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  1. Daniel O’Donnell - the man can sell sound systems Great read so far - always remember the B&O stuff being so out there and cool.
  2. Did you consider the Remarkable device that I get endless ads for? I saw someone using it recently and it seemed pretty slick.
  3. Just thought I’d be a jerk and bump this thread to say nothing in my wishlist has a cheap price U ok @Stopharage? December is always a bit rubbish after the Black Friday stuff isn’t it?
  4. Kingpin

    Yacht Rock

    I read Steve Lukather’s autobiography recently - it’s good but he doesn’t write the word “yacht” once, which confused me. Anyway, I like Mr. Lukather a lot and my local shop had Toto’s Isolation LP on sale, so why not. I’ve only given it the first spin but side 2 is powerful stuff. This tune “Endless” which opens the second half is a banger. I’m looking forward to digging through this thread to understand yacht more. I have a colleague who sails - I’m expecting quizzical looks when I enquire about his interest in yacht rock.
  5. I completed my Type O album collection finally. A great final album to send them off.
  6. I was reading about this the other day - the old CEO Bob Iger had to come back to replace his successor (who was handpicked by Iger) and the ousted guy Chapek walks away with $20m+. I wish I was as good at my job to fail upwards so spectacularly. The dream.
  7. Very spoilery. I would save it until you’re done with the game tbh, at least the second half of the episode, where it is very focussed on the main story and side character plots. Great episode though.
  8. Holy shit - that is no age His LHW run in the UFC was great fun - the potential of him fighting JJ was exciting, until the fight when DC survived a gigantic uppercut, took Rumble down and he couldn’t get back up and of course the Jones fight never happened.
  9. That was a really good main card. Had it recorded - I can’t do late nights any more - but very enjoyable to see all the fights in a concentrated blast this morning.
  10. The Looming Tower - 4/5 FBI/CIA/911 mini-series with a great cast. This was really well done - frustrating and poignant. I love some Jeff Daniels in a dramatic TV role, and he is good in this. I thought Tahar Rahim as Agent Soufan was the standout. He has some great scenes, particularly in the final episode. There are so many great actors like Bill Camp and Michael Stuhlbarg who you know from a dozen other things but never know their names (I had to google them). I did a lot of googling of the real versions of some characters after this - went down a bit of a rabbit hole about what some people got up to in the aftermath. It makes me want to watch Generation Kill as a follow-on.
  11. I think they patented it, so other devs can't rip it off. Found it: https://www.gamedeveloper.com/business/-i-shadow-of-war-i-publisher-warner-bros-has-patented-the-series-nemesis-system#:~:text=News-,Shadow of War publisher Warner Bros. has patented the series,its sequel Shadow of War.
  12. I already use GOG Galaxy so it doesn't have to be launcher in a launcher - it's a nice interface imo. I'm more interested in this partnership between Epic and GOG. Everyone's mileage/value will vary of course but I couldn't bring myself to do this. I do love Steam but I'm happy to use other sources too. Steam Deck is an attractive proposition for sure.
  13. GOG Galaxy is getting a push via Epic. This is an interesting move - help people move away from Steam being the place where you actually buy PC games. Good for GOG too of course - makes sense as a partnership. I wonder if we'll see links to buy games on Epic on GOG Galaxy too. Between the free games boosting my collection massively (with some really good quality titles along the way) and the coupons during sales, it's not always a Steam purchase for me. I quite like GOG Galaxy too (aka my Cyberpunk launcher). I often use it to check if I already own a game when I'm culling various wishlists.
  14. New Louis TV Show: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001djpl I just saw the Stormzy one - I thought it was very good (being 40 and knowing very little about the man), and I thought this show would be a load of chummy backslapping shit, to be honest, but it felt pretty good. Not seen the Judy Dench one yet. Pleasantly surprised so far.
  15. This is a shame. I don’t really know the new actor, so nothing against him, but not having Cavill cement a solid run as Geralt over a few more seasons is a big loss (assuming it wouldn’t have gone to shit as a show). Legendary character/actor pairing status not to be. The Superman money must be immense.
  16. I’m doing some long haul travel with work - perfect time to sign up for the Patreon. I’ll be glad of the extra 25 hours of content! Cool to see that the pod is pulling in a decent monthly figure. The standard offering of £40 to guests is well covered I tend to listen to everything, even the stuff I have no clue about or interest in (Destiny, Phoenix Wright, Xenoblade). I couldn’t explain why apart from I just like the vibe of the show. I do like that it’s not 100% focussed on the new releases. The episodes that hark back to when I was most engaged in gaming are the best (90s, 00s, early 10s).
  17. I finished it the other night - been playing on and off since launch, about 65 hours in total. The main story is alright but as mentioned loads of times, just wandering around the city is the best bit. It’s objectively not a great game - combat, driving, menus, systems, upgrades, implants, hacking…they’re all a bit lacking in various ways, though still enjoyable when you get an understanding of things. Still - it has its own X factor that kept me coming back. The side plots with the secondary characters had most of my favourite parts/missions (Judy, Kerry and River in particular). On my midrange PC, it’s an absolutely stunner. I’m glad that it is now getting the success it deserves. It’s such an ambitious thing, they were probably mad to give it a go in the first place. I’m looking forward to the DLC - the Witcher 3 dlc was incredible, I’m hoping for that standard. I’m also curious how/if it accounts for the different outcomes of the various endings in the main game.
  18. Best one in a long time. NW was a surprise, thought my guess had no chance. Daily Quordle 238 quordle.com
  19. Donut County is 70% off. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Donut-County-1487838.html?nsuid=70010000014126# Another poster put it on my radar in the “late to the party” thread so the discount is well timed.
  20. Keeping up my 9 streak Daily Quordle 235 quordle.com
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