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  1. It was an eventful night for me last night, despite playing utterly crap. I prestiged for the first time, after about 3.5 days. I only recently got into Domination for levelling up, had been almost exclusively playing mTDM and FFA before that. The chicken sound made me do it! I haven't played a game since, it was the last thing I did last night. I also noticed my first set of Nuke boosters and went on the hunt. Another great reason to use Ninja! I spoiled their antics three times in the match on Estate and got a few tactical insertion kills to boot. They still won the round overall but no nuke! Ultra satisfying. I don't have sound in work but what's going on with that shotgun across the map video? Is it a hack or is he using a specific set of perks/attachments?
  2. Is there any trick to using the chopper gunner effectively? The aiming seems a bit fast and loose; it seems to ‘lock on’ sometimes but not always. Does the left trigger slow down the chopper or anything? I’ve just started using it and I’m not quite the killing machine I thought I would be but getting better at least. I’ve been using the one man army + noob tube + claymores on Domination last night. Holy Christ, if you’re playing people who maybe don’t know all the hidey holes, they are toast. On scrapyard, I climbed up to the top level of the main shed with a view of one of the bomb sites and ruined that team over and over. Do people not use the killcam? Not that I'm complaining.
  3. I hate the thermal scopes - slow to aim, you need to have a target before aiming etc etc The only way I could think to use them is with scavenger, smoke grenades and possibly with ninja and cold blooded. Can anyone explain to me the error of my ways? I just don't get it
  4. I'm reading Patient Zero, described as 24 with zombies. I just started but 50/60 pages in, it looks like it's good, cheesy fun with bio-terrorism. Just what I need to start January really, nothing too serious.
  5. Have you tried doing the same thing with scavenger? The kills with the claymores guarding your position are normally frequent enough to keep you in ammo.
  6. When it comes to levelling up: Is it better to stick with one gun until you have all the equipment and beaten all the challenges for the gun? or Is it better to get all the lower-level challenges on a wide range of guns? I tend to stick with one gun because of gamer OCD but am I missing a trick in doing this? It feels wrong to move up to the FAL when I'm still working on the FAMAS challenges etc I'm around level 35 or so now, really hit a crap run of form ever since I finished the FAMAS challenges and started messing around with different loadouts.
  7. If they sorted out the menu design, less loading and make single player CAF a bit more interesting, I would be happy with that.
  8. Yeah same as. If anything, it made me love Bruce even more. My girlfriend (who was not threatened by my mancrush) also read it and loved it.
  9. I'm very, very late to the Pratchett party but I'm reading 'The Colour of Magic' and enjoying it quite a bit so far too :-) I'm also reading 'The Canon; The Beautiful Basics of Science' by Natalie Angier, which isn't nearly as magical but quite interesting all the same. Not a patch on Bill Bryson's amazing 'Short History of.....' though.
  10. Salty water came out of my face twice when I went to see this last night. WTF? Absolutely stunning stuff and why I will always go to see Pixar's output in the cinema. Didn't really think the 3d added anything but that's another discussion.
  11. I was on holiday for three wonderful weeks and worked my way through this lot: You Got Nothing Coming - Jimmy Lerner As a devoted Oz fan and being inexplicably fascinated by the US prison system, I was a little disappointed in this. Jimmy seems to have had a fairly clear run during his stint and the final third, where he describes his crime, was a bit much. I didn't really care, I would have preferred to read more stories of Kansas and the other cons. Still worth a read. The Player of Games - Iain M Banks My second novel from Banks after Consider Phlebas. This was excellent and I ploughed through it in a few days. Loved the build-up, really enjoyed the sections where Gurgeh was competing in the game and the general Culture awesomeness. It won't be long before I get into Use of Weapons. The Call of the Weird - Louis Theroux I read this in a day or so. Perfect holiday reading, it follows Louis going back to visit some of his previous subjects in US from the Weird Weekend series. I found it a bit light or something and it didn't really add much to the stories I felt. It's a little disappointing but I really enjoyed it anyway. Couldn't get Louis' voice out of my head as I was reading it. Riddley Walker - Russell Hoban I feel I need to read this again, I'm sure I missed out on a lot of the suggestions. The first half took me a while to get into the Riddleyspeak, but managed the second in a matter of hours. It's definitely compelling and you really get a sense of this new dark age. I also quite enjoy books that have their own 'language', it's very immersive so after a bit of patience at the start, it really works it hooks into you. The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde I loved the prose and the witty banter throughout, especially from Lord Henry. Men finding other men beautiful (not in a gay way surely), wild 1890s debauchery (Ooooh) and a sold Gothic horror story, what's not to like? I really enjoyed it throughout! I am now saddened to be back in work and will go back to my usual 1-2 books per month :-(
  12. I finished We Need To Talk About Kevin. It took me an absolute age. The first 200 pages are a struggle, I kept putting it off and reading graphic novels instead. Kevin's mother is a self-important shrew - but as the book develops and Kevin becomes older, it starts to get more interesting/disturbing and you're up until 2am trying to finish it. That said, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I can imagine it having more of an impact when it was published in 2003. Still, there's some interesting questions here based on nature vs. nurture so I can see why it seems to be so popular with book clubs. Now, the challenge is to pick a few books for my 3 week holiday to Vietnam/Camboda.....leaning towards continuing The First Law trilogy and possibly The Men Who Stare At Goats.
  13. I finished The Blade Itself a while back, I enjoyed it more and more as the book went on. I suppose it was just missing that killer hook at the very end to make me desperate to read on. Still, I'm hoping the action really gets cracking in the next two which I have ordered. I'm currently reading 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' and at about 75 pages in, I've started skimming. It's written from the point of view of a mother writing letters to her husband about their son who is now imprisoned after a Columbine-style attack on his school. It's just so overwrought, I hate the mother's character, she's such an arrogant, self-important old bint who's currently discussing her past and when she debated if she could give up her entrepreneurial, empowered lifestyle to have a child. If I was Kevin, I would have started with her. I'm going to stick with it for now, the bits about Kevin are interesting but few and far between at the moment. I'm, disappointed after all the glowing reviews from friends.
  14. Reading The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie, only about 50 pages in. It hasn't really gripped me like GRRM stuff just yet but it's too early. Quite enjoyable so far though so I'll definitely be sticking with it. I'm also reading 'What Should I Do with my life?' by Po Bronson. I've been having a bit of a career mental breakdown lately and this book is about people who have done the same and took some chances by following their passions (or not in some cases). It's not a 'self-help' book (I don't think I could bring myself to read one) but a collection of interesting stories of individuals finding their feet. I'm enjoying it anyway, gives me some hope I won't be looking at the same spreadsheet in 10 years :-)
  15. I finished reading the Damned United last night. I’m not much of a football fan but it really was excellent. I hate to say it but I think I’ve experienced similar mistrust, paranoia and loathing in my own career (though obviously I’m not a football genius and I don’t hit the bottle that often) but it certainly hit home and er, I don’t think that reflects too well on myself really. I don’t know why exactly, but I can’t stop thinking about it, there’s something about the impending doom of his situation that’s really fascinating to read, yet it’s hardly a fatal situation and we all know he went on to greater things. Started The First Law books last night – The Blade Itself – haven’t read anything with lots of ass-kicking so it just had to be done.
  16. Finished reading the Third Policeman (a heap of graphic novels got in the way). Loved the opening and closing chapters and the whole conceit of the book but the bits in between were a bit wild. It certainly needs complete concentration and I had to re-read a few paragraphs here and there to get the full sense of the madness. It certainly is an insoluble pancake though, whatever that is :-) Now reading The Damned United
  17. Finished reading The Road (discussed in the book club thread). Thought it was excellent, very grim! I've started on The Third Policeman. Only read the first chapter so far (a 1am start) but it's an excellent opening, had me laughing in a few spots already, looking forward to getting stuck in this weekend.
  18. Bit late for the book club but I’ve just finished this last night. It certainly was gripping, especially the moments of horror and the occasional release from the tension. One thing I didn’t really understand, last 20 pages or so.... I feel like I missed something there and don’t have the book on hand to check. As for the ending itself....
  19. Still working away on The Secret Life of Trees, which is great but I can only take in so much at once. It's interesting but quite dense so I'm crawling with this one. I hear it picks up again in section three. Also started reading 'The Road' after numerous recommendations on here. About 100 pages in and I can't wait to go home and read more. The concept is nothing new but his writing style is perfectly suited to it. So many little details about the world that are really getting to me.
  20. Just finished reading Game Boys by Michael Kane. Picked it up after Shawn Elliott was talking about it on GFW months ago (still miss it), just got round to it this week. It's pretty much the Karate Kid set in the world of professional counterstrike. Nothing too shocking (except for the snorting of ADD drugs) but it's a quick and interesting read. I never played any Counterstrike so I'm sure it will be very rudimentary for anyone who's spent any time with it or is into that scene in general. Made me want to check out CS vids on YouTube, if not pick up the game. Now reading the Secret Life of Trees which I'm sure has been mentioned in here before. Only a few pages in but I imagine it will spark my regrets that I work and live in a city when I should be back home in the country to enjoy the natural bounty
  21. I'm really loving this now, despite getting stuck a few times (normally a room full of enemies) and have to re-do it over and over. I'm currently in the Shard, trying to get to the lift in the lobby. That's a bastard section after a couple of other evil ones like the underground car park and the bit after you use the . I'm so looking forward to going through this again and shooting bloody everyone!
  22. Where's best to download this game? Steam/Impulse? I believe the American version is censored so would like to ensure I get the right version? Just playing the demo now actually (in work, yay) and it's great so far. Being a console scumbag, it reminds me of a grown-up fable II.
  23. Kingpin

    Left 4 Dead

    Apologies to whoever I was in a game with last night, my headset appears to be broken. I can't hear other people any more, even in parties new mic at lunchtime then! It's a different game without voice chat, just less interesting. The lobby/matchmaking thing is a bit of a pain. I was in a party of two and getting a full game involved one of us finding a lobby, then inviting the other person before the lobby is full. Setting our lobby to public doesn't send in randomers. Am I missing the obvious here?
  24. Great show I thought. I really like Louis and this simply painted an image of somewhere you'd never, ever want to be. It really is a no-win situation for everyone involved though and also made The Wire that little bit more real for me. A few similar moments to when he was hanging round with the gangsta rappers and their cracked-out hos. The stuff with the female junkies was shocking. A $250 per day habit is a crazy amount of money - $90k a year if they live that long, holy crap! I'm looking forward to the next instalment in South Africa, though you just know there's going to be some utterly depressing moments of racism and so on.
  25. Kingpin

    Left 4 Dead

    Hey, I know I don't post on here that often but I'm Dr Rochenstein on the rllmuk list if anyone wants to throw an invite my way at some point over the next age that I spend playing this game. I haven't tackled anything other than normal yet though so maybe keep me out of your expert games. I am kind, sharing and good with a shotgun though :-) I had a look at the developer commentary section last night. It's nice to have a wander through the levels at a relaxed pace and hear the amount of thought that has gone into every single little thing. I also got the cr0wnd achievement last night which was nice. I was expecting to be ripped apart tbh.
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