying money for Braid yet and I really wanna give that a bash.
  8. Why even bothering getting excited? They'll never realise a proper version anyway. This has been about for ages.
  9. I agree, he should have been rear guard for Lewis but as per usual faded off to nowhere
  10. Surely this goes to prove that he is the best driver. Regardless of whether you find the media attention placed upon him by the British press positive or grating, his performance this season has truly set him apart from Massa. It obvious.
  11. I always quite enjoyed Ross on Film 08. He always seems enthusiastic, especially when he had a star of director on, so I'll give him that, and wasn't afraid of expressing a variety of opinions.
  12. I thought it was fairly enjoyable once it's in its stride, and a new series I'd be up for. The lead guy is quite funny, and it wasn't the "I'm socially inept" exercise I was expecting it to be.
  13. What a f###ing amazing last lap though
  14. Brilliant. That's my weekend made.
  15. LOLOLOL that was amazing my God heart attack Jesus
  16. Yeah too much stress just give Lewis his champoinship already
  17. Hard to watch?! There's a bloody understatement! Come on Lewis
  18. Great, this is turning out well.... not /edit Stay in filth!!!!!
  19. I'm genuinely scared. Come on Lewis. Just don't screw up.
  20. Yeah that's what I'm doing at the moment, but it's a pain in the arse, as every time you switch HDDs you have to recover you Gamertag from live, which takes blinking ages. I think I'll buy a memory card or something myself.
  21. I thought the first Half Life was rubbish, perhaps it was because I was relatively late to the party. Scripted, crappy A.I., rubbish later levels... meh. It's sequel on the other hand, ace.
  22. Homeworld and it's sequels are quite, Total War games too. I was always partial to all 3 RCT games, and Simcity of course.
  23. This. You don't need to do anything except plug it in, and it vibrates and all.
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