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  1. A new series of Louis being chummy with celebs is on the way: https://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2022/0405/1290460-louis-theroux-to-explore-life-of-stormzy-in-new-series/ Not particularly excited after the podcast series tbh.
  2. I love this guy - a synthwave John Carpenter.
  3. Mark Lanegan’s Sing Backwards & Weep is in the daily deal https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Y5HV57Q/ref=mh_s9_acsd_hps_c2_x_2_t?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=mobile-hybrid-3&pf_rd_r=375EVWH6JB4BE2WWNV3N&pf_rd_t=30901&pf_rd_p=98327ccb-8288-4654-a9ad-4265def95a12&pf_rd_i=5400977031
  4. Kingpin


    Now - pinch of salt - but this thread reminded me that Kerraig formerly of this parish posted about MJK punching a girl in the face on a tour bus. It doesn't prove or disprove anything, it just stuck in my head from 4 years ago.
  5. Not usually a lighthouse enthusiast, I read this article (or similar) a few years ago and added Seashaken Houses (Link) to my wishlist. It’s on sale today for 99p. Not my normal thing but added it to the pile.
  6. Jeez - just heard this on the radio and like everyone, genuine shock. Saw him live a load of times over the last 20ish years.
  7. It partially exists: Some nice stuff in that thread, some game related.
  8. I've started moving my entire collection into CD wallets. I lost track years ago but there's easily 1,000+ discs. I've filled three wallets with around 480 albums so far - more wallets coming from amazon. I'm keeping all artwork, discs and even stuff like digipaks, so just recycling all the jewel cases. I thought it would be pretty painful to do but it's actually less tedious than when I ripped everything back in college (in a shite, lossy format). This is progress: A nice upside is that I'm finding signed things I forgot about or albums that I haven't thought about in years. So far, I'm only missing two discs from the cases as I have been very obsessive over my collection since the beginning. I am missing Daft Punk's Discovery and the Faithless album with Insomnia on it though - definitely two college-era casualties I expect.
  9. Metallica 2035 - populated by Het Jr on the drums, Trujillo Jr on the bass, and Lars' kids on guitars/vox. Hammett kids too young to form a band but may kick off one of the young Ulrichs.
  10. Is the band name a dig at Lars?
  11. I wasn’t thinking about my dialogue choices and locked myself out of at least one mission I know of - I pissed off a major side character and prevented a whole mission from even happening. It would have been very obvious though - I was just being thick.
  12. I took an age to go from second to third guess, even with 4 letters Wordle 269 3/6*
  13. Just did a side quest where this tune featured heavily - great mission. Had no idea Refused were involved in the music, mind blown!
  14. I muck these up more often than I solve them but this is probably my best day so far. Daily Quordle #46 quordle.com
  15. There was nothing in my journal until after the text.
  16. Yes, do more side quests. I just did the bit in your spoiler this evening. A few hours later, I got a text and a new mission but now I’m waiting on a phone call.
  17. Gosh - avoid this awful game. I just hit a point of no return after 40 hours and I have too many interesting side missions going on to even consider wrapping it up. I also have blades coming out of my arms and can double jump so it feels like I'm doing deadly parkour in Night City at this point. I also just did a main quest mission which had some really spectacular visuals and huge crowds of NPCs, and it had my PC chugging like a bastard so I'd be curious to see footage of that running on the consoles.
  18. I was having the run of my life and boom BSOD. Feels bad man. I blame AMD - never a bother for years when I was on intel
  19. Dark Tourist was really good. Has Farrier made any shows since then? I watched Tickled but I think that’s it. I check in on his twitter from time to time but more often than not, he’s ranting about NZ things that I have no idea about.
  20. I watched that a few years ago when I was on a 70’s vibe. It fit in well with my watches of the French Connection films but I think it’s a bit slicker I remember it being a good thriller but there’s a bit where he meets the female lead in the film and it felt so dodgy/threatening by modern standards. I remember basically nothing else but apart from that it was a good watch.
  21. Yeah, the porn episode barely registered with me, I don't think I was paying much attention to it by the end. The first one with the alt right trolls was the best of the three.
  22. Looks pretty calm in his mugshot. Some unconfirmed rumours about this being related to his child being abused by someone. Pinch of salt but bloody horrible if that’s the case.
  23. I had a stupid second guess where I reused a dead letter. Hard mode doesn’t save you from yourself. I feel like this could have been a 2, after a fortunate first guess. Wordle 255 3/6*
  24. I had about 20 hours in from launch on PC - liked it, but didn't love it. I had no major technical issues and it looked great, especially given the scale of the world. I've gone back in out of curiosity to see if the patch has made any difference, and things seem to have clicked for me in terms of systems and putting it all together. I estimate I'm in the final third of Act 2 (unless the remaining missions are huge). I spent about 2 hours stealthily taking out a warehouse of guards and hacking a story thing last night, and it was just fantastic. Then I figured out some body modification stuff, bought some mantis sword arms and went around chopping up gangs, doing a few side missions, playing around with the crafting. I'm suddenly 100% committed to it, and thinking about putting in a good chunk of time over the coming weeks. I had to reallocate all my perk points, but I can't remember what I had before. I think I had some perks in the past that are now locked behind certain 'body' or 'intelligence' levels. I have a bit of a mongrel build anyway, and have ended up not really maximizing any particular thing. I actually wouldn't mind being god tier and completely overpowered as people have described in the past, but I'll have to commit to something, probably the hacking side of things. It's a lot to take in but I'm feeling in the groove now - I know it's had plenty of issues but still very impressive.
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