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  1. I use the Weber briquettes - very consistent and long lasting. The Weber lumpwood  isn’t as good imo - it’s not chunky enough. My local place had a batch of kamado joe big block lumpwood and that has been very good. 

    I could use either in any scenario but I like briquettes for low and slow, and lumpwood for high temps. 

    I have this thermometer - does the job just fine since 2017 or so: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B012ADXZF6?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title#

  2. Man, RIP Trevor Strnad. Seemed like the nicest dude in metal. I remember seeing them with Cephalic Carnage and the promoter saying they were so chill, with no pretensions as the headliners at all - not even a drum riser so the support acts got full use of the stage. I am still a massive fan of Miasma, I love that album. 



  3. I looked up a translation of something (and other thoughts):



    ‘In Liebe Deine Jungs’ translates to ‘With Love, Your Boys.’


    Lalo had a good look at the sticker of who made it. Special commission - some record of who ordered it....getting closer to 'the boys', and Gus.


    Gus planting a gun in his construction site. What showdown is he expecting to happen here? How does he know Lalo may be onto this lead (if he does).


  4. I did a search for math rock and this thread came up - I'm not posting new music here but I just bought the whole Adebisi Shank discography on bandcamp.  I saw them live a couple of times over the years, and always thought they were criminally underrated. They split in 2014 but I still listen if I want something to pump me up. They are named after a character from Oz, which also endears them to my heart.



  5. I don’t think this game was awesome but did anyone play Ripper?


    I wasn’t much of a PC gamer back then so I never played it but I remember the hype in mags before it launched. Always with a screenshot of some heavyset man with his guts slashed open and talk of multiple endings. 

    This thread reminded me of it and googling it now, I had completely forgotten that it involved Christopher Walken and that there was supposed to be console ports after the PC launch. 

    This Wired article about it is pretty good: https://www.wired.com/story/ripper/

  6. Guilty pleasure is currently Anatomy of a Scandal. Toff politician in the dock. Lovely interiors. It’s all I need. 

    As my wife says, it’s like something her mother would watch but I’m drawn to it 😂

  7. I’m two seasons into Yellowstone now. Took a little while at first but the hooks are in deep. I was definitely quite invested in the second season finale and there’s been a few really brutal scenes I hadn’t been expecting. 

    I only heard about from an article which covered how it was this huge, popular show that got very little attention in the media. Fair enough over here as the distribution doesn’t seem to be in place but in the US, this is way bigger than a show like Succession in terms of viewership. This isn’t as good as Succession of course but well worth the time. 

  8. This thread needs more love. I find myself making the same batches of stuff and the family eventually get sick of them. 

    I have been making this kind of pie with the puff pastry for a while now, just not with the pressure cooker. Today I did a huge batch of the filling for freezing in the instant pot for the first time.



    I used chicken thigh meat but otherwise followed the recipe and it’s turned out very well. Recommended easy dinner. 

  9. I watched a four minute recap and it's pretty shocking how much had dropped out of my memory completely. 


    This episode was great though - a good palate cleanser for the season ahead. NoHo Hank and Gene still fantastic, with Barry in a fairly scary place. 


    The interview scene with Hank was the highlight - he's such a great character. 

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