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  1. mindgames


    I'm a huge fan of Mudrunner so I'm really looking forward to this. The only thing that game needed was a little variety and this looks to address that perfectly. I still want a Sorcerer level where you deliver nitro glycerine though
  2. I ignored your tip and went for the 6, mainly for cost/size reasons (£399 on Amazon which is nuts for the spec). I've already found myself running out of voices when messing about trying to push it but I don't think I'll miss them too much when I start using it properly. What a machine though, deep is such an apt description. I've just been going through the presets so far and trying to break down how they work and there's so much to consider. I can't wait to spend some quality time with it over Christmas.
  3. mindgames


    The number of times I thought "Well this is the section that'll I'll never get past" was so many. I always made it through eventually though. Anyone worried about the difficulty should just give it a go, I finished it and I'm shite at stuff like this.
  4. How's the Deepmind? I really fancy getting one, seems incredible for the price.
  5. I haven't tried them but I'm quite fancying a Sony A6500 or the new A6600 with the Sigma 16mm F1.4, looks a great combo.
  6. mindgames

    vinyl lovers

    Quality album that. I got the reissues of their first 4 albums recently and they are fantastic.
  7. Is it possible to get a decent 4K Blu Ray player for £150ish? Any recommendations would be good.
  8. I want to like this band/album but I always end up thinking they need an editor to distill the best bits (and a better producer), if they tightened things up they'd have released some truly great albums.
  9. This is great. The thing that most impressed me is how close the Mega Drive version was in terms of gameplay, my muscle memory from the dozens of hours I put in years ago was still there when I played it last night. Well worth the £70 I got it for then and a massive bargain at £5.99 now.
  10. I really liked this film when it came out but it really hasn't aged well. Bad CGI (apart from the great car scene), awful cinematography and it's really obvious that this was a quicky project for Spielberg. The scene with the red weeds looks terrible. I know that bit was a homage but it doesn't work at all here.
  11. mindgames

    vinyl lovers

    No, mine doesn't stop.
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