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  1. I want to like this band/album but I always end up thinking they need an editor to distill the best bits (and a better producer), if they tightened things up they'd have released some truly great albums.
  2. This is great. The thing that most impressed me is how close the Mega Drive version was in terms of gameplay, my muscle memory from the dozens of hours I put in years ago was still there when I played it last night. Well worth the £70 I got it for then and a massive bargain at £5.99 now.
  3. I really liked this film when it came out but it really hasn't aged well. Bad CGI (apart from the great car scene), awful cinematography and it's really obvious that this was a quicky project for Spielberg. The scene with the red weeds looks terrible. I know that bit was a homage but it doesn't work at all here.
  4. mindgames

    vinyl lovers

    No, mine doesn't stop.
  5. mindgames

    vinyl lovers

    I got the Elemental and the cover for it. Sounds great to me but it's really annoying catching the belt when I remove the cover as it's a pain to get back on.
  6. Nah. North Sea Hijack is the one to pair it with
  7. Jon / Dany die fighting each other. Tyrion as the last remaining Lannister becomes king with his wife Sansa by his side.
  8. It looks amazing. Is there any way for it to make sounds in itself or does it need some kind of midi input? Edit: Just had a proper look and it seems you can add a keyboard as a module. Awesome!
  9. I completely missed that you had highlighted that specific part. Sorry
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/SMALLRIG-Mount-Screw-Adapter-Monitor/dp/B0087MV3LI/ref=sr_1_19?keywords=1%2F4"+Camera+Hot+shoe+Mount&qid=1557781792&s=electronics&sr=1-19 Any good? I looked for hot shoe screw adapter Or https://www.amazon.co.uk/fotowelt-Adapter-Camcorders-Smartphone-Microphone/dp/B07JDGQ2TH/ref=sr_1_27?keywords=1%2F4"+Camera+Hot+shoe+Mount&qid=1557781792&s=electronics&sr=1-27
  11. Check out the Ricoh GR III as well. It's got a bigger sensor than the Sonys and no aliasing filter. Fixed lens but it's wide so good for landscapes.
  12. I started watching this on Now TV last night after hearing it was okay. After about 40 minutes I had to stop it and google whether it was produced by Carhartt and sure enough it was. It's pretty damn shameless, everyone has the logo on them I didn't bother with the rest.
  13. I watched the doc about The Island of Doctor Moreau a few weeks back on Amazon Prime. Hilarious stuff.
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