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  1. I've been trudging through The Stand for two and a half months, but it's over now. It started well, sagged in the middle, and had a disappointing ending. The whole thing just felt plodding and pedestrian. I read the jumbo extended edition that was released in 1990, probably not a good choice. I normally don't take so long to read a book unless I'm not enjoying it. I kept on, hoping for some epic final stand but it just fizzled out. The Road was more my style I think.
  2. That Cadence Weapon album is fantastic, cracking recommendation. It goes wonderfully indie/electro/jazzy/80synth at times. Addictive tracks throughout.
  3. Harris interview potential spoiler discussion Edit: So much for that theory
  4. Best In Show is on the US service. One of my most watched films, and the best of post-Spinal Tap Christopher Guest films. Ensemble comedy genius.
  5. Yeah, Mir looked a bit heavier than normal. I was wondering it he let himself put on some weight so it would be an advantage if he got JDS to the ground. Does that even make sense? Probably not. As for Cormier, it's on the blogs that Dana will be bringing him over to the UFC soon, but saying that he'd like to see him cut to 205. The comments on that article said Cormier has kidney issues which means he has to be careful cutting weight. Other comments suggested that Cormier himself said he would cut weight to fight Jon Jones. I wouldn't put it past the little tank to give Bones a good fight. Also, boo to the officials not letting the kid with JDS into the octagon at first. Poor little chap looked heartbroken. Charlie Theron sighting was surprising...as was Brock Lesnar in the crowd. Rumours flying around that he might be back....hard to see how/when if he has a contract with the WWE.
  6. Anyone watch the recent strikeforce? Would like to see Cormier head over to the UFC sharpish. He was a beast against Barnett. Hoping for Mir/Big Country/Cain wins later.
  7. Tickets booked for the Light House! Finally getting to see this. Thanks for posting about that, would have missed it otherwise.
  8. 100 pages into The Stand. I think I'll get along very well with Larry Underwood. Only 1300 pages to go. Feel a sniffle coming on....
  9. Cheers, I've added that to the wish list, sounds like a good companion piece.
  10. Thank you, I'll pretend they never happened.
  11. That's some good going. Er, I've just finished off my seventh read of the year so far. And that was Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C Clarke. It was an easier read than I expected, but the imagination and ideas are huge. I liked it a lot and the ending is growing on me the more I think of it. Did he go and ruin it with the sequels?
  12. Women by Charles Bukowski. I started it and was convinced it wasn't going to be for me. After about 10 short chapters, I was into the groove and then just ate it up in a few sittings. I enjoyed it, a number of very funny moments in between the endless mounting and drinking. I laughed when he described sex as one animal stabbing another into submission. You could say it's misogynist, but really he just seems compelled by sex and is never particularly happy afterwards and then drinks himself into submission. I have the order all wrong but this has made me want to check out Post Office. My girlfriend told me that I was talking in my sleep last night and saying some filthy shit. I can only blame Bukowski for that I should have had a vodka after waking at noon to complete the transformation.
  13. On The Beach by Neville Shute. Yet another recommendation from this thread. I don't know if wonderful is the right word to use, but it got into my head in all sorts of ways. The night I started reading, I couldnt sleep for thinking about it. I found the attitude of the characters just getting on with everyday life and waiting for the inevitable very affecting.
  14. Ready Player One was ok. I wasn't too bothered with all the referencing, most of them were a little bit before my time. There were a few nice touches to the virtual world that the book centres around but really, it just made me think that there should be, or will be a be, a great book that centres around a virtual reality that would be far, far more interesting. It just smacks of missed opportunity to me, though it was entertaining enough to keep me going. Despite the age of the references (aimed towards the 30+ age bracket), it read like a kids book - where was the hardcore virtual Internet sleaze? Poor show
  15. Finished up The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest this evening. Same problems as the preceding two - way too long, filled with endless unnecessary details and I just find his style (or the translation) a bit weird. All the same, this one got going eventually and I found myself rather engrossed in the last 100 pages or so. I probably wouldn't recommend them. I did have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I should probably have been reading something better while I read about Billy's Pan Pizza or whatever.
  16. I did not know about these articles, thanks for recommending.
  17. Legend by David Gemmell turned out to be good fun. Nothing much more than that but I enjoyed the ride. I don't think it would encourage me to read any further in that series though. I have just now finished The Big Short by Michael Lewis. What a fantastic book! I am not from a financial background at all but I loved it. Despite the complicated trades going on, he broke down what was happening and kept it interesting all the way. The handful of characters that he spent the most time with were interesting outsiders, Eisman in particular. Hard to believe how it all went down and how many people just couldn't see what was really happening until it was too late. I will almost certainly check out Liar's Poker on the back of this. For now though, I've started The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, mostly because a friend loaned me the Swedish adaptations on DVD and I want to finish reading the series before starting with them.
  18. Finished a few books over the past while. Firstly, The Terror by Dan Simmons. Probably a little bit too long but I loved it and just felt cold as I was reading it. The Franklin expedition got a mention on an episode of QI I watched recently: Not really but it made me think about it for a few minutes at least. Then The Cold Six Thousand. This is the first of Ellroy's book where I found it a bit of a struggle to finish. It's just relentlessly grim, even for him, and it really does meander all over the place. It's not as tight and focused as American Tabloid. Having read about 5 of his books in the past year, I may just have overdosed on his work. I really felt lost in places, it just did not click with me. Now I'm taking it easy and cracking on with Legend by David Gemmell. I've owned it for years and figured it was exactly what I needed after the past two epics. About 20% in and I can already tell its going to be tremendous fun. In my head, Druss is basically latter-day Randy Savage with a big axe. Probably not the greatest bit of literary critique you'll ever read but that's typing on an iPad for you....
  19. I hope so, I tried to listen to Salem's Lot on audio a while back, I just kept drifting out of concentration and having to go back. No such problems with podcasts though, and I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car (including the HP Podcraft, which is something like an audiobook).
  20. The Girl Who Played With Fire. A bit like a Swedish Kill Bill. Similar to the first one, slow to get going, needs lots of editing but still somehow enjoyable. I don't fancy picking up the next book straight away but I will read it. This had a lot of potential as it threatens to have plots intertwine, has more characters (lots of investigating cops), and has to deal with some of the repercussions from the first book. It did get too silly towards the end: I think I preferred the first one, not enough disgusting-sounding Swedish food in this one. I'm now in a job where I'm driving an hour each way daily, reading time ruined by employment.
  21. But they're the ones I most want to see Can't say I'm getting into the current season yet. It's that main witch woman, her face and voice annoy the hell out of me.
  22. Thanks jimmbob, I'll persevere anyway because ultimately it was a good read. I see he was setting up a few things, the occasional brief mention of Lisbeth's past but now that I'm in the rhythm, I'll be happy enough with another psychosexual mystery adventure!
  23. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. I enjoyed this but I don't quite understand how it's become such a big international hit. I suppose an alternative heroine and a dose of sexual violence will do that. For the most part, it was slow to get going, still interesting but it could lose a good 100 pages. It really kicks in about half-way but then it shoots its load very quickly from about 70% in. That said, it's made me pick up the second book and get cracking on that straight away (damn you 1-click!). Major spoilers ahead In non-spoiler thoughts, I liked the main characters, even if one of them is blatantly a sexed-up version of Stieg himself There's also something of a "watching the movie Hackers today" vibe about it when the tech is about 10 years out of date and Lisbeth is swooning over some ancient mac and burning 5gb of data onto CDs.
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